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  • sst

    Build modern full-stack applications on AWS

    Project mention: A Beginner's Guide to the Serverless Application Model (SAM) | dev.to | 2023-08-16

    Naturally, there are several options available to declare your cloud resources. The options with the most popularity are the CDK, AWS CloudFormation, SST, Serverless framework, Terraform, and AWS SAM. There are others, but when talking about Infrastructure as Code (IaC), these are the ones you hear about most often.

  • CapRover

    Scalable PaaS (automated Docker+nginx) - aka Heroku on Steroids

    Project mention: Caprover – Scalable PaaS (Automated Docker+Nginx) | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-06-13
  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The open-source backend cloud platform. The open-source backend cloud platform for developing Web, Mobile, and Flutter applications. You can set up your backend faster with real-time APIs for authentication, databases, file storage, cloud functions, and much more!

  • amplify-js

    A declarative JavaScript library for application development using cloud services.

    Project mention: React Native Storage.put() results in error | /r/Amplify | 2023-06-16

    Whenever I call Storage.put() inside my React Native (with Expo) application, I get an error of [TypeError: undefined is not a function]. Doing some internet digging, after hours of searching, I found only one other reference to this kind of error, and that is with the DataStore: https://github.com/aws-amplify/amplify-js/issues/10764

  • Quick Start

    🍔 A Node.js Serverless Framework for front-end/full-stack developers. Build the application for next decade. Works on AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and traditional VM/Container. Super easy integrate with React and Vue. 🌈

  • webiny-js

    Open-source serverless enterprise CMS. Includes a headless CMS, page builder, form builder, and file manager. Easy to customize and expand. Deploys to AWS.

    Project mention: Seeking advice on the best headless CMS for an expanding news site | /r/nextjs | 2023-05-03

    Hi u/afroraydude, you can check out Webiny - a serverless open-source CMS with GraphQL API support. Its GraphQL-based headless CMS with powerful content modeling can help you with expanding into other avenues like podcasts, and videos.

  • serverless-next.js

    ⚡ Deploy your Next.js apps on AWS Lambda@Edge via Serverless Components

    Project mention: My SaaS architecture (tech stack) on AWS as a solo developer with Node.js as a backend | /r/node | 2023-02-02

    I'm currently waiting SST v2 to be released where they will use https://open-next.js.org instead of https://github.com/serverless-nextjs/serverless-next.js

  • chrome-aws-lambda

    Chromium Binary for AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions

    Project mention: Lambdas vs EC2 | /r/aws | 2023-03-23

    Lambda would be my choice for this. You could even stay within the free tier depending how often you run this process. You can orchestrate puppeteer UI flows in lambda using this package https://github.com/alixaxel/chrome-aws-lambda My team does this and it works great.

  • SurveyJS

    A Non-Cloud Alternative to Google Forms that has it all.. SurveyJS JavaScript libraries allow you to easily set up a robust form management system fully integrated into your IT infrastructure where users can create and edit multiple dynamic JSON-based forms in a no-code form builder. Learn more now.

  • amplify-cli

    The AWS Amplify CLI is a toolchain for simplifying serverless web and mobile development.

    Project mention: The Amplify Series, Part 6: Using the power of AI and Machine Learning with Amplify Predictions | dev.to | 2023-03-23

    Bug: Before continuing, we need to add some manual changes to the generated output since there is a bug in the 10.8.1 version of the Amplify CLI. To fix the issue, open the amplify/backend/predictions/identifyText<>/parameters.json file and add the following three key-value pairs to it:

  • open-next

    Open source Next.js serverless adapter

    Project mention: Why Next? | /r/reactjs | 2023-07-06

    https://github.com/serverless-stack/open-next seems like what you're looking for?

  • jsii

    jsii allows code in any language to naturally interact with JavaScript classes. It is the technology that enables the AWS Cloud Development Kit to deliver polyglot libraries from a single codebase!

    Project mention: Infrastructure Manager: Provision Google Cloud Resources with Terraform | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-09-17

    Every version of the CDK uses an interop layer and runs on top of the Typescript version


    And as far as TF supports services before CFT. Guess which is easier for an AWS employee to do - getting the CF service team to support a new service or just contribute to Terraform’s open source project?

