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  • GitHub repo hyperterm

    A terminal built on web technologies

    Project mention: Committing Changes within VS Code | dev.to | 2021-06-09

    In the past I've had issues with the VS Code Terminal not opening while Hyper was installed - if you have Hyper installed you may need to navigate to the directory and run these commands via Hyper.

  • GitHub repo styled-components

    Visual primitives for the component age. Use the best bits of ES6 and CSS to style your apps without stress 💅

    Project mention: React Boilerplates in 2021 - The complete guide | dev.to | 2021-06-13

    The main difference between other tools on this list and react-boilerplate is that, post setup, we get a highly opinionated, yet highly feature-rich development setup with feature support for react-router for routing, redux for state management, redux-saga for enhancing redux, reselect for optimization, immer for immutability and styled components for fast-tracking development. Even the project structure is highly opinionated with separation between containers (connected to redux store) and components that are pure components.

  • GitHub repo PostCSS

    Transforming styles with JS plugins

    Project mention: Tailwind CSS and Parcel | dev.to | 2021-06-19

    PostCSS is a tool that transforms CSS using JS. Tailwind uses this under the hood. Setting up tailwind requires a little bit of see through to the PostCSS world and some plugins. Don't worry. It's not overwhelming. We will walk through the steps. Read more here

  • GitHub repo NativeScript

    NativeScript empowers you to access native api's from JavaScript directly. Angular, Capacitor, Ionic, React, Svelte, Vue and you name it compatible.

    Project mention: The Plan for React 18 | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-06-10
  • GitHub repo tools

    The Rome Toolchain. A linter, compiler, bundler, and more for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, Markdown, and CSS.

    Project mention: I do love .NET | reddit.com/r/ProgrammerHumor | 2021-06-02

    I've started studying Java, but worked with JS/Node ever since. I have no quarrel with the language itself, but with it's PURE CHAOTIC ecosystem.Install X for linting, Y for testing, W for mocking, Z for commits, and then everything breaks when you update a single package or use the latest Typescript version (which the tools have yet to adopt...).Just to start a damn project you have to read docs and configure almost a dozen packages (my case, in a big project migrating legacy systems). And we still have a lot of technical debt to solve (related to JS ecosystem).There are things like Rome that aim to centralize everything in a single tool, but they're still far from becoming mainstream.

  • GitHub repo Material Components Web

    Modular and customizable Material Design UI components for the web

    Project mention: 5 simple ways to improve your website UI (for developers) 🎨🖥️ | dev.to | 2021-05-02

    Material design by Google

  • GitHub repo linaria

    Zero-runtime CSS in JS library

    Project mention: Why I moved from Styled Components to (S)CSS modules | dev.to | 2021-04-15

    In future, I might try out libraries like Linaria which, during coding have the exact same API as styled-components, but the runtime is completely removed on build and the CSS is extracted into separate CSS files, which is super DOPE!!! 🤓

  • GitHub repo clarity

    UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components working together to craft exceptional experiences

    Project mention: Best Angular UI library for a newbie that comes from vuetify | reddit.com/r/Angular2 | 2021-04-24

    Clarity Design System - http://clarity.design

  • GitHub repo purgecss

    Remove unused CSS

    Project mention: Bootstrap is [allegedly] ruining the environment. | reddit.com/r/bootstrap | 2021-06-16

    Take it a step further and use a tool like https://purgecss.com/ to remove unused CSS from your projects.

  • GitHub repo react-nodegui

    Build performant, native and cross-platform desktop applications with native React + powerful CSS like styling.🚀

    Project mention: Qt Vs react native for desktop apps? | reddit.com/r/software | 2021-05-20

    Also, for React desktop apps, have a look on React NodeGUI, you will notice Qt 😉

  • GitHub repo emmet

    The essential toolkit for web-developers

    Project mention: wu tang lorem ipsum - a text generator - vanillaJS | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-05-12

    You should create this as en extension for https://github.com/emmetio/emmet so it can be used for html expansion in editors.

