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  • GitHub repo storybook

    📓 The UI component explorer. Develop, document, & test React, Vue, Angular, Web Components, Ember, Svelte & more!

    Project mention: Publish your reusable components to npm | dev.to | 2021-06-19

    import React, { FC, HTMLAttributes, ReactChild } from 'react'; import { Button, ButtonProps } from './Button/Button'; export interface Props extends HTMLAttributes { /** custom content, defaults to 'the snozzberries taste like snozzberries' */ children?: ReactChild; } // Please do not use types off of a default export module or else Storybook Docs will suffer. // see: https://github.com/storybookjs/storybook/issues/9556 /** * A custom Thing component. Neat! */ const Thing: FC = ({ children }) => { return

    {children || `the snozzberries taste like snozzberries`}
    ; }; export { Thing, Button, ButtonProps };

  • GitHub repo unstated-next

    200 bytes to never think about React state management libraries ever again

    Project mention: View-Hook Pair Pattern (Draft) | dev.to | 2021-02-19

    Of cource, we can mix Hook result values with a local state or something in the place among and , so we can adjust values a bit easily. (In easy case, Unstated Next is helpful.)

  • GitHub repo pdf-lib

    Create and modify PDF documents in any JavaScript environment

    Project mention: I wrote a script that removes Modiji's photo from your vaccination certificate and inserts the Indian flag instead | reddit.com/r/india | 2021-05-26

    Ought to probably explore doing a client-side solution, maybe with https://github.com/Hopding/pdf-lib

  • GitHub repo rrule

    JavaScript library for working with recurrence rules for calendar dates as defined in the iCalendar RFC and more.

    Project mention: time-series-generator: a library for generating time series | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-03-12

    Besides, there are rrule.js mentioned above, which cover the 2 requirements

  • GitHub repo angular-google-maps

    Angular 2+ Google Maps Components

    Project mention: AgmCoreModule google error | reddit.com/r/Angular2 | 2021-02-12

    I don’t use Agm, but I think you can find your answer here https://github.com/SebastianM/angular-google-maps/issues/1890

  • GitHub repo ivi

    :fire: Javascript (TypeScript) library for building web user interfaces

    Project mention: Components are Pure Overhead | dev.to | 2021-05-10

    And the answer was: it depends. The Virtual DOM library I tested, ivi, had no issues handling more components. But Lit and Svelte were dramatically worse. They scaled back to almost React levels of performance as I broke them down to more components. All their non-VDOM performance benefits basically disappeared.

  • GitHub repo FirestoreGoogleAppsScript

    A Google Apps Script library for accessing Google Cloud Firestore.

    Project mention: Google sheets API: How to find a row based on a unique cell value and return that range? | reddit.com/r/googlesheets | 2021-06-21
  • GitHub repo discordeno

    Discord API library for Deno

    Project mention: [AskJS] How has your experience with Deno been so far? | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-05-10

    It's not, it only implemented the features I needed. You'd be better off looking at something more established like https://github.com/discordeno/discordeno :)

  • GitHub repo friendly-challenge

    The widget and docs for the proof of work challenge used in Friendly Captcha. Protect your websites and online services from spam and abuse with Friendly Captcha, a privacy-first anti-bot solution.

    Project mention: open source alternative to friendlycaptcha.com ? | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 2021-05-15

    Aren't they already? https://github.com/FriendlyCaptcha/friendly-challengeBased on the post https://www.reddit.com/r/WebAssembly/comments/hrp6pt/i_created_a_proofofwork_captcha_using/

  • GitHub repo store

    A beautifully-simple framework-agnostic modern state management library. (by fabiospampinato)

    Project mention: Store - A beautifully simple state management library | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2021-01-14
  • GitHub repo common

    Utilities and base libraries for use across polkadot-js. Includes base libraries, crypto helpers and cross-environment helpers. Full documentation & examples available (by polkadot-js)

    Project mention: Atomic wallet polkadot private key question | reddit.com/r/atomicwallet | 2021-02-18

    u/atomicwallet Thanks for the reply. I didn't see a way to derive the public key from the private key using `@polkadot/api` JavaScript library. As far as I know, it only supports derive from seed, not from the private key. Do your guys know if there's a way to do it?

  • GitHub repo rxjs-ninja

    RxJS Operators for handling Observable strings, numbers, booleans and more

    Project mention: New to TS. Do any of you use TS exclusively over JS? If not exclusively, then what's the split between TS and JS? How do you decide when to use TS, and when to use JS? | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2021-02-21

    I'm currently working on both Formula and RxJS Ninja and both are very type heavy and export all the comments - for me clear docs are important in a library.

