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  • Ionic Framework

    A powerful cross-platform UI toolkit for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Latest mention: How can I hide tabs on some pages on Ionic React? | reddit.com/r/ionic | 2020-12-27
  • Nest

    A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, scalable, and enterprise-grade server-side applications on top of TypeScript & JavaScript (ES6, ES7, ES8) 🚀

    Latest mention: Create a sample app with TypeScript, React, typeorm, type-graphql. graphql-code-generator while reading "Learning GraphQL" | dev.to | 2021-01-23

    It might be better o try Nest.js...?

  • PostCSS

    Transforming styles with JS plugins

    Latest mention: Styleguide setup | dev.to | 2021-01-16


  • slate

    A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors. (Currently in beta.)

    Latest mention: How we built PrivaNote | dev.to | 2021-01-27

    PrivaNote is a Next.js application with TailwindCSS to make it look pretty. The editor is a reasonably customised Slate instance. Setting up these components to play nicely is a breeze thanks to modern tooling.

  • feathers

    A framework for real-time applications and REST APIs with JavaScript and TypeScript

  • Cycle.js

    A functional and reactive JavaScript framework for predictable code

    Latest mention: My Open Source Journey | dev.to | 2020-11-06

    From now on I was on what I would call a typical open source trajectory. I used the Cycle.js framework to rewrite my frontend and in that process I hit some walls. I eventually figured that the error was on my side and that I was just missing some information to avoid the error. To spare others the hours of debugging I started to contribute small patches to the documentation. At the same time I also found some missing features that I voiced in GitHub issues.

  • AdonisJs Framework

    🚀 The Node.js Framework highly focused on developer ergonomics, stability and confidence

  • qiankun

    📦 🚀 Blazing fast, simple and completed solution for micro frontends.

    Latest mention: Micro Frontends Patterns#14: Reading List | dev.to | 2021-01-28

    umijs/qiankun: 📦 🚀 Blazing fast, simple and completed solution for micro frontends.

  • API Platform

    Create REST and GraphQL APIs, scaffold Jamstack webapps, stream changes in real-time.

  • blitz

    ⚡️The Fullstack React Framework — built on Next.js

    Latest mention: Rust is a hard way to make a web API | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-15

    Two I've been lightly following are Redwood[0] and Blitz[1]. Still a long ways behind something like Rails, but promising nonetheless.

    [0] https://github.com/blitz-js/blitz

  • Quick Start

    🍔 A Node.js Serverless Framework for front-end/full-stack developers. Build the application for next decade. Works on AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and traditional VM/Container. Super easy integrate with React and Vue. 🌈

  • routing-controllers

    Create structured, declarative and beautifully organized class-based controllers with heavy decorators usage in Express / Koa using TypeScript and Routing Controllers Framework.

    Latest mention: Great examples of idiomatic (backend) TS code | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2020-12-21
  • ActionHero

    Actionhero is a realtime multi-transport nodejs API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks

    Latest mention: Handling and syncing types, docs and validation! | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2020-12-28

    1: for example - https://demo.actionherojs.com/swagger.html 2: https://github.com/actionhero/actionhero/pull/1671

  • vendure

    A headless GraphQL ecommerce framework for the modern web

    Latest mention: Best headless CMS to sell art with Next? | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-01-14

    Hi! You might be interested to check out my project, Vendure (https://github.com/vendure-ecommerce/vendure). It's a headless graphql e-commerce framework written in TypeScript.

  • Marble.js

    Marble.js - functional reactive Node.js framework for building server-side applications, based on TypeScript and RxJS.

  • bolt-js

    A framework to build Slack apps using JavaScript

    Latest mention: Is it smart to build an app on someone else’s platform? | dev.to | 2020-12-08

    It helps that the tool we’re building on is welcoming developers to their platform with open arms. As Slack’s rivalry with Microsoft Teams heats up, the company is increasingly touting their app marketplace as a unique selling point. So much so, they’ve even set up their own investment fund aimed at Slack apps and released their own Javascript framework to make building native apps easier.

  • puzzle-js

    ⚡ Micro frontend framework for scalable and blazing fast websites.

    Latest mention: Micro Frontends Patterns#14: Reading List | dev.to | 2021-01-28

    puzzle-js/puzzle-js: ⚡ Micro frontend framework for scalable and blazing fast websites.

  • effect-ts

    A Fully-fledged functional effect system for typescript with a rich standard library

    Latest mention: Is there something like ZManaged or cats.Resource in the Javascript universe? | reddit.com/r/scala | 2021-01-13

    The documentation you linked to is pretty out of date, plus it was renamed to effect-ts: https://github.com/Matechs-Garage/effect-ts I have 3 services in production written with this. It's great.

  • matechs-effect

    A Fully-fledged functional effect system for typescript with a rich standard library

    Latest mention: Effect-TS Core: ZIO-Prelude Inspired Typeclasses & Module Structure | dev.to | 2020-10-04

    Code at: core/src/Prelude/Traversable/index.ts

  • booster

    Booster Cloud Framework

    Latest mention: AWS open source news and updates No.41 | dev.to | 2020-10-25

    booster Booster is a high-level framework for TypeScript to build Serverless applications with built-in business-logic-level abstractions. Booster is highly opinionated and still under heavy development so be aware of that as you explore this project. I had a look a the documentation, and it is very detailed and comprehensive. This could be a project to watch.

  • ngext

    Better routing for Angular

    Latest mention: Ngext – A routing framework for Angular inspired by React's nextjs | reddit.com/r/Angular2 | 2021-01-03

    Okay, I'll add in some more info soon. For now, you can create a new project with ngext new myapp that will generate a new project, otherwise you can look in this folder to see the structure (based off of nuxt.js apps) https://github.com/benwinding/ngext/tree/master/templates/new-project

  • core

    Front-end framework based on ideas of streams and fractals.

    Latest mention: Why am I here ? | dev.to | 2020-12-07

    @fract/core - this is my project and I would be very grateful for any feedback. In the end - maybe I'm wasting my time on it?

  • xanny

    ⚡A powerful HTTP router and URL matcher for building Deno web servers with dragon 🐲.

    Latest mention: I built a Fast and low HTTP router and URL matcher for building Deno servers 🦕. | dev.to | 2020-12-22

    Xanny finally reached version 1.0 in Dec 2020. According to its official repository, Xanny is a simple, fast and low HTTP router and URL marcher for building Deno servers. You can assume xanny as a layer built on the top of the Deno that helps manage a server and routes. It provides a robust set of features to develop web and mobile applications.

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What are some of the best open-source Framework projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Ionic Framework 42,899
2 Nest 33,931
3 PostCSS 23,955
4 slate 19,521
5 feathers 13,143
6 Cycle.js 9,814
7 AdonisJs Framework 9,396
8 qiankun 8,394
9 API Platform 6,431
10 blitz 6,194
11 Quick Start 3,646
12 routing-controllers 2,997
13 ActionHero 2,187
14 vendure 1,781
15 Marble.js 1,687
16 bolt-js 1,613
17 puzzle-js 377
18 effect-ts 297
19 matechs-effect 295
20 booster 123
21 ngext 67
22 core 62
23 xanny 44