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  • axios

    Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

    Latest mention: Upload Multiple Unique File On Cloudinary and Send Unique Images URL To Backend | | 2021-01-13

    We will be sticking to the internal state hence useState in this case. Also, we will be using the Axios library to make HTTP requests to external resources. Axios Installation

  • node

    Node.js JavaScript runtime :sparkles::turtle::rocket::sparkles:

    Latest mention: Performance implications of using Async Hooks | | 2021-01-15

    My first Node PR :)

  • 30-seconds-of-code

    Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs

    Latest mention: Hacktoberfest and Me. | | 2020-10-25

    Add isNode, randomIpAddress and isRegularExpression #1526

  • nodebestpractices

    :white_check_mark: The Node.js best practices list (January 2021)

    Latest mention: use async/await in controller or service ? | | 2021-01-07

    Yep, this is important to be aware of. It's explained in the Node.js Best Practices:

  • express

    Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node.

    Latest mention: I’m trying to build a simple turn based rpg game, using HTML and CSS. As a back-end code, to calculate dice rolls, would Javascript or python work better? Alternatively could I use both at the same time? I’m a novice to most back-end coding and programming languages. | | 2021-01-14

    Earlier you said that you already know python, and js is quite similar, as they are dynamically typed (you don’t need to tell it what type of values your variables stores), and using nodejs allows you to make simple web servers really easily.

  • meteor

    Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform

    Latest mention: What to expect in Q1 2021 for Meteor ☄ | | 2021-01-05

    Meteor 2.0 is in works and after the winter breaks we can expect the work to pick back up, though there is still a few major things to be resolved before the final release. Also its release will most likely coincide with the release of Meteor Cloud. Most notably we this release will include tree shaking, hot module reload and upgrade to Node v14. Other things like updated logging packages MongoDB bulk insert and other smaller things are also being worked on.

  • nw.js

    Call all Node.js modules directly from DOM/WebWorker and enable a new way of writing applications with all Web technologies.

    Latest mention: How to Become a Pro 😎 Front End Developer💻 | | 2020-10-08

    -Electron -NW.js -Proton -Neutralino.js -DeskGap

  • Ghost

    👻 The #1 headless Node.js CMS for professional publishing

    Latest mention: A good Node and Express API project available on Github ? | | 2021-01-08

    Check out ghost:

  • 33-js-concepts

    📜 33 concepts every JavaScript developer should know.

    Latest mention: How to Learn React for Newbies | | 2020-10-09

    33 Concepts Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

  • pm2

    Node.js Production Process Manager with a built-in Load Balancer.

    Latest mention: Optimizing CPU bound apps? | | 2021-01-10

    If child_process.spawn or child_process.exec, or even maybe the cluster module isn’t enough to suit your needs, in NodeJS Design Patterns there’s a recommendation for pm2 to handle multi-CPU stuff, though I haven’t used it myself

  • strapi

    🚀 Open source Node.js Headless CMS to easily build customisable APIs

    Latest mention: Introducing Strapi Enterprise Edition (beta) and Plans | | 2020-11-26

    Today is a big milestone for Strapi. We’re introducing a public beta version of Strapi Enterprise Edition (EE) along with paid plans including enterprise differentiating features and support services. We’re developing Strapi Enterprise Edition in the open, in collaboration with partners and customers, and remain fully committed to delivering value to the Strapi open-source community and ecosystem.

  • hexo

    A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

  • edex-ui

    A cross-platform, customizable science fiction terminal emulator with advanced monitoring & touchscreen support.

    Latest mention: Weekly Developer Roundup #21 - Sun Nov 08 2020 | | 2020-11-07

    GitSquared/edex-ui (JavaScript): A cross-platform, customizable science fiction terminal emulator with advanced monitoring & touchscreen support.

  • standard

    🌟 JavaScript Style Guide, with linter & automatic code fixer

  • date-fns

    ⏳ Modern JavaScript date utility library ⌛️

    Latest mention: Tracking Time with React Hooks | | 2020-11-15

    The implementation uses date-fns but could be rewritten with any date library (e.g. Moment/Luxon/Day.js)

  • sheetjs

    :green_book: SheetJS Community Edition -- Spreadsheet Data Toolkit

  • webtorrent

    ⚡️ Streaming torrent client for the web

    Latest mention: Developing a bit torrent client | | 2020-12-26

    I would suggest learning about peer to peer connections first, as it is the base of torrent. Regarding resources I would recommend this talk about building a torrent client in the web. Although it is written in javascript the concepts are the same for python. The repo for the project shown in the talk is here

  • sharp

    High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF and TIFF images. Uses the libvips library.

    Latest mention: What tool do you guys use for cropping, resizing, converting images? | | 2021-01-16

    Not sure how redundant all of this work is but I've used Sharp for Node which is basically ImageMagick. This allows me to write a script for certain images.

  • ava

    Node.js test runner that lets you develop with confidence 🚀

    Latest mention: How to Become a Pro 😎 Front End Developer💻 | | 2020-10-08

    -Jest -Enzyme -Sinon -Mocha -Chai -AVA -Tape

  • pkg

    Package your Node.js project into an executable

    Latest mention: The final step: How to package a Node.JS application | | 2021-01-04

    The first option is to use pkg. It is a command-line interface that enables the developer to create executables from Node.JS projects; allowing you to run the app even on environments that do not have Node.JS installed on them. Use cases include being able to share your app without sharing your source code thereby equipping you to create cross-platform commercial and demo copies of your application without needing to re-code the entire application or install dependencies on the machine that runs the application.

  • egg

    🥚 Born to build better enterprise frameworks and apps with Node.js & Koa

  • mysql

    A pure node.js JavaScript Client implementing the MySQL protocol.

    Latest mention: How to connect javascript to mysql? | | 2021-01-14

    If you're using javascript on the back end in node you'll probably want a node module like mysql on npm. This will give you an api to connect to the database and execute queries. Their readme is very informative so I suggest starting there:

  • ws

    Simple to use, blazing fast and thoroughly tested WebSocket client and server for Node.js

    Latest mention: First attempt at React app | | 2021-01-09

    I'd recommend ditching and using ws instead. is an unnecessarily opinionated wrapper for standard websockets that require you to use their client and server and have extreme browser support with fallbacks that you probably don't want anyone to use. Use native websockets and you'll have more control and can use it with any client/server you want and it'll be far faster for your users.

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