    I know of at least one service where the service team introduced the needed APIs and then an employee of AWS wrote the TF provider and contributed to the project before AWS’s own internal team added it to CFT.

    Source: former AWS ProServe employee

  • examples

    Infrastructure, containers, and serverless apps to AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes... all deployed with Pulumi (by pulumi)

    Project mention: Is kubernetesx (kx) dead? | /r/pulumi | 2022-11-22

    It seems that kubernetesx never really got much traction, since I'm also having trouble finding any documentation / examples for it (except in the repo itself). For example, it's not even listed in https://github.com/pulumi/examples

  • serverless

    This is intended to be a repo containing all of the official AWS Serverless architecture patterns built with CDK for developers to use. All patterns come in Typescript and Python with the exported CloudFormation also included. (by cdk-patterns)

    Project mention: Using Flask for API development | /r/aws | 2023-03-17
  • vscode-infracost

    See cost estimates for Terraform right in your editor💰📉

    Project mention: Show HN: Infracost (YC W21): Be proactive with your cloud costs | news.ycombinator.com | 2023-08-09

    Hi, we are Ali, Hassan, and Alistair, co-founders of Infracost (https://www.infracost.io/). Infracost helps engineers see the cost of each Terraform change before launching resources. When changes are made, it posts a comment with the cloud cost impact. For example, “you’ve added 2 instances and volumes, and change an instance type from medium to large, your bill will increase by 25% next month, from $1000 to $1250 per month”.

    We launched in February 2021 (https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=26064588), and Infracost is now being actively used by over 3,000 companies. However, there is a shift happening in the cloud cost management space. New teams, called FinOps teams (a combination of "Finance" and "DevOps"), are being formed within companies to manage cloud costs.

    One of the first tasks assigned to these teams is to determine "who is using what" - that is, which teams, business units, products, etc. are spending the most on cloud. To accomplish this, they use tags. Tags are labels that all cloud resources should have and are key-value pairs. For example, a server could be tagged with: product=HackerNews; environment=production; team=blueTeam. So if resources are not tagged properly, then you can’t tell who is using what.

    However, FinOps teams face challenges because their tools are reactive. These tools begin by analyzing cloud bills and providing visibility of tags from there. This means that they are looking at resources that are already running in production and costing money. A customer recently shared, “I want all resources to be properly tagged. But if they are not, I would rather a resource not be tagged at all than be tagged incorrectly.”

    My "aha" moment! FinOps teams can define a tagging policy that can be validated in CI/CD before resources are launched. This is important because if code is shipped with the wrong tags, FinOps teams will have to fight for sprint time to fix them. Even if you shut down an untagged resource directly in the cloud, the next time Terraform runs, the resource will launch again with no tag. You need to fix the issue at its root.

    I’d love your feedback on our solution to the tagging problem. You define your tag key-value policy in our SaaS product, and Infracost checks all Terraform resources per change. If anything fails the policy, it posts a comment with the details of which resources need tags, and what the allowed values are. Once fixed, it will let the code be shipped to production.

    Try it out by going to https://dashboard.infracost.io/, setting up with the GitHub app or GitLab app, and defining your tagging policy. It will then scan your repository and inform you of any missing tags and their file and line number. You can use the free trial, but if you need more time, please message me and I’ll extend it for you.

    I would also love to hear how others ensure that the correct tag keys and values are applied to all resources, and whether this is done proactively or reactively. Additionally, I would be interested in hearing about any lessons learned in the process.


  • preevy

    Quickly deploy preview environments to the cloud!

    Project mention: Easy Dockerization with Docker init | dev.to | 2023-09-07

    Also, at Livecycle, we are building Preevy, which helps you create a preview environment for Docker Compose applications. Do check out https://github.com/livecycle/preevy. It's open source, and don't forget to leave a star to show your support.

