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  • GitHub repo vuetify

    🐉 Material Component Framework for Vue

    Project mention: Build your own Vue.js UI library based on Vuetify and publish it to NPM | dev.to | 2021-11-22

    Vue.js is a simple yet powerful front-end JavaScript framework that is designed exquisitely. In my opinion, Vue.js is the first choice for the UI of middle to large-sized projects. Over the years, there are a wide range of UI component libraries for Vue.js, and the most popular one seems to have been Vuetify. Often based on our own business and project requirements, we need to customize an open-source UI library component, and this article shows how to build our custom UI components based on Vuetify.

  • GitHub repo vue-awesome-swiper

    🏆 Swiper component for @vuejs

    Project mention: Carousel plugins nuxt? | reddit.com/r/Nuxt | 2021-09-09

    Examples: https://github.surmon.me/vue-awesome-swiper/

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo vee-validate

    ✅ Form Validation for Vue.js

    Project mention: Vue 3 libraries lack, but Vue 2 | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2021-10-27

    Bad example, vee-validate has a compatible version already: https://vee-validate.logaretm.com/v4/

  • GitHub repo streamlabs-obs

    Free and open source streaming software built on OBS and Electron.

    Project mention: Koil calls out Pokimane and Hasan for Hollow Streamlabs Tweets | reddit.com/r/LivestreamFail | 2021-11-19

    The term "open source" just means that the source code is available for viewing, modification, and possibly redistribution. What they're actually allowed to do with the code is determined by the license, which is GPL2 for OBS: https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.html. They're not in violation of the license, which OBS tweeted during their initial string of tweets. One of GPLs purposes is making the source code of any subsequent programs also be open source, which is why you can find the streamlabs obs code here: https://github.com/stream-labs/streamlabs-obs

  • GitHub repo tsParticles

    tsParticles - Easily create highly customizable particles animations and use them as animated backgrounds for your website. Ready to use components available for React.js, Vue.js (2.x and 3.x), Angular, Svelte, jQuery, Preact, Inferno, Solid, Riot and Web Components.

    Project mention: tsParticles | dev.to | 2021-11-22

    tsParticles - A lightweight TypeScript library for creating particles https://particles.js.org

  • GitHub repo vue-styleguidist

    Created from react styleguidist for Vue Components with a living style guide

    Project mention: Document & Test Vue 3 Components With Storybook | dev.to | 2021-11-15

    Unfortunately, I found no way to add JSDoc comments to the counter-update event. I think it is currently not supported in vue-docgen-api, which Storybook uses under the hood to extract code comments into descriptions. Leave a comment if you know a way how to document events in Vue 3.

  • GitHub repo docx

    Easily generate .docx files with JS/TS with a nice declarative API. Works for Node and on the Browser.

    Project mention: What documentation conversion tool/library you use? | reddit.com/r/learnjavascript | 2021-09-08

    For Excel it's much easier to convert your raw data to CSV than to put it into an HTML document and then extract it back out again. Similarly for .docx format, you're probably better off using a package like docx and building the document in a way more suited to the file format than trying to smush HTML into a new format.

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo revo-grid

    Powerful virtual data grid smartsheet with advanced customization. Best features from excel plus incredible performance 🔋

    Project mention: Recommendations for JavaScript table libraries | reddit.com/r/Frontend | 2021-11-23


  • GitHub repo vuex-module-decorators

    TypeScript/ES7 Decorators to create Vuex modules declaratively

    Project mention: How to unit test Vuex modules defined with the vuex-module-decorators syntax in Nuxt, using vue-test-utils and Jest? | dev.to | 2021-09-28

    The most important thing to realise is that the vuex-module-decorators class-based model behaves just like a vue-class-component under the hood.

  • GitHub repo trois

    ✨ ThreeJS + VueJS 3 + ViteJS ⚡

    Project mention: Isometric game with VueJS, looking for recommandation | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2021-11-17
  • GitHub repo universal-router

    A simple middleware-style router for isomorphic JavaScript web apps

  • GitHub repo jsx-next

    JSX for Vue 3

    Project mention: Have been using Vue.js for a while but decided to learn React because of how popular and demanded it is. Not trying to bash React but I can't get over the funkyness of JSX and a couple of other aspects. Everything seems more complex and cumbersome than how it's done in Vue.js. Am I just biased? | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-04-18

    Apologies, my link above was the incorrect bookmark... that was for Vue 2. Here is the correct link for vue3: https://github.com/vuejs/jsx-next

  • GitHub repo Pizzly

    The simplest, fastest way to integrate your app with an OAuth API 😋

    Project mention: Validate JWT token | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2021-05-21
  • GitHub repo vue-composable

    Vue composition-api composable components. i18n, validation, pagination, fetch, etc. +50 different composables

    Project mention: I must say, this repo is awesome | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-03
  • GitHub repo composition-api

    Composition API hooks for Nuxt. (by nuxt-community)

    Project mention: Looking to learn Nuxtjs. I’ve been learning Vue 3 but its to my understanding that Nuxt is currently based on Vue 2. | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2021-09-07

    I would buy it! Nuxt is great, even if it is Vue 2. You can even still use the composition API https://composition-api.nuxtjs.org/. Vue 2 isn't that different than Vue 3. When Nuxt does upgrade, your experience should transfer over nicely.

