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  • GitHub repo amplify-js

    A declarative JavaScript library for application development using cloud services.

    Project mention: three ways to deploy a serverless graphQL API | dev.to | 2021-10-04


  • GitHub repo CapRover

    Scalable PaaS (automated Docker+nginx) - aka Heroku on Steroids

    Project mention: Tools / software / resources library | reddit.com/r/opensource | 2021-10-17
  • Syncfusion

    Syncfusion - See why our products are consistently getting 4.6 out of 5 stars by your peers.. Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript is a modern UI control library built from the ground up to be lightweight, responsive, modular, and touch-friendly.

  • GitHub repo aws-cdk

    The AWS Cloud Development Kit is a framework for defining cloud infrastructure in code

    Project mention: AWS Lambda Graviton2, cheap and slow | dev.to | 2021-10-16
  • GitHub repo Quick Start

    🍔 A Node.js Serverless Framework for front-end/full-stack developers. Build the application for next decade. Works on AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud and traditional VM/Container. Super easy integrate with React and Vue. 🌈

  • GitHub repo serverless-stack

    💥 Serverless Stack (SST) is a framework that makes it easy to build serverless apps.

    Project mention: Introducing Serverless Cloud: AWS Serverless Power for Back-Ends—Without the Complexity | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-10-15

    I'll just plug what we built, SST: https://github.com/serverless-stack/serverless-stack

  • GitHub repo serverless-next.js

    ⚡ Deploy your Next.js apps on AWS [email protected] via Serverless Components

    Project mention: Please recommend tutorial for React, Next, AWS | reddit.com/r/reactjs | 2021-09-17

    Spend your time learning React. If you want to deploy Next on AWS, take a look at this. It can get you up and running quickly in production.https://github.com/serverless-nextjs/serverless-next.js

  • GitHub repo chrome-aws-lambda

    Chromium Binary for AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions

    Project mention: Create PDF documents with AWS Lambda + S3 with NodeJS and Puppeteer | dev.to | 2021-08-14

    git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/alixaxel/chrome-aws-lambda.git && \ cd chrome-aws-lambda && \ make chrome_aws_lambda.zip

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo jsii

    jsii allows code in any language to naturally interact with JavaScript classes. It is the technology that enables the AWS Cloud Development Kit to deliver polyglot libraries from a single codebase!

    Project mention: Anyway to get the generated js from a python construct? | reddit.com/r/aws_cdk | 2021-09-02

    That is what all the jsii stuff is, but I suppose that doesn't mean it creates 1:1 js object for python object, it could be some lower level thing on it's way to becoming CFn.

  • GitHub repo serverless

    This is intended to be a repo containing all of the official AWS Serverless architecture patterns built with CDK for developers to use. All patterns come in Typescript and Python with the exported CloudFormation also included. (by cdk-patterns)

    Project mention: Creating resilient API synthetic canary tests using CloudWatch Synthetics | dev.to | 2021-08-21

    In this case, I would recommend looking into EventBridge and the capability of invoking a target, for example, an AWS Lambda function, on a fixed schedule. Here is an excellent resource on how to implement this infrastructure.

  • GitHub repo examples

    Infrastructure, containers, and serverless apps to AWS, Azure, GCP, and Kubernetes... all deployed with Pulumi (by pulumi)

    Project mention: Unable to export value of an Output<string> | reddit.com/r/pulumi | 2021-10-10

    I have an issue with resolving an Output. I'm running a command on a remote server (with the provisioner pattern) as follows:

  • GitHub repo sqs-consumer

    Build Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) based applications without the boilerplate

    Project mention: Knock and Open Source | dev.to | 2021-06-10

    As we built out this new system, we looked at the current module ecosystem to determine if anything would fit our needs to keep this queue cleared. Unfortunately, the best module we could find, sqs-consumer, did not support FIFO queues and the issues indicated they did not have any intention to do so. Therefore, we wrote sqsiphon. Our library heavily borrows from the public interface of sqs-consumer, but is implemented in a much different way. In particular, sqsiphon leverages the Node.js event loop through setImmediate to build the polling mechanism instead of relying on SQS's "long polling" feature. Additionally, sqsiphon utilizes the JavaScript prototype to reduce reliance on expensive closures. As a bonus, OpenTracing support is built-in to sqsiphon so that applications built with it can be monitored effectively. The result is a library that can poll SQS extremely quickly while requiring very little overhead.

