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  • GitHub repo Pi-hole

    A black hole for Internet advertisements

    Project mention: *Skip video to see Ads* by 2025 | | 2021-04-12 Save yourself some money there.

  • GitHub repo RetroPie-Setup

    Shell script to set up a Raspberry Pi/Odroid/PC with RetroArch emulator and various cores

    Project mention: No OS will Let me get into Retropie Setup | | 2021-03-23

    git clone --depth=1

  • GitHub repo pivpn

    The Simplest VPN installer, designed for Raspberry Pi

    Project mention: VNC will not connect when I am not on the same network (ie over 4G or not at home) | | 2021-04-10

    you can tunnel VNC through SSH or VPN, wireguard probably the easiest.. that the other guy linked looks like it supports wireguard.

  • GitHub repo raspotify

    Spotify Connect client for the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™

    Project mention: 3 zones (including bathroom speakers) with MusicCast? | | 2021-04-11

    Thanks, it's much more clear to me now, I really appreciate it. Btw, what do you use on Raspberry Pi to play Spotify? Maybe raspotify?

  • GitHub repo Debian-Pi-Aarch64

    This is the first 64-bit system in the world to support all Raspberry Pi 64-bit hardware!!! (Include: 4B,3B+,3B,3A+)

    Project mention: OS for OMV on Raspi | | 2021-01-15

    I'm using this:

  • GitHub repo OpenWrt-Rpi

    Raspberry Pi & NanoPi R2S/R4S & G-Dock & x86 OpenWrt Compile Project. (Based on Github Action / Daily Update) (by SuLingGG)

    Project mention: Raspberry pi 4 openwrt ssrplus+ | | 2021-02-19

    i got the firmware for my rspi4 from here:

  • GitHub repo PiShrink

    Make your pi images smaller!

    Project mention: Trim down empty space/zeros of dd image? | | 2020-12-27
  • GitHub repo crankshaft

    Crankshaft: A turnkey GNU/Linux solution that transforms a Raspberry Pi to an Android Auto head unit.

    Project mention: Raspberry Pi OBD GUI ? | | 2021-02-05

    There is also crankshaft but that's just android auto.

  • GitHub repo docker-homebridge

    Homebridge Docker. HomeKit support for the impatient using Docker on x86_64, Raspberry Pi (armhf) and ARM64. Includes ffmpeg + libfdk-aac.

    Project mention: HomeKit cat scarer | | 2021-04-07

    There’s also a Docker image if you’re into that.

  • GitHub repo log2ram

    ramlog like for systemd (Put log into a ram folder)

    Project mention: Short SD card life? Power Supply/ card recommendation? | | 2021-04-10

    I had a card die after a year of use, it might have been because of the logging. I use log2ram now to reduce the amount of writes to the SD card.

  • GitHub repo IOTstack

    docker stack for getting started on IOT on the Raspberry PI

    Project mention: How to setup hoobs using docker? | | 2021-02-12
  • GitHub repo NextCloudPi

    📦 Build code for NextcloudPi: Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Rock64, Docker, curl installer...

    Project mention: Nextcloud Docker - how to update PHP from 7.3 to PHP 7.4? | | 2021-03-06

    at least create an issue at their GitHub repo explaining your issue and hoping someone's going to fix it

  • GitHub repo raspberry-pi-dramble

    Raspberry Pi Kubernetes cluster that runs HA/HP Drupal 8

    Project mention: My PoE Pi Cluster. | | 2021-03-23

    My setup is exactly the same as the top photo on just with the stack'o'pi zip-tied to the switch so I can move it around without the things sliding around.

  • GitHub repo chromium_os-raspberry_pi

    Build your Chromium OS for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+/4B and Pi400

    Project mention: FydeOS for You - Raspberry Pi 400: yes it supports Android + Linux, just like Chrome OS | | 2021-01-17


  • GitHub repo PADD

    PADD (formerly Chronometer2) is a more expansive version of the original that is included with Pi-Hole. PADD provides in-depth information about your Pi-hole.

    Project mention: | | 2021-04-12

    PADD has its own repo here:

  • GitHub repo tensorflow-on-arm

    TensorFlow for Arm

    Project mention: Tensorflow on ARM Devices | | 2020-12-31

    You can try building from source, following a guide such as this:

  • GitHub repo RaspiBolt

    Bitcoin & Lightning full node on a Raspberry Pi

    Project mention: Let the fun begin!! | | 2021-04-09

    I followed this guide from RaspiBolt and it was a surprisingly painless experience.

  • GitHub repo gentoo-on-rpi-64bit

    Bootable 64-bit Gentoo image for the Raspberry Pi4B, 3B & 3B+, with Linux 5.4, OpenRC, Xfce4, VC4/V3D, camera and h/w codec support, weekly-autobuild binhost

    Project mention: Did anyone manage to run Idena on Raspberry PI or an Android phone? | | 2021-02-07

    yes. use gentoo. specifically this version:

  • GitHub repo rpi-audio-receiver

    Raspberry Pi Audio Receiver with Bluetooth A2DP, AirPlay, UPnP and Spotify Connect

    Project mention: Raspberry project for Bluetooth connectivity | | 2021-02-21
  • GitHub repo showmewebcam

    Raspberry Pi + High Quality Camera = High-quality USB Webcam!

    Project mention: Raspberry Pi Enters Microcontroller Game with $4 Pico | | 2021-01-22

    You want to take a look at buildroot-based approaches. They're not quite instant-on, but they're tolerable. is a good example.

  • GitHub repo hassio-zigbee2mqtt add-on for zigbee2mqtt

    Project mention: Physical Zigbee Alarm Keypad Integrated Into Home | | 2021-02-21

    If it's any comfort...using the devices.js is truly dead easy and makes absolutely no odds once it's done. How--e-vee-er....there is currently an issue I'm experiencing where using devices.js isn't working at the moment, not for me at least....I can't go back! :-D

  • GitHub repo homebridge-raspbian-image

    Official Homebridge Raspberry Pi Image based on Raspbian Lite.

    Project mention: Blocking IP camera from pinging China | | 2021-04-12
  • GitHub repo ReconPi

    ReconPi - A lightweight recon tool that performs extensive scanning with the latest tools.

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What are some of the best open-source Raspberry Pi projects in Shell? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Pi-hole 30,596
2 RetroPie-Setup 9,061
3 pivpn 4,200
4 raspotify 3,136
5 Debian-Pi-Aarch64 2,073
6 OpenWrt-Rpi 1,979
7 PiShrink 1,860
8 crankshaft 1,553
9 docker-homebridge 1,542
10 log2ram 1,454
11 IOTstack 1,390
12 NextCloudPi 1,359
13 raspberry-pi-dramble 1,335
14 chromium_os-raspberry_pi 1,175
15 PADD 1,019
16 tensorflow-on-arm 850
17 RaspiBolt 850
18 gentoo-on-rpi-64bit 836
19 rpi-audio-receiver 665
20 showmewebcam 556
21 hassio-zigbee2mqtt 550
22 homebridge-raspbian-image 546
23 ReconPi 508