  • GitHub repo di.libx.js

    💉 di.libx.js - Lightweight & non intrusive Dependency Injection module that supports async/deferred resolution and uglified support

    Project mention: Introducing My New Dependency Injection Container | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2021-02-07

    Thank you for your suggestion. Support for autowire and initiating a class by injecting all its dependencies through the constructor was completed in this GH issue: https://github.com/Livshitz/di.libx.js/issues/7

  • GitHub repo js-uprtcl

    Libraries, tools and modules to create _Prtcl web apps

    Project mention: A noob in need of some education on Holochain | reddit.com/r/holochain | 2021-05-01
  • GitHub repo react-in-out-textarea

    A simple React.js User Interface Component that is like Google Translate with full TypeScript Support

    Project mention: Ask HN: What Are You Working On? | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-14

    Multiple projects right now:

    - https://getworkrecognized.com — A platform to keep a work journal/brag document/work diary and create self-reviews or promotion writeups based on your notes // Currently trying to find motivation to make onboarding nicer incl. free trial instead of paid to get more users and initial feedback; I guess partly because of that tool i got promoted to senior level recently soo wohooo

    - https://caseconverter.pro/app — A simple case converter on the web, guesses the type you want to convert into with a neural net (i know i could have used just statistical approaches lol) // Open sourced some components: https://github.com/igeligel/react-in-out-textarea and the text conversion soon™ - will launch on Product Hunt soon

    - https://linkedium.com — A LinkedIn post scheduling app, planning to make it a bigger growth tool with insights on what kind of content performs well. Kind of like some analytics + social media scheduler for personal profiles but also company pages

  • GitHub repo matchbook-ts

    pattern matching in javascript & typescript made easy

  • GitHub repo enjinn

    A library management toolkit for Denon Engine PRIME 🎧

    Project mention: Traktor goes streaming in beta, DJCU/S support for it follows within a week! [macOS only] | reddit.com/r/DJs | 2021-05-14
  • GitHub repo vue-insta-stories

    Vue library for Instagram stories.

    Project mention: I built a library that works both with vue 2 and vue 3 using vue demi, looking for feedback. | reddit.com/r/vuejs | 2021-06-14
  • GitHub repo ngx-foldable

    Angular library to help your build dual-screen experiences for foldable or dual-screen devices

    Project mention: Adapt your Angular apps for dual-screen devices with ngx-foldable | dev.to | 2021-04-15

    Adapting existing apps to foldable devices does not mean that you have to rethink your design and code entirely. With ngx-foldable library you can adapt existing Angular apps to support dual-screen devices with minimal changes to your app (and no CSS!). react-foldable is also an alternative if you're working with React, and I'm sure that similar libraries will eventually become available for other frameworks.

  • GitHub repo vellichor

    A useful collection of fast and lightweight data structures and their algorithms

    Project mention: TypeScript Port of Denque.js | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-21
  • GitHub repo ion-custom-form-builder

    A Custom Form Builder For Ionic

    Project mention: Ionic Custom Form Builder, a simpler way to build forms in Ionic! | dev.to | 2021-02-20

    Link to Github Repo

  • GitHub repo discord.js-Collector-Utils

    Npm package - Collector utilities for discord.js.

    Project mention: Introducing: Showoff Sunday! | reddit.com/r/Discord_Bots | 2021-02-28

    The documentation is a bit lacking but I've included some examples that should hopefully show how it works: https://github.com/KevinNovak/discord.js-Collector-Utils

  • GitHub repo deno-eclipt

    A flexible Deno library to create CLIs

    Project mention: Show HN: Eclipt: A flexible library to create CLIs | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-30
NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-06-21.


What are some of the best open-source Library projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 storybook 62,639
2 unstated-next 3,513
3 pdf-lib 2,796
4 rrule 2,065
5 angular-google-maps 1,963
6 ivi 472
7 FirestoreGoogleAppsScript 399
8 discordeno 313
9 friendly-challenge 212
10 store 209
11 common 65
12 rxjs-ninja 62
13 di.libx.js 31
14 js-uprtcl 27
15 react-in-out-textarea 19
16 matchbook-ts 18
17 enjinn 13
18 vue-insta-stories 8
19 ngx-foldable 7
20 vellichor 5
21 ion-custom-form-builder 4
22 discord.js-Collector-Utils 3
23 deno-eclipt 2
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