  • dynamodb-toolbox

    A simple set of tools for working with Amazon DynamoDB and the DocumentClient

    Project mention: The DynamoDB-Toolbox v1 beta is here 🙌 All you need to know! | dev.to | 2023-06-09

    If you have in mind features that I missed, or would like to see some of the ones I mentioned prioritised, please comment this article and/or create an issue or open a discussion on the official repo with the v1 label 👍

  • sqs-consumer

    Build Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) based applications without the boilerplate

    Project mention: Infinite loop pattern to poll for a queue in a REST server app | /r/node | 2022-10-16

    You could utilize a wrapper like sqs-consumer. Check out their implementation.

  • metlo

    Metlo is an open-source API security platform.

    Project mention: Using Metlo to Secure My Personal Finance App | dev.to | 2023-06-29

    So far, I’ve been using Metlo's protection features to initially test out its capabilities on my app, but there’s still a whole other Testing feature that it has that I'm starting to look into. Everything I’ve tried out has been pretty quick and easy so hopefully I can play around with the Testing more to help me catch any other authentication or authorization vulnerabilities that might exist in my app. If this is something that interests you, you can check it out at https://metlo.com .

  • leapp

    Leapp is the DevTool to access your cloud

    Project mention: OKTA Identity Engine Upgrade | /r/okta | 2023-06-14

    You can switch to saml2aws using the browser method instead of the Okta method and it will continue to work after the upgrade. There is also a really neat GUI tool to manage your session tokens that also works. https://www.leapp.cloud

  • terraform-aws-next-js

    Terraform module for building and deploying Next.js apps to AWS. Supports SSR (Lambda), Static (S3) and API (Lambda) pages.

    Project mention: Vite vs NextJS for Dashboard App | /r/reactjs | 2023-03-25

    source: https://github.com/milliHQ/terraform-aws-next-js/tree/v0.x

  • powertools-lambda-typescript

    Powertools is a developer toolkit to implement Serverless best practices and increase developer velocity.

  • org-formation-cli

    Better than landingzones!

    Project mention: No, you don’t need to test every line of your CDK application | dev.to | 2023-06-15

    And these guardrails are usually owned by platform teams. One downside to doing all these with AWS Organizations is that it involves a lot of clickops… This is where I would turn to org-formation, an open-source tool that gives you infrastructure-as-code for AWS Organizations. It’s a really powerful tool and I strongly recommend that you check it out if you haven’t already.

  • aws-toolkit-vscode

    CodeWhisperer, CodeCatalyst, Local Lambda debug, SAM/CFN syntax, ECS Terminal, AWS resources

    Project mention: aws/aws-toolkit-vscode: CodeWhisperer, CodeCatalyst, Local Lambda debug, SAM/CFN syntax, ECS Exec, AWS resources | /r/devopsish | 2023-05-31
  • php

    🐘 PHP Runtime for ▲ Vercel Serverless Functions (by vercel-community)

    Project mention: Selfhosted analytics on Vercel? | /r/sveltejs | 2023-01-26

    But there’s an open source php run time for Vercel which you can try: https://github.com/vercel-community/php

  • Amplication

    Amplication: open-source Node.js backend code generator. An open-source platform that helps developers build backends without spending time on boilerplate & repetitive coding. Including production-ready GraphQL & REST APIs, DB schema, DTOs, filtering, pagination, RBAC, & more.

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What are some of the best open-source AWS projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 sst 17,680
2 CapRover 10,969
3 amplify-js 9,272
4 Quick Start 6,874
5 webiny-js 6,820
6 serverless-next.js 4,248
7 chrome-aws-lambda 3,062
8 amplify-cli 2,754
9 open-next 2,490
10 jsii 2,416
11 examples 2,135
12 serverless 2,135
13 vscode-infracost 1,749
14 preevy 1,673
15 dynamodb-toolbox 1,629
16 sqs-consumer 1,539
17 metlo 1,463
18 leapp 1,444
19 terraform-aws-next-js 1,382
20 powertools-lambda-typescript 1,270
21 org-formation-cli 1,238
22 aws-toolkit-vscode 1,176
23 php 958
Collect and Analyze Billions of Data Points in Real Time
Manage all types of time series data in a single, purpose-built database. Run at any scale in any environment in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.