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  • GitHub repo youtube-dl-gui

    A cross platform front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython.

    Project mention: How to put unreleased music on Apple Music? | | 2021-07-24

    I usually use a piece of software called youtube-dl which is open source, free, and super easy to use. Plus you can rip videos as well as mp3's.

  • GitHub repo pytube

    A lightweight, dependency-free Python library (and command-line utility) for downloading YouTube Videos.

    Project mention: How would I do this? [Youtube API] | | 2021-07-08
  • GitHub repo awesome-youtubers

    ▶️ An awesome list of awesome YouTubers that teach about technology.

    Project mention: 25 Programming YouTube channels you should consider following! | | 2021-04-21
  • GitHub repo vidgear

    High-performance cross-platform Video Processing Python framework powerpacked with unique trailblazing features :fire:

    Project mention: Vidgear: A High-Performance Video-Processing Framework for building complex real-time media applications in python | | 2021-04-25


  • GitHub repo ytmdl

    A simple app to get songs from YouTube in mp3 format with artist name, album name etc from sources like iTunes, Spotify, LastFM, Deezer, Gaana etc.

    Project mention: Good days | | 2021-07-19

    You might wanna try this too:

  • GitHub repo Hitomi-Downloader

    :cake: Desktop utility to download images/videos/music/text from various websites, and more.

    Project mention: Vengeance | | 2021-07-12

    youtube-dl still works fine and for the smooth brains Hitomi-Downloader

  • GitHub repo youtube-dlc

    Command-line program to download various media from and other sites

    Project mention: Let’s talk about youtube-dl | | 2021-07-29

    I’ve been looking into both youtube-dlc (or is it yt-dlc?) and youtube-dlp. Dlc looks to be a fork of dl, and dlp a fork of dlc (dl -> dlc -> dlp)

  • GitHub repo FireDM

    python open source (Internet Download Manager) with multi-connections, high speed engine, based on python, LibCurl, and youtube_dl

    Project mention: Any youtube playlist downloader besides youtube-dl? | | 2021-06-30
  • GitHub repo Ultimate-Python-Resource-Hub

    The Ultimate resource hub of Python: All at one place

    Project mention: Automate Cowin Vaccine slots Availablity using Python | | 2021-05-17

    Check out the Repository for Ultimate Resource in python. Drop a star if you find it useful! Got anything to add? Open a PR on the same!

  • GitHub repo raveberry

    A multi-user music server with a focus on participation

    Project mention: One Year of Raveberry | | 2021-04-17

    Raveberry already has support for a reverse-ssh bridge to a remote server. You can provide IP, port, url and ssh-key in the config file and Raveberry will set everything up during installation. With a corresponding config on the server you can then route all requests from the server to the Pi. There is an example nginx-conf in the repo.

  • GitHub repo Yotter

    Youtube and Twitter with privacy.

    Project mention: On android you can watch youtube using newpipe, which gives you locally stored subs and a bit more privacy. Is there something similar you can use on linux/pc browser, that allows you to watch youtube and have subscriptions wihout logging into your google account (so like newpipe)? | | 2021-07-15
  • GitHub repo ytmusicapi

    Unofficial API for YouTube Music

    Project mention: Script to copy thumbs up songs into public playlist | | 2021-04-14

    You'll need to install ytmusicapi for Python here

  • GitHub repo netflix-to-srt

    Rip, extract and convert subtitles to .srt closed captions from .xml/dfxp/ttml and .vtt/WebVTT (e.g. Netflix, YouTube)

    Project mention: Can anyone help me find the post that listed the most used words from Netflix in an excel sheet? | | 2021-04-18

    For netflix specifically I used, which mostly worked, although I had to tweak the regex.

  • GitHub repo savify

    Download Spotify songs to mp3 with full metadata and cover art!

    Project mention: Anyone help me use github !! | | 2021-02-24 There is an .exe file. Maybe it's enough for your purposes

  • GitHub repo chat-replay-downloader

    A simple tool used to retrieve chat messages from livestreams, videos, clips and past broadcasts. No authentication needed!

    Project mention: Downloading Twitch chat (script) | | 2021-05-12 Allows downloading of a live chat from YouTube or Twitch.

  • GitHub repo youtube-search-python

    🔎 Search for YouTube videos, channels & playlists. Get 🎞 video & 📑 playlist info using link. Get search suggestions. WITHOUT YouTube Data API v3.

    Project mention: In search of music APIs which gives the name of the artist and song name from a youtube title | | 2020-12-23
  • GitHub repo YouTubeShop

    Youtube autolike and autosubs script

    Project mention: Why mimicking a device is becoming almost impossible | | 2021-06-28

    It's a very significant increase indeed. The increase is (or was) large enough to entirely wipe out most adversaries and restructure the battlefield in ways very advantageous to those playing defense. At least, in the social web space. It's something of a secret weapon to those who know about it: because so many developers assume it can't work the companies that master it have a large competitive advantage.