  • GitHub repo lucia

    🙋‍♀️ 3kb library for tiny web apps

    Project mention: Looking for Maintainers for Lucia.js | dev.to | 2021-07-27

    It has been almost a year since I first started tinkering with the idea of Lucia. Through this process, I've been lucky to enjoy learning about creating a library and experience managing an open source project. Additionally, I've been fortunate to receive relative success I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has supported me throughout this amazing journey.

  • GitHub repo privacy.sexy

    Open-source tool to enforce privacy & security best-practices on Windows and macOS, because privacy is sexy 🍑🍆

    Project mention: Best way to thoroughly debloat and anti-spy windows 10? | reddit.com/r/privacy | 2021-11-08

    Privacy is sexy

  • GitHub repo coreui-vue

    Over 90 Bootstrap based Vue.js components and directives. CoreUI Vue.js UI Components. CoreUI for Vue.js replaces and extends the Bootstrap javascript. Components have been built from scratch as true Vue components, without jQuery and unneeded dependencies. (by coreui)

    Project mention: Is it a bad time to start a project in Vue? | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2021-09-07

    We just released our own component library for Vue 3, you can check it here - https://github.com/coreui/coreui-vue

  • GitHub repo vuex-smart-module

    Type safe Vuex module with powerful module features

    Project mention: Vuex on NodeJs Server | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2021-10-31

    Hi, I'm working on a simple game that runs with a lockstep simulation (basically there's a single game state module that has state, mutations, and actions). Actions are sent to the server-side store, they're applied, and mutations are sent to all the clients. I'm having trouble getting the vuex store to work properly on the server-side. I was planning on mocking a lot of it but I keep bringing more and more of vuex along for the ride. For context, I'm using vuex-smart-module: https://github.com/ktsn/vuex-smart-module. So far the client side is working great

  • GitHub repo baklavajs

    Graph / node editor in the browser using VueJS

    Project mention: Verse: Visual Scripting Tool for Python | reddit.com/r/Python | 2021-08-17

    So cool! I actually started building something very similar to this a few months ago. I'm using baklavajs for the front-end. What node editor library are you using?

  • GitHub repo typed-vuex

    🏦 A typed store accessor for vanilla Vuex.

    Project mention: Question about Vuex 4 with typescript | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2021-08-16

    I decided to take a look at some vuex typing packages like simple-vuex and typed-vuex but they only show Vuex 3 examples, and im not really sure if the packages work with vuex 4 because the store initialization is different.

  • GitHub repo vue-eslint-parser

    The ESLint custom parser for `.vue` files.

    Project mention: Eslint and vue | dev.to | 2021-07-27

    - parser: '@typescript-eslint/parser', + parser: "vue-eslint-parser", + // https://github.com/vuejs/vue-eslint-parser#parseroptionsparser + parserOptions: { + parser: "@typescript-eslint/parser", + }, plugins: ['@typescript-eslint'], extends: [ 'eslint:recommended', 'plugin:@typescript-eslint/recommended', + 'plugin:vue/vue3-recommended', 'prettier', ], }

  • GitHub repo vue-highlight.js

    📜 Highlight.js syntax highlighter component for Vue.

    Project mention: Create your own privacy focused pastebin alternative | dev.to | 2021-04-22

    vue-highlight.js: Used for code-highlighting.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-11-23.

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What are some of the best open-source Vuej projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 vuetify 32,875
2 vue-awesome-swiper 12,020
3 vee-validate 8,767
4 streamlabs-obs 3,439
5 tsParticles 2,610
6 vue-styleguidist 2,116
7 docx 2,037
8 revo-grid 1,843
9 vuex-module-decorators 1,705
10 trois 1,668
11 universal-router 1,593
12 jsx-next 1,100
13 Pizzly 922
14 vue-composable 869
15 composition-api 643
16 lucia 597
17 privacy.sexy 566
18 coreui-vue 408
19 vuex-smart-module 368
20 baklavajs 297
21 typed-vuex 285
22 vue-eslint-parser 278
23 vue-highlight.js 191
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