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  • swoole-src

    🚀 Coroutine-based concurrency library for PHP

  • libzmq

    ZeroMQ core engine in C++, implements ZMTP/3.1

  • concurrentqueue

    A fast multi-producer, multi-consumer lock-free concurrent queue for C++11

    Latest mention: Functional programming in C++ (2012) | news.ycombinator.com | 2020-12-28

    > So the big win with functional programming is easier testibility and fewer hazards when trying to multi-thread your code.

    To give you my experience: during my phd, I developed https://ossia.io in C++. For the manuscript redaction, I rewrote all the core algorithms in pure functional OCaml. When I did some tests, performance was slower than -O0 C++ (so it's not even a given that multithreaded OCaml would outperform single-thread C++), the tests weren't meaningfully simpler to write, and it would be pretty much impossible to have an average comp. sci. student contribute to the code.

    My experience multi-threading C++ code is, "slap cpp-taskflow, TBB, RaftLib" or any kind of threaded task system and enjoy arbitrary scaling. Hardly the pain it is made to be unless you have a need to go down to std::thread level, but even then using something like https://github.com/cameron314/concurrentqueue to communicate between threads makes things extremely painless.

  • taskflow

    A General-purpose Parallel and Heterogeneous Task Programming System

  • arrayfire

    ArrayFire: a general purpose GPU library.

  • thrust

    The C++ parallel algorithms library.

  • actor-framework

    An Open Source Implementation of the Actor Model in C++

  • readerwriterqueue

    A fast single-producer, single-consumer lock-free queue for C++

  • libcds

    A C++ library of Concurrent Data Structures

  • hpx

    The C++ Standard Library for Parallelism and Concurrency

    Latest mention: latest c++ theory vs reality | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-01-11
  • nccl

    Optimized primitives for collective multi-GPU communication

  • compute

    A C++ GPU Computing Library for OpenCL

  • moderngpu

    Patterns and behaviors for GPU computing

  • junction

    Concurrent data structures in C++

  • cpp.react

    C++React: A reactive programming library for C++11.

  • parallel-hashmap

    A family of header-only, very fast and memory-friendly hashmap and btree containers.

    Latest mention: A Debugging Tip: Write Custom Visualizers in Visual Studio | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-01-11

    Yes, these are nice, I wrote some for the phmap library. I wish that there was a standard (and portable across compilers) way to do this though, maybe by adding a specific function to our classes.

  • RaftLib

    The RaftLib C++ library, streaming/dataflow concurrency via C++ iostream-like operators

  • continuable

    C++14 asynchronous allocation aware futures (supporting then, exception handling, coroutines and connections)

  • vexcl

    VexCL is a C++ vector expression template library for OpenCL/CUDA/OpenMP

  • stdgpu

    stdgpu: Efficient STL-like Data Structures on the GPU

  • MPMCQueue

    A bounded multi-producer multi-consumer concurrent queue written in C++11

  • executors

    C++ library for executors

  • Bolt

    Bolt is a C++ template library optimized for GPUs. Bolt provides high-performance library implementations for common algorithms such as scan, reduce, transform, and sort.

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What are some of the best open-source Concurrency projects in C++? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 swoole-src 16,403
2 libzmq 6,662
3 concurrentqueue 5,189
4 taskflow 4,803
5 arrayfire 3,285
6 thrust 3,129
7 actor-framework 2,439
8 readerwriterqueue 1,982
9 libcds 1,761
10 hpx 1,610
11 nccl 1,429
12 compute 1,180
13 moderngpu 1,162
14 junction 1,114
15 cpp.react 889
16 parallel-hashmap 797
17 RaftLib 707
18 continuable 646
19 vexcl 621
20 stdgpu 510
21 MPMCQueue 435
22 executors 361
23 Bolt 343