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  • GitHub repo apollo-server

    🌍 GraphQL server for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa and more

    Project mention: Caching data on Apollo server | reddit.com/r/graphql | 2021-03-01


  • GitHub repo postgraphile

    Execute one command (or mount one Node.js middleware) and get an instant high-performance GraphQL API for your PostgreSQL database!

    Project mention: Why REST is terrible and GraphQL a game changer. | reddit.com/r/graphql | 2021-02-27
  • GitHub repo bulletproof-nodejs

    Implementation of a bulletproof node.js API 🛡️

    Project mention: What is the best Express + JWT + Passport Boilerplate that actually works? | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-02-20
  • GitHub repo saas

    Build your own SaaS business with SaaS boilerplate. Productive stack: React, Material-UI, Next, MobX, WebSockets, Express, Node, Mongoose, MongoDB. Written with TypeScript.

    Project mention: Our open source repo is trending on Github for the third day in TypeScript category | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-01-04

    As for type definitions you may not looked over entire codebase, just data stores and store methods or data models and their CRUD methods? Just these two parts have a few hundred type definitions: https://github.com/async-labs/saas/tree/master/app/lib/store

  • GitHub repo docx

    Easily generate .docx files with JS/TS with a nice declarative API. Works for Node and on the Browser. (by dolanmiu)

    Project mention: Write to docx file (ms word document) | reddit.com/r/tasker | 2021-02-21

    Take a look at DOCX. https://github.com/dolanmiu/docx

  • GitHub repo porn-vault

    💋 Manage your ever-growing porn collection. Using Vue & GraphQL

    Project mention: Media organizer for TBs of videos | reddit.com/r/DataHoarder | 2020-12-29

    Porn Vault: Full disclosure, while I do consider myself relatively technologically literate, I am by no means a coder, software developer, or anything of the like. I struggled to even install Porn Vault at first because I didn't conceptualize that it was browser-based at first. A lot of my issues with Porn Vault are centered around my own ignorance of some of the program's basic workings, so I don't know that I can give a comprehensive review that someone who knows how to 'pop the hood' on the program might.

  • GitHub repo Angular-Full-Stack

    Angular Full Stack project built using Angular, Express, Mongoose and Node. Whole stack in TypeScript.

    Project mention: I received first-ever donation on my open-source side project and it felt great | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-12

    I still remember the first donation I received from my project [1] back in 2017, yeah it felt amazing. The person who donated also sent me an email with subject "much thanks".

    [1] https://github.com/DavideViolante/Angular-Full-Stack

  • GitHub repo foal

    Elegant and all-inclusive Node.Js web framework based on TypeScript. :rocket:.

  • GitHub repo opine

    Fast, minimalist web framework for Deno ported from ExpressJS.

    Project mention: Kickstart Your Deno Web Project With The Opine CLI | dev.to | 2021-01-09

    In this third Opine article we will be looking at how you blast through your website project setup by using the Opine CLI.

  • GitHub repo passport-magic-login

    Passwordless authentication with magic links for Passport.js.

    Project mention: # Weekly Digest 02/2021 | dev.to | 2021-01-17
  • GitHub repo express-openapi-validator

    🦋 Auto-validates api requests, responses, and securities using ExpressJS and an OpenAPI 3.x specification

    Project mention: koa-openapi-validator: automatically validate requests with koa and openapi 3 (beta prerelease) | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-01-19
  • GitHub repo graphql-ws

    Coherent, zero-dependency, lazy, simple, GraphQL over WebSocket Protocol compliant server and client.

    Project mention: A demo how to use GraphQL without Apollo | reddit.com/r/graphql | 2021-01-20

    For GraphQL subscription, try graphql-ws which is much better.

  • GitHub repo tensei

    🚀 Content management and distribution with a touch of elegance.

    Project mention: The Ultimate Guide to JWT client side auth (Stop using local storage!!!) | dev.to | 2020-11-21

    The /api folder has a fully-featured graphql and auth server using just 20 lines of Tensei.js.

  • GitHub repo node-rem

    Node REM - NodeJS Rest Express MongoDB and more: typescript, passport, JWT, socket.io, HTTPS, HTTP2, async/await, nodemailer, templates, pagination, docker, etc.

    Project mention: Any project that can help as a backend jr and with nestjs, expresjs or pure http module? | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-02-07

    https://github.com/ngduc/node-rem this is a full startup backend application. I used it many times and it's fine af.

  • GitHub repo ts-app

    Boilerplate project for a TypeScript API (Express, tsoa) + UI (React/TSX)

    Project mention: Anyone know of frameworks that auto-generate OpenAPI/Swagger docs from types? | reddit.com/r/typescript | 2021-01-14

    This is why I originally created tsoa.

  • GitHub repo React-Discord-Clone

    Discord Clone using React, Node, Express, Socket-IO and Mysql

    Project mention: Can't understand what is the best tool for my project! | reddit.com/r/react | 2021-02-23
  • GitHub repo payload

    Headless CMS and Application Framework built with Node.js, React and MongoDB

    Project mention: Announcing our new Free Forever plan Payload, a Node / TypeScript headless CMS | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-03-03

    Our Docs are just Markdown that are actually stored right in the Payload source repository, not rich text, so that's a bit of a different context but thank you for pointing that out! We will be deploying a fix to that broken link shortly!

  • GitHub repo react-hooks-uikit-express-oauth-boiler-v2

    A React/TypeScript fullstack boilerplate utilizing React hooks, using Express as backend, UIKit for frontend, MongoDB for storage & open-authenticator for OAuth.

    Project mention: I've upgraded my React boilerplate to use TypeScript, Hooks, and open-authenticator for easy OAuth logins(Google, Twitter, GitHub, etc.)! Feedback is highly appreciated! | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2020-12-26
  • GitHub repo crisp-react

    Boilerplate with React client and Express backend written in TypeScript. Offers performance and extended functionality. Comes with SSR and without need to learn a framework. Helps to avoid frequent React-Express integration pitfalls.

    Project mention: NextJS alternative for SEO of a simple web app? | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2021-02-08

    Crisp React offers build-time SSR without needing to learn and use a framework.

  • GitHub repo typera

    Type-safe routes for Express and Koa

    Project mention: Type-safe routes for Express and Koa | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-20
  • GitHub repo parsec 🌌

    🌌 Tiniest body parser in the universe. Built for modern Node.js

  • GitHub repo crisp-bigquery

    Starter project with full stack BigQuery. Allows to overcome customisation restrictions imposed by pre-built dashboards and control data usage. Deploy your own cloud website hydrated by sample BigQuery data in 15 min without installing any development software.

    Project mention: Connecting node.js to bigquery | reddit.com/r/bigquery | 2021-02-11

    Crisp BigQuery project offers some functionality you might find useful

  • GitHub repo Fast-Connect

    Standalone React WebRTC Application

    Project mention: Fast Connect - New Web online conference Platform | reddit.com/r/coolgithubprojects | 2021-02-09
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What are some of the best open-source Express projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 apollo-server 11,093
2 postgraphile 9,949
3 bulletproof-nodejs 3,410
4 saas 2,224
5 docx 1,505
6 porn-vault 1,396
7 Angular-Full-Stack 1,256
8 foal 1,157
9 opine 493
10 passport-magic-login 479
11 express-openapi-validator 426
12 graphql-ws 362
13 tensei 197
14 node-rem 190
15 ts-app 177
16 React-Discord-Clone 170
17 payload 144
18 react-hooks-uikit-express-oauth-boiler-v2 110
19 crisp-react 83
20 typera 61
21 parsec 🌌 33
22 crisp-bigquery 16
23 Fast-Connect 14