  • GitHub repo dynamodb-toolbox

    A simple set of tools for working with Amazon DynamoDB and the DocumentClient

    Project mention: DynamoDB Toolkit Dynamic Sort Key Help | reddit.com/r/aws | 2021-10-04

    I am using DynamoDB Toolbox to make changes to my database in lambda functions. I have a lambda function in particular that, when run, changes the status of my database object from InProgress to Completed.

  • GitHub repo aws-toolkit-vscode

    AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, an extension for working with AWS services including AWS Lambda, S3 and CloudWatch.

    Project mention: DevOps tools you should have on your belt | dev.to | 2021-01-22

    🧰 AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code is an extension for working with AWS services such as AWS Lambda.

  • GitHub repo leapp

    Leapp is the DevTool to access your cloud

    Project mention: We've adopted DevOps across 80 teams over 6 years - AMA | reddit.com/r/devops | 2021-08-26

    I could suggest the open-source project Leapp: https://github.com/Noovolari/leapp

  • GitHub repo org-formation-cli

    Better than landingzones!

    Project mention: Productionize multi AWS Accounts (org-formation Landing Zone) | dev.to | 2021-08-17

    Taken from github org-formation; AWS Organization Formation is an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool for AWS Organizations.

  • GitHub repo ness

    Deploy web sites and apps to your own cloud account effortlessly.

    Project mention: Ness – Deploy web sites to your AWS account | reddit.com/r/hackernews | 2021-06-14
  • GitHub repo terraform-aws-github-runner

    Terraform module for scalable GitHub action runners on AWS

    Project mention: Create Ephemeral Self-Hosted Runners for GitHub Actions | reddit.com/r/github | 2021-10-11

    And for AWS there’s https://github.com/philips-labs/terraform-aws-github-runner

  • GitHub repo vercel-php

    ▲ Vercel PHP runtime • vercel-php • now-php • 🐘+ λ = ❤

    Project mention: Free Serverless Laravel Deployment | dev.to | 2021-10-09

    In this set up we are using the community runtime for PHP called vercel-php.

  • GitHub repo serverlessui

    A command-line utility for deploying serverless applications to AWS. Complete with custom domains, deploy previews, TypeScript support, and more.

    Project mention: A command-line utility for deploying serverless applications to AWS. Complete with custom domains, deploy previews, TypeScript support, and more | reddit.com/r/aws | 2021-03-17
  • GitHub repo lift

    Expanding Serverless Framework beyond functions using the AWS CDK

    Project mention: Lift 1.9: support for FIFO queues (Lift integrates CDK in serverless.yml) | reddit.com/r/serverless | 2021-09-18

    Not yet, we're considering this: https://github.com/getlift/lift/pull/52 Any feedback on this is appreciated, ideally in the pull request -> we use that to measure interest. We try to judge which features to implement based on community feedback.

  • GitHub repo aws-lambda-graphql

    Use AWS Lambda + AWS API Gateway v2 for GraphQL subscriptions over WebSocket and AWS API Gateway v1 for HTTP

    Project mention: Graphql Subscriptions Over Api Gateway | reddit.com/r/graphql | 2021-02-26

    It can be done! https://github.com/michalkvasnicak/aws-lambda-graphql

  • GitHub repo terraform-aws-next-js

    Terraform module for building and deploying Next.js apps to AWS. Supports SSR (Lambda), Static (S3) and API (Lambda) pages.

    Project mention: Cheaper Vercel alternatives specifically to deploy Next.js apps? | reddit.com/r/nextjs | 2021-10-17
  • GitHub repo maildog

    🐶 Hosting your own email forwarding service on AWS and managing it with Github Actions

    Project mention: Hosting your own email forwarding service on AWS and manage it with Github Actions | reddit.com/r/github | 2021-07-13
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What are some of the best open-source AWS projects in TypeScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 amplify-js 8,451
2 CapRover 7,723
3 aws-cdk 7,643
4 Quick Start 4,820
5 serverless-stack 3,048
6 serverless-next.js 2,778
7 chrome-aws-lambda 2,423
8 jsii 1,619
9 serverless 1,383
10 examples 1,341
11 sqs-consumer 1,130
12 dynamodb-toolbox 1,010
13 aws-toolkit-vscode 882
14 leapp 631
15 org-formation-cli 614
16 ness 586
17 terraform-aws-github-runner 584
18 vercel-php 554
19 serverlessui 500
20 lift 473
21 aws-lambda-graphql 383
22 terraform-aws-next-js 372
23 maildog 366
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