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  • GitHub repo polybar-themes

    A huge collection of polybar themes with different styles, colors and variants.

    Project mention: How can i launch rofi on super+space shortcut? | | 2021-04-12

    Recently i started using bspwm. I've had dmenu for my super + space shortcut, but i have installed this polybar themes, and they have this cool rofi app menu. I wanted to have this on super + space, but in sxhkd putting a line rofi -no-config -no-lazy-grab -show drun -modi drun -theme ~/.config/polybar/shapes/scripts/rofi/launcher.rasi (which is in file which is launched when app menu module on polybar is clicked) doesn't work. Putting there path to or putting there a line like sh ~/path/to/ doesn't work either. I'm new to polybar, rofi and bspwm, so i really don't know how to do it

  • GitHub repo rofi

    A large collection of Rofi based custom Menu, Applets, Launchers & Powermenus. (by adi1090x)

    Project mention: Alternative application launcher? | | 2021-04-07
  • GitHub repo archfi

    Arch Linux Fast Installer : tutorial installer

    Project mention: Link to a script to install | | 2021-04-12
  • GitHub repo pacapt

    An ArchLinux's pacman-like wrapper for many package managers

    Project mention: Package managers? | | 2021-01-26

    No, theres only pacman

  • GitHub repo plymouth-themes

    A hugh collection (80+) of plymouth themes ported from android bootanimations

    Project mention: For some reason plymouth uses 2 different themes when my computer shutsdown and turns on | | 2021-04-11

    I used a theme from this great collection >>

  • GitHub repo yubikey-full-disk-encryption

    Use YubiKey to unlock a LUKS partition

    Project mention: has been seized by the FBI | | 2021-03-13

    These days, just buy a Yubikey and use that for unlocking your encrypted partitions.

  • GitHub repo linux-wifi-hotspot

    Feature-rich wifi hotspot creator for Linux which provides both GUI and command-line interface. It is also able to create a hotspot using the same wifi card which is connected to an AP already ( Similar to Windows 10).

    Project mention: Any easy way to create a WiFi sharing hotspot in Ubuntu 20.4? | | 2020-12-30
  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Configuration for Arch Linux, sway, kitty, kakoune, zsh and more + scripted installation guide (by maximbaz)

    Project mention: [HELP]I'm having a kernel panic and can't control the keyboard at all. | | 2021-04-02

    I customized to be similar to the environment I was looking for, and when I tried it, I was told that there was no detached luks header, and I tried to exit rootfs and reboot, but an error occurred on exit.

  • GitHub repo ramroot

    Load root file system to ram during boot.

    Project mention: USB stick longevity as a boot drive | | 2021-01-29

    You could also use the Arch Linux guide above and install Arch Linux on the USB drive, making sure the boot and root partition sizes are less than the amount of ram in the machine you are booting on. Then install ramroot which will load up your system into ram on boot. This will mean the system runs off ram and not USB. If you need to make changes, install applications or update, you could boot it normally so it runs off USB as any changes won't be saved if it is booted into ram. If your home folder is on another partition on the USB, I don't think that is loaded into ram on boot so you can still save files to it and any personalisations should also be kept between boots.

  • GitHub repo tmoe-linux

    🍭Without any basic knowledge of linux shell,you can easily install and configure a GNU/Linux graphical desktop environment on 📱Android termux and 💻WSL .🍰You can also run VSCode on your android phone.🍹Graphical qemu manager,🐋support running docker on Android.配置WSL和安卓手机的linux容器,桌面环境,主题美化,远程桌面,音频服务,镜像源,uefi开机启动项,webdav(nginx),fcitx输入法以及qemu-system虚拟机...

    Project mention: [Help] Trying to install Tmoe linux and getting this error. Any idea how to fix this? | | 2021-02-23

    No, tmoe-linux. This one

  • GitHub repo kernel-modules-hook

    Keeps your Arch Linux fully functional after a kernel upgrade

    Project mention: Installing DKMS modules for virtualbox takes forever. | | 2020-12-25

    If you're talking about kernel-modules-hook, haven't you enabled the systemd service to cleanup the old modules as mentioned in the GitHub repo's README?