  • GitHub repo CSS Layout

    A collection of popular layouts and patterns made with CSS. Now it has 100+ patterns and continues growing!

    Project mention: Awesome CSS Layout Resources For Beginners | dev.to | 2021-04-17

    CSS Layout.io

  • GitHub repo modern-normalize

    🐒 Normalize browsers' default style

    Project mention: What is the de-facto standard CSS reset? | reddit.com/r/Frontend | 2021-05-25
  • GitHub repo eui

    Elastic UI Framework 🙌

    Project mention: Adding underline to button text when hovered, a good UX design? | reddit.com/r/UXDesign | 2021-05-22

    I already asked this on their repo but I'm curious with this behavior since most of the websites I visited, when buttons are hovered the background color lighten or does not have the behavior I mentioned previously.

  • GitHub repo react-native-render-html

    iOS/Android pure javascript react-native component that renders your HTML into 100% native views

    Project mention: Best way to detect link from text string and get its meta data (image, article title)? | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2021-03-30

    You could use a component like https://github.com/meliorence/react-native-render-html to render HTML. This would render a link.

  • GitHub repo jsxstyle

    Inline style system for React and Preact

  • GitHub repo extraterm

    The swiss army chainsaw of terminal emulators

    Project mention: GPU-accelerated cross-platform terminal emulator and multiplexer written in Rust | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-30

    If "usable as iTerm2" means the terminal actually aims to have features, then you can try my project Extraterm ( https://extraterm.org/ ). It supports ligatures and more.

  • GitHub repo ng-packagr

    Compile and package Angular libraries in Angular Package Format (APF)

    Project mention: Relative import from lib's secondary entry point ❌ Error TS5055: Cannot write file X.d.ts because it would overwrite input file | dev.to | 2021-04-22

    ng-packgr will build the entry points in the following order:

  • GitHub repo Blaze UI

    Atoms for Blaze UI (by BlazeUI)

  • GitHub repo compiled

    A familiar and performant compile time CSS-in-JS library for React.

    Project mention: A familiar and performant compile time CSS-in-JS library for React | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-21
  • GitHub repo twind

    The smallest, fastest, most feature complete Tailwind-in-JS solution in existence.

    Project mention: I built a simple but maybe useful "digital circuit simulador" of sorts (see comments) | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-04-27

    The UI uses Dominant (my React/Vue substitute) and Twind, which I heard about from this Reddit and is super cool (:

  • GitHub repo tailwindcss-intellisense

    Intelligent Tailwind CSS tooling for Visual Studio Code

    Project mention: Help setting up builtin LSP for css/tailwindcss | reddit.com/r/neovim | 2021-02-20

    I am not using it but that looks promising: https://github.com/tailwindlabs/tailwindcss-intellisense/issues/188

  • GitHub repo scroll-out

    ScrollOut detects changes in scroll for reveal, parallax, and CSS Variable effects! (by scroll-out)

    Project mention: [SHOWOFF SATURDAY] I created my portfolio and blog(TWA) using 11ty js and Netlify cms | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-05-08

    scrollout.js (1kb library for scroll detection)

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What are some of the best open-source CSS projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 hyperterm 36,041
2 styled-components 33,900
3 PostCSS 24,730
4 NativeScript 20,210
5 tools 15,946
6 Material Components Web 15,573
7 linaria 7,347
8 clarity 6,244
9 purgecss 6,242
10 react-nodegui 5,788
11 emmet 4,046
12 CSS Layout 3,818
13 modern-normalize 3,482
14 eui 2,864
15 react-native-render-html 2,302
16 jsxstyle 1,977
17 extraterm 1,784
18 ng-packagr 1,670
19 Blaze UI 1,494
20 compiled 1,388
21 twind 1,376
22 tailwindcss-intellisense 1,256
23 scroll-out 1,067