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  • GitHub repo PaperTrail

    Track changes to your rails models

    Project mention: Avo for Rails v1.0 💪 🎉 | | 2021-03-31

    They might be referring to the model change checking gem, not the log aggregation service.

  • GitHub repo ActsAsTaggableOn

    A tagging plugin for Rails applications that allows for custom tagging along dynamic contexts.

    Project mention: Advice on db schema | | 2020-12-29
  • GitHub repo ActiveRecord Import

    A library for bulk insertion of data into your database using ActiveRecord.

    Project mention: RoR Gems: Pin To Plane For Developing RoR Application | | 2021-02-28


  • GitHub repo Ancestry

    Organise ActiveRecord model into a tree structure

    Project mention: Find all objects of a chain of associations on the same table | | 2021-03-02
  • GitHub repo Audited

    Audited (formerly acts_as_audited) is an ORM extension that logs all changes to your Rails models.

    Project mention: Looking for Gem recommendations for alternatives to Paranoia | | 2021-02-01
  • GitHub repo PublicActivity

    Easy activity tracking for models - similar to Github's Public Activity

    Project mention: How to Create A Flexible, Performant Audit Trail In Ruby on Rails With A GraphQL API | | 2021-04-08

    You often want to track what user's are doing throughout your app. There are some gems that help you do this. For example, activerecord_activity_tracker or public_activity. However, gems like these sometimes utilize polymorphic relationships, which don't scale well, or they're very opinionated about the setup. When your requirements differ from the default setup, it can become cumbersome to implement.

  • GitHub repo Paranoia

    acts_as_paranoid for Rails 3, 4 and 5

    Project mention: RoR Gems: Pin To Plane For Developing RoR Application | | 2021-02-28

    3. Paranoia

  • GitHub repo Apartment

    Database multi-tenancy for Rack (and Rails) applications

    Project mention: How we found and fixed a rare race condition in our session handling - The GitHub Blog | | 2021-03-18

    The other issue I think was with Apartment tenant switching and ActiveRecord's column cache. Some tenants had the updated columns and others didn't. Also with Puma. People love them some Puma! Me, I go with Passenger. Well, if the requirements are right that is...

  • GitHub repo Awesome Nested Set

    An awesome replacement for acts_as_nested_set and better_nested_set.

    Project mention: The surprisingly difficult problem of user-defined order in SQL | | 2021-01-15


  • GitHub repo ActsAsList

    An ActiveRecord plugin for managing lists.

    Project mention: Awesome Ruby and Rails Open Source applications | | 2021-02-07

    I saw your sort request in the TODO. Check out the acts_as_list gem. It makes sorting lists incredibly easy.

  • GitHub repo Enumerize

    Enumerated attributes with I18n and ActiveRecord/Mongoid support

  • GitHub repo Closure Tree

    Easily and efficiently make your ActiveRecord models support hierarchies

    Project mention: Find all objects of a chain of associations on the same table | | 2021-03-02

    I’ve used this for that

  • GitHub repo marginalia

    Attach comments to ActiveRecord's SQL queries

  • GitHub repo Acts As Votable

    Votable ActiveRecord for Rails

  • GitHub repo Merit

    Reputation engine for Rails apps

  • GitHub repo ActiveRecord Reputation System

    An Active Record Reputation System for Rails

  • GitHub repo Discard

    🃏🗑 Soft deletes for ActiveRecord done right

    Project mention: Looking For Gem Recommendations For Alternatives | | 2021-02-17

    indeed discard offers better performance options than paranoia:

  • GitHub repo Ruby JSON Schema Validator

    Ruby JSON Schema Validator (by ruby-json-schema)

  • GitHub repo ActsAsParanoid

    ActiveRecord plugin allowing you to hide and restore records without actually deleting them.

  • GitHub repo dry-validation

    Validation library with type-safe schemas and rules

    Project mention: How to express this data type in Ruby? | | 2021-02-13

    I wouldn't add any type validations in my first version. Should they be needed I would use

  • GitHub repo Goldiloader

    Just the right amount of Rails eager loading

    Project mention: Prosopite is trending on GitHub! Thank you! | | 2021-02-20

    Prosopite looks cool, it's is similar to, though goldiloader will also rewrite the query to address the N+1 issue. You should be able to use both and verify goldiloader is working by checking that prosopite logs no N+1 queries.

  • GitHub repo Logidze

    Database changes log for Rails

  • GitHub repo Acts As Tennant

    Easy multi-tenancy for Rails in a shared database setup.

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What are some of the best open-source ORM/ODM Extension projects in Ruby? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 PaperTrail 6,043
2 ActsAsTaggableOn 4,756
3 ActiveRecord Import 3,496
4 Ancestry 3,266
5 Audited 2,846
6 PublicActivity 2,794
7 Paranoia 2,620
8 Apartment 2,477
9 Awesome Nested Set 2,225
10 ActsAsList 1,709
11 Enumerize 1,599
12 Closure Tree 1,562
13 marginalia 1,447
14 Acts As Votable 1,418
15 Merit 1,392
16 ActiveRecord Reputation System 1,339
17 Discard 1,330
18 Ruby JSON Schema Validator 1,243
19 ActsAsParanoid 1,221
20 dry-validation 1,091
21 Goldiloader 1,086
22 Logidze 1,069
23 Acts As Tennant 1,029