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Mentions Stars Project Description
10 0 curatebot CurateBot is a simple bot to curate tweets, and post them on a schedule. Written in Vue, deployed to Firebase
6 8,011 element-plus 🎉 A Vue.js 3.0 UI Library made by Element team
5 4 qrcode-builder
5 536 Yacht A web interface for managing docker containers with an emphasis on templating to provide 1 click deployments. Think of it like a decentralized app store for servers that anyone can make packages for.
5 132 vite-vue3-tailwind-starter Vite 2.x + Vue 3.x + Tailwind 2.x (starter) ⚡
5 1 argyle An offline collection of online tools
4 4,265 Statping Status Page for monitoring your websites and applications with beautiful graphs, analytics, and plugins. Run on any type of environment.
4 10 Stega-Carder A tool to encode any text into a cartridge-like image using steganography.
4 3 crunchtime Crunchtime is an open source application for planning college courses and curriculums.
4 133 fluidd Fluidd, the klipper ui.
3 11 website The frontend website of the PS2Alerts statistics system, displaying real-time metrics and aggregated statistics to players of the game Planetside 2.
3 1 uptime-frontend-vue Website Uptime & Certificate Monitoring Vue3 SPA
3 252 mainsail A Klipper webinterface made by VoronDesign
3 0 evo-client-nuxt Web interface for viewing available Evo vehicles. Includes reverse-engineered vulog v5 API client in TypeScript.
3 234 vipfs Vue.js + IPFS = VIPFS. Create unstoppable applications
2 71 dadadash Office suite with file browser, document editor, spreadsheet editor, calendar and data tables with CRUDX API's ready to deploy
2 45 tinylist Note-keeping/checklist application for use across devices, while respecting privacy.
2 26,858 Postwoman 👽 A free, fast and beautiful API request builder used by 120k+ developers.
2 593 dozzle Realtime log viewer for docker containers.
2 78 ImageGoNord A tool that can convert your rgb images to nordtheme palette

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