    Source: About a decade ago I created Google's main "device detection" platform, as this article calls it (not Picasso, the thing that executes Picasso). It's actually more like an automation detection platform, as it's not a fingerprinting or device tracker, it just tries to separate human operated from automated clients. These days I'm told there's a large-ish team that maintains it full time and has ported the concepts to other platforms like Android.

    It started as a 20% project because at that time almost nobody at Google took the idea seriously. Fortunately, my manager was happy to support my experiments. People had the same common (but incorrect) intuition you're displaying here, that any sort of client integrity technique is so easy to work around it's hardly worth the bother. Actually even I believed this to a large extent, just less so than the others. This turned out to be wrong for some not entirely obvious reasons related to the structure of the spam industry:

    1. Most spammers are either not programmers at all, or are extremely poor programmers compared to a typical tech firm employee. They can in fact be out-coded.

    2. This is because spamming is usually not all that profitable, so programmers who get good can find better and steadier money in the white market. The ones who remain are typically those who live in places without any local software opportunities (e.g. developing countries).

    3. Because of this mounting even a not very strong defense is sufficient to corral your adversaries into a shallow economic pyramid, in which a small number of "skilled" people produce tools and services they sell the others, who then run the individual campaigns. This means you are probably not fighting as many people as you think you are. Screwing with the supply chain is an excellent way to wreak havoc on spammers.

    When we first deployed the system we spent several months tuning it in what was effectively a running battle with the major Google account sellers. We discovered that the sellers were in turn buying their account creation bots from other people, and some sellers were actually re-sellers. One of the sellers had been using a "raw" bot that didn't embed a browser engine, and thus was knocked out of the market for months as they waited for a new bot to be written from scratch. When that came online there were mistakes in its browser automation that we were able to detect. The developer of the bot couldn't de-obfuscate the JavaScript we used (too hard for them) so treated the platform as a black box, just trying random things in the hope it'd work. We could watch this evolution in real time and block new versions as they were released. After a few rounds of this the seller got sick of it and switched to a new bot supplier. This new bot also took months to complete, and when it arrived it had fixed the bug we were using to spot the first bot, but introduced new bugs the other didn't have, meaning even then it was detectable.

    At that point the seller gave up, as presumably paying for the development of all these bots was quite expensive relative to the margins involved. This in turn nuked all the resellers that had been relying on that guy, and blew a hole in the entire Google-oriented spam ecosystem. Spammers had to start phone verifying accounts en-masse, and for most of them it just wasn't worth it (a few switched to using stolen accounts instead of creating them). I haven't been there for years so don't know what the current state of play is, but you do still see public threads crop up from time to time where spammers say they tried to beat the system and couldn't, like this one:

    If you want some insights into the minds of the typical newbie spammer when faced with this system, try this search and flick through some of the results:

  • GitHub repo tubeup

    Download videos using youtube-dl and upload to the Internet Archive with metadata.

    Project mention: Backing up a YouTube channel with rare live recordings | | 2021-07-27
  • GitHub repo botamusique

    Bot to play youtube / soundcloud / radio / local music on Mumble (using pymumble).

    Project mention: Is it possible to stream the music playing on my computer (from YTM account) to my friends on mumble (without much quality loss ?) | | 2021-02-28

    If you have server API/Ice access you could run a music bot.

  • GitHub repo album-splitter

    Split a single-file mp3 album into its tracks. Supports downloading from YouTube.

    Project mention: Download album and separate tracks/chapters | | 2021-03-08
  • GitHub repo pytchat

    library for youtube chat.

    Project mention: Download YouTube Chat During Ongoing Livestream? | | 2021-04-10

    Use pytchat. You can use this guy’s script to execute it

  • GitHub repo youtube_ad_blocklist

    This is an open project to maintain a list of domain names that serve YouTube ads

    Project mention: Block Youtube\Spotify ads | | 2021-07-04

    I don't know how to add it to ControlD but pasting into my browser filter lists does seem to block Youtube ads quite well.

  • GitHub repo TwitchCompilationCreator

    A fully automated system that transforms Twitch clips into gaming compilations

    Project mention: I created a video about a Twitch Compilation Creator that I created with two friends. The program is written in Python and a link to the GitHub repo can be found in the comment section of this post. Hope this is useful or helpful for some of you guys :-) | | 2021-07-23


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What are some of the best open-source Youtube projects in Python? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 youtube-dl-gui 7,210
2 pytube 4,556
3 awesome-youtubers 2,572
4 vidgear 1,849
5 ytmdl 1,772
6 Hitomi-Downloader 1,524
7 youtube-dlc 1,202
8 FireDM 1,116
9 Ultimate-Python-Resource-Hub 545
10 raveberry 530
11 Yotter 471
12 ytmusicapi 470
13 netflix-to-srt 417
14 savify 329
15 chat-replay-downloader 271
16 youtube-search-python 246
17 YouTubeShop 198
18 tubeup 193
19 botamusique 179
20 album-splitter 177
21 pytchat 166
22 youtube_ad_blocklist 138
23 TwitchCompilationCreator 136