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  • GitHub repo bat

    A cat(1) clone with wings.

    Project mention: Which AUR-helper is recommended? | | 2021-04-10

    Right now Paru and Yay are almost equivalent. Paru has some extra features which you might never even use, such as bat compatibility. Since Paru is newer than Yay you should expect more bugs with it. (I haven't encountered any bugs myself with either) Both Yay and Paru should work just fine, but I would probably go with Paru myself.

  • GitHub repo ripgrep

    ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore

    Project mention: Guide on cross-compilation & publishing binaries? | | 2021-04-12
  • GitHub repo fd

    A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'

    Project mention: Why Do Long Options Start with Two Dashes? | | 2021-04-08

    If anyone is looking for alternatives, try fd

  • GitHub repo spotify-tui

    Spotify for the terminal written in Rust 🚀

    Project mention: Spotify FOSS | | 2021-03-23

    Yes they do, that's how clients like spotify-tui is able to work. Link to the API

  • GitHub repo hyperfine

    A command-line benchmarking tool

    Project mention: Experiments with h3 clients + Envoy | | 2021-04-12

    I used the excellent hyperfine for testing. Please note that benchmarking is hard and this is in no way a proper benchmark. This is more for fun, learning how to build and use new h3 clients and working out how to configure h3 / QUIC for Envoy. Please take all results with a huge grain of salt

  • GitHub repo xsv

    A fast CSV command line toolkit written in Rust.

    Project mention: xsv | | 2021-04-10
  • GitHub repo bandwhich

    Terminal bandwidth utilization tool

  • GitHub repo ffsend

    :mailbox_with_mail: Easily and securely share files from the command line. A fully featured Firefox Send client.

    Project mention: Firefox Send Alternatives | | 2021-03-19

    There are firefox send forks out there such as

  • GitHub repo tokei

    Count your code, quickly.

    Project mention: Get commit count & lines of code from a github repo | | 2021-03-19

    If you want more in depth statistics about languages used take a look at Tokei.

  • GitHub repo genact

    🌀 A nonsense activity generator

    Project mention: Genact – A Nonsense Activity Generator | | 2021-03-21
  • GitHub repo grex

    A command-line tool and library for generating regular expressions from user-provided test cases

    Project mention: 🧢 Stefan's Web Weekly #12 | | 2021-03-30

    👉 Use grex to create regular expressions

  • GitHub repo wasm-pack

    📦✨ your favorite rust -> wasm workflow tool!

    Project mention: Rust/Wasm on AWS [email protected] | | 2021-03-15

    wasm-pack for WebAssembly building

  • GitHub repo pastel

    A command-line tool to generate, analyze, convert and manipulate colors (by sharkdp)

    Project mention: Colin - Cute color information tool. | | 2021-04-08

    How does this compare to pastel?

  • GitHub repo onefetch

    Git repository summary on your terminal

    Project mention: [Onefetch v2.8.0] Git repository summary on your terminal | | 2020-12-24

    Tool: Art by リヤ・クブシノブ

  • GitHub repo websocat

    Command-line client for WebSockets, like netcat (or curl) for ws:// with advanced socat-like functions

    Project mention: Exploring the methods of looking into Ethereum’s transaction pool | | 2020-12-23

    Subscriptions is real-time streaming of data from server to client through WebSocket. You will need a constantly active connection to stream such events. You cannot use curl for this and have to use a WebSocket client like websocat if you want to access it via command line. Once executed, a stream of pending transaction IDs will start flowing in.

  • GitHub repo miniserve

    🌟 For when you really just want to serve some files over HTTP right now!

    Project mention: My weekend yak shave -- kcup serves a single file from disk or STDIN over HTTP with Rust and Go | | 2021-03-26

    For an out-of-the-box solution, check out miniserve. It’s a popular Rust application purpose-built to just serve some files (or a single file) over HTTP.

  • GitHub repo fselect

    Find files with SQL-like queries

    Project mention: fselect – find files with SQL-like queries | | 2021-04-07
  • GitHub repo wrangler

    🤠 wrangle your cloudflare workers

    Project mention: Chrome zero-day released on GitHub (fixed on V8 but still works on latest) | | 2021-04-12

    You don’t need to know anyone at Cloudflare to run the exploit on their v8 infrastructure... you just need to sign up here:

  • GitHub repo gitoxide

    An idiomatic, lean, fast & safe pure Rust implementation of Git

    Project mention: Gitoxide is alive, 50% percent faster*, can edit git-config files and read commit-graphs | | 2021-03-21

    That's mostly correct, here is the complete story with a direct link to the repository:

  • GitHub repo bottom

    Yet another cross-platform graphical process/system monitor.

    Project mention: I made a terminal utility to monitor some system stats. Was wondering if you guys know of anything better or if I should continue dev work on it since we need it? | | 2021-04-06

    Bottom - fairly light, and similar to Gtop.

  • GitHub repo cargo-edit

    A utility for managing cargo dependencies from the command line.

    Project mention: Setting Up a gRPC Protobuf Server With Tonic | | 2021-04-12

    If you're used to rust, this shouldn't be difficult to follow. It's the general way that one starts a project in the rust world. You may need to install cargo-edit in order to have cargo add, but it's well worth it for managing dependencies in your cargo project.

  • GitHub repo texture-synthesis

    🎨 Example-based texture synthesis written in Rust 🦀

    Project mention: A Light Rust API for Multiresolution Stochastic Texture Synthesis | | 2020-12-23
  • GitHub repo viu

    Simple terminal image viewer written in Rust.

    Project mention: Image preview in tmux? | | 2021-01-09

    I use viu as image viewer in terminal

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What are some of the best open-source CLI projects in Rust? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 bat 26,027
2 ripgrep 24,452
3 fd 16,893
4 spotify-tui 8,208
5 hyperfine 7,361
6 xsv 7,011
7 bandwhich 6,256
8 ffsend 5,165
9 tokei 4,725
10 genact 4,510
11 grex 3,303
12 wasm-pack 3,293
13 pastel 3,190
14 onefetch 2,893
15 websocat 2,686
16 miniserve 2,341
17 fselect 2,234
18 wrangler 2,113
19 gitoxide 1,960
20 bottom 1,806
21 cargo-edit 1,703
22 texture-synthesis 1,355
23 viu 946