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  • angular-cli

    CLI tool for Angular

    Latest mention: Replacing (configuration) files in angular builds based on build targets | dev.to | 2021-01-16

    However, file replacements outside of bundles were never officially supported by Angular and has ceased to work since the Angular 9 release as described here. We have migrated to the proposed workaround in the linked Github issue and it is working fine for us so far. In case someone has the same issue/question (and also to document the approach for myself ;) ), I have created a simple example repository showcasing the approach for a single configuration.json file. The following section shows the required steps.

  • Ink

    🌈 React for interactive command-line apps

    Latest mention: Over-engineered TypeScript Types - but I learned some stuff! | dev.to | 2021-01-25

    My original use case involves rendering a simple terminal-based UI using Ink. I want to run a task, and update the UI showing the task's progress. Unfortunately, running a CPU intensive task blocks UI from updating until the task is done, which makes the UI feel slow and clunky 😑. It would be much nicer to run the task in a Worker thread and update the UI in the main thread. This is like what you might do in browser-based app!

  • n8n

    Free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services.

    Latest mention: A curated list of open source alternatives to proprietary software and services | reddit.com/r/programming | 2021-01-21

    Posthog - alt to Google Analytics (https://github.com/PostHog/posthog) Budibase - alt to Retool and Outsystems (https://github.com/Budibase/budibase) N8N - alt to Zapier (fair code, not OS) (https://github.com/n8n-io/n8n) OBS - alt to Loom (https://obsproject.com/)

  • ignite

    The hottest CLI for React Native, boilerplates, plugins, generators, and more!

    Latest mention: I'm trying to generate Ignite-react native boilerplate and keep getting this error | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2021-01-08
  • nexe

    🎉 create a single executable out of your node.js apps

    Latest mention: The final step: How to package a Node.JS application | dev.to | 2021-01-04

    Pkg is only one of a number of ways to do this. I also found Nexe which is also a command-line utility that compiles your Node.js application into a single executable file.

  • oclif

    Node.js Open CLI Framework. Built with 💜 by Heroku.

  • npkill

    List any node_modules directories in your system, as well as the space they take up. You can then select which ones you want to erase to free up space.

  • kui

    A hybrid command-line/UI development experience for cloud-native development

    Latest mention: MacOS and Linux support for KTail - a Kubernetes log viewer with a GUI | reddit.com/r/kubernetes | 2021-01-17
  • expo-cli

    Tools for creating, running, and deploying universal Expo and React Native apps

    Latest mention: How To Use Redux Persist in React Native with Asyncstorage | dev.to | 2021-01-20

    expo-cli installed, or use npx

  • Ts.ED

    :triangular_ruler: Ts.ED is a Node.js and TypeScript framework on top of Express to write your application with TypeScript (or ES6). It provides a lot of decorators and guideline to make your code more readable and less error-prone.

  • cli

    The command line vault (Windows, macOS, & Linux).

    Latest mention: How do we get notified about new features and releases? | reddit.com/r/Bitwarden | 2021-01-21
  • solidarity

    Solidarity is an environment checker for project dependencies across multiple machines.

  • org-formation-cli

    Better than landingzones!

    Latest mention: Resources for setting up a new AWS Account with configurable templates. Any additional suggestions or recommendations? | reddit.com/r/aws | 2021-01-10
  • cli-microsoft365

    Manage Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Framework projects on any platform

    Latest mention: CLI for Microsoft 365 v3.4 | dev.to | 2021-01-04

    If you have any scripts that you use frequently, please share them with us so that we can learn more about the common automation scenarios.

  • Mongo Seeding

    The ultimate solution for populating your MongoDB database.

    Latest mention: Create Docker container with mongo and seed data. | reddit.com/r/mongodb | 2020-12-21

    I usually use mongo seeding (https://github.com/pkosiec/mongo-seeding) instead of mongoimport. I find the cli much more flexible.

  • diff2html-cli

    Pretty diff to html javascript cli (diff2html-cli)

  • Cliffy

    NodeJS Framework for Interactive CLIs

  • aws-cost-saver

    A tiny CLI tool to help save costs in development environments when you're asleep and don't need them!

    Latest mention: Reka: a cloud infra tool reaper | reddit.com/r/devops | 2021-01-16

    If you're looking for inspiration, I like the lightweight approach that https://github.com/aramalipoor/aws-cost-saver takes.

  • scaffold-static

    Scaffolding utility for vanilla-js

  • igniteui-cli

    Ignite UI Command-Line Interface by Infragistics

    Latest mention: Is there in-depth documentation for Schematics? | reddit.com/r/Angular2 | 2021-01-26

    You could check out our github repo cli and library schematics - I think we've got a pretty robust schematic setup.

  • ness

    Deploy web sites and apps to your own cloud account effortlessly.

    Latest mention: Ness deploys web sites and apps into your AWS account effortlessly (powered by CloudFormation) | reddit.com/r/AWSCloudFormation | 2020-12-26
  • bear

    Unofficial CLI for the Bear notes app (MacOS only)

    Latest mention: Shortcut for adding data without opening the app | reddit.com/r/bearapp | 2021-01-24

    You could do something similar on macos with Bear CLI (https://github.com/sloansparger/bear)

  • story-tab

    📑 CLI tool for creating demos of React components

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What are some of the best open-source CLI projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 angular-cli 24,102
2 Ink 15,539
3 n8n 12,172
4 ignite 11,951
5 nexe 9,563
6 oclif 5,708
7 npkill 3,886
8 kui 1,585
9 expo-cli 1,584
10 Ts.ED 1,423
11 cli 907
12 solidarity 527
13 org-formation-cli 440
14 cli-microsoft365 384
15 Mongo Seeding 324
16 diff2html-cli 286
17 Cliffy 259
18 aws-cost-saver 177
19 scaffold-static 109
20 igniteui-cli 105
21 ness 67
22 bear 60
23 story-tab 27