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  • GitHub repo juniper

    GraphQL server library for Rust

    Project mention: A web framework I desperately wish there was a Rust equivalent for: FastAPI | | 2021-03-07

    I know this is different but I'm in love with GraphQL and they look to have great Rust server support.

  • GitHub repo grex

    A command-line tool and library for generating regular expressions from user-provided test cases

    Project mention: 🧢 Stefan's Web Weekly #12 | | 2021-03-30

    👉 Use grex to create regular expressions

  • GitHub repo tera

    A template engine for Rust based on Jinja2/Django

    Project mention: Rocket Tutorial 01: Basics | | 2020-11-01

    However, rocket_contrib has got more interesting features, such as a security handler (a helmet similar to helmetjs), connections and pooling of databases, and two different templating engines, tera, and handlebars, together with a uuid function.

  • GitHub repo imgui-rs

    Rust bindings for Dear ImGui

    Project mention: Rust GUI: Introduction, a.k.a. the state of Rust GUI libraries (As of January 2021) | | 2021-01-18


  • GitHub repo askama

    Type-safe, compiled Jinja-like templates for Rust

    Project mention: How I built a telnet chat server in 2021 with WebAssembly | | 2021-02-22

    Askma as a templating engine.

  • GitHub repo log

    Logging implementation for Rust (by rust-lang)

    Project mention: How to issue runtime warnings from within a library? | | 2021-03-09

    The most popular crate for this ATM is log.

  • GitHub repo rust-csv

    A CSV parser for Rust, with Serde support.

    Project mention: Data Manipulation: Pandas vs Rust | | 2021-02-28

    Yep, I'll try to have a look at the nesting PR tonight, don't want to be a bitch, and not helping ahah :)

  • GitHub repo tract

    Tiny, no-nonsense, self-contained, Tensorflow and ONNX inference

    Project mention: Running ML models in a game (and in Wasm!) | | 2021-02-19

    One of my colleague recently starred Tract github repository and got me wondering how easy it would be to use. I know how to create a ONNX model with PyTorch Lightning, or even that there are pretrained models available. Spoilers: it's very easy to integrate!

  • GitHub repo rage

    A simple, secure and modern encryption tool (and Rust library) with small explicit keys, no config options, and UNIX-style composability.

    Project mention: age (formerly pronounced as Japanese あ げ "a-geh" [v. to rise up]) will now be pronounced age (length of survival [age like milk]) | | 2021-04-01

    Having no association with the age project, no formal training in cryptography, mathematics, Japanese, or English and being very tired of having to correct people's pronunciation of bad transliterations, I hereby declare that the age encryption middleware project now be pronounced as "age" (IPA: ˈāj). And furthermore, all extensions and adaptations of said project be changed as well. I am outraged against the mispronunciation machine!

  • GitHub repo argh

    Rust derive-based argument parsing optimized for code size (by google)

    Project mention: Announcement: xflags, fast-to-compile proc macro for cli args | | 2021-03-06

    Ahh. The secondary reason I discounted Argh as "unsuitable for purpose" after "Doesn't support using OsString under the hood".

  • GitHub repo lopdf

    A Rust library for PDF document manipulation.

  • GitHub repo quicksilver

    A simple framework for 2D games on desktop and web

    Project mention: Paddlers (Rust Browser Game) 0.2.1 Feature Overview | | 2021-03-07

    Thanks! I'm currently not using an engine, it's all done "from scratch". None of the available engines quite had the WASM support I wanted. I started with Quicksilver but it was not flexible enough and it is no longer actively developed.

  • GitHub repo redbpf

    Rust library for building and running BPF/eBPF modules

    Project mention: Current RedBPF Networking | | 2021-01-05

    The #[xdp] macro is defined in redbpf-macros. Of the tasks it performs for us, perhaps most importantly it wraps our user function in an outer function with the correct kernel BPF API.

  • GitHub repo ureq

    Minimal request library in rust.

    Project mention: Why asynchronous Rust doesn't work | | 2021-03-09
  • GitHub repo printpdf

    An easy-to-use library for writing PDF in Rust

  • GitHub repo imageproc (PistonDevelopers)

    Image processing operations

  • GitHub repo horrorshow-rs

    A macro-based html builder for rust

  • GitHub repo optimization-engine

    Nonconvex embedded optimization: code generation for fast real-time optimization

    Project mention: Why Rust for Robots? | | 2021-04-09

    Optimization Engine: Embedded optimization for robots and autonomous systems

  • GitHub repo roperator

    Experimental Kubernetes Operator kit written in Rust

    Project mention: Writing Kubernetes operators in Rust | | 2021-04-04

    I think rust is a great language for operators, and I'm glad to see others interested as well. One of the things that's bugged me about operators in any language is the boilerplate for watches and reconciliation. I created Roperator as an attempt to provide a simpler api where you simply map a CRD instance to a desired state of resources, and let the library handle the rest. Just another option for writing operators in Rust, if you weren't already aware. I've been slacking on the next update, but my plan is to support Jsonnet as an optional feature.

  • GitHub repo mailparse

    Rust library to parse mail files

  • GitHub repo rs-process-memory

    A rust library that allows you to read/write into the memory of other processes

    Project mention: How does rust compare to c++ for game hacking? | | 2021-03-24

    process-memory for accessing other processes

  • GitHub repo rant

    Rant - High-level procedural templating language

    Project mention: A Tool For Creating Random Generators For Your | | 2020-12-31

    Oh, a tool that allows people to create random generators? Can you share it with us here? Chartopia is another tool in this space which I think is quite well put together. I've also been keeping an eye on Rant, which looks like it could become an excellent high-performance module for game developers.

  • GitHub repo run_script

    Run shell scripts in rust.

    Project mention: How to execute a shell command using std::process::Command - with combined binary + args in a single string? | | 2021-01-15
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What are some of the best open-source rust-library projects in Rust? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 juniper 3,643
2 grex 3,303
3 tera 1,575
4 imgui-rs 1,276
5 askama 1,272
6 log 1,038
7 rust-csv 922
8 tract 916
9 rage 846
10 argh 809
11 lopdf 731
12 quicksilver 710
13 redbpf 640
14 ureq 565
15 printpdf 411
16 imageproc (PistonDevelopers) 347
17 horrorshow-rs 229
18 optimization-engine 165
19 roperator 146
20 mailparse 103
21 rs-process-memory 54
22 rant 45
23 run_script 42