  • GitHub repo illustratorCClinux

    Illustrator CC v17 installer for Gnu/Linux

    Project mention: Why your linux distro sucks ? | | 2021-03-18


  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    My bspwm dotfiles. Grab whatever you need! :) (by zodd18)

    Project mention: [sway] r/unixporn mods will delete your posts but keep up theirs... anyways hope r/UsabilityPorn grows more popular | | 2021-01-30

    I found it on Github

  • GitHub repo zen_installer

    Graphical installer for Arch Linux

    Project mention: zen instaler doesen't work | | 2021-04-04

    If you're referring to this, it's an unofficial installation script that hasn't been committed in 9 months, so likely doesn't work.

  • GitHub repo ungoogled-chromium-archlinux

    Arch Linux packaging for ungoogled-chromium

    Project mention: Only one thing before I jump to Arch | | 2021-01-12

    Or, just download binaries that are approved by the source

  • GitHub repo Invidious-Updater

    Automatic install and update script for Invidious

    Project mention: Just new so please don't kill me if I say something stupid. | | 2021-04-12
  • GitHub repo Lomiri-Arch

    (ALPHA) PKGBUILDs for building Lomiri (former Unity8) for Arch GNU/Linux

    Project mention: Is Unity-for-Arch still maintained? | | 2021-04-11 You might be interested in this.

  • GitHub repo

    Distributed Pacman Cache via IPFS

    Project mention: The feasibility of using IPFS to replace linux software sources (http and ftp)! | | 2021-03-18

    Definitely doable but most repos are huge, so not many people who even can start one. I only know of the arch linux mirror:

  • GitHub repo systemrescue-zfs

    A fork of SystemRescue (formerly SystemRescueCd) with ZFS built-in and serial console access pre-enabled at the bootloader stage. Download bootable ISOs from the releases page.

    Project mention: Can't dual boot TN-Core and TN-SCALE | | 2021-03-31
  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    My arch setup script and dotfiles (by joelazar)

    Project mention: [sway] my work environment | | 2021-02-12


  • GitHub repo apple-bce-arch

    Arch Linux package for the Apple BCE driver required for T2-equipped devices.

    Project mention: Arch Linux on iMac 2019 | | 2021-02-10

    You might need this though:

  • GitHub repo arch-upgrade

    Convenience script/app to upgrade your Arch Linux system

    Project mention: How often would arch break if I did no manual intervention? | | 2021-03-28
  • GitHub repo arch-btrfs-install-guide

    Arch Linux installation guide with btrfs and snapper, this guide is based on the information from guide, and Arch Linux UEFI step-by-step installation guide from ALU.

    Project mention: DKMS GO BRRRRRRR | | 2021-02-21

    It is a copy-on-write filesystem, basically you can make snapshots of your filesystem and rollback from grub, snapper or timeshift make it quite easy. This has saved me quite a few times from broken updates, as long as grub works and you have a working snapshot you should be able to save your system. You can check out my guide on how to do it on arch, it is primarily for me as a reminder but you should be able to understand it too. On Garuda linux and openSUSE you can have it automatically set up during install.

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What are some of the best open-source Archlinux projects in Shell? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 polybar-themes 2,893
2 rofi 1,837
3 archfi 1,641
4 pacapt 712
5 plymouth-themes 677
6 yubikey-full-disk-encryption 496
7 linux-wifi-hotspot 474
8 dotfiles 398
9 ramroot 193
10 tmoe-linux 182
11 kernel-modules-hook 181
12 illustratorCClinux 126
13 dotfiles 120
14 zen_installer 111
15 ungoogled-chromium-archlinux 100
16 Invidious-Updater 95
17 Lomiri-Arch 46
18 41
19 systemrescue-zfs 39
20 dotfiles 19
21 apple-bce-arch 18
22 arch-upgrade 8
23 arch-btrfs-install-guide 7