Trending PLpgSQL Projects

This page lists the top trending PLpgSQL projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 26 Feb 2024.
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Top 28 Trending PLpgSQL Projects

  • supa_audit

    Generic Table Auditing

  • pg_net

    A PostgreSQL extension that enables asynchronous (non-blocking) HTTP/HTTPS requests with SQL

  • dbt-snowflake-monitoring

    A dbt package from SELECT to help you monitor Snowflake performance and costs

  • basejump

    Teams, personal accounts, permissions and billing for your Supabase app

  • parquet_s3_fdw

    ParquetS3 Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgresSQL

  • sakila

    The Sakila Database

  • dbt-external-tables

    dbt macros to stage external sources

  • pgmonitor

    PostgreSQL Monitoring, Metrics Collection and Alerting Resources from Crunchy Data

  • temporal_tables

    Postgresql temporal_tables extension in PL/pgSQL, without the need for external c extension. (by nearform)

  • dbdev

    Database Package Registry for Postgres

  • pgstac

    Schema, functions and a python library for storing and accessing STAC collections and items in PostgreSQL

  • pg_partman

    Partition management extension for PostgreSQL

  • pgsql-parser

    PostgreSQL Query Parser for Node.js

  • supabase-graphql-example

    A HackerNews-like clone built with Supabase and pg_graphql

  • openmaptiles

    OpenMapTiles Vector Tile Schema Implementation

  • audit-trigger

    Simple, easily customised trigger-based auditing for PostgreSQL (Postgres). See also pgaudit.

  • H2GIS

    A spatial extension of the H2 database.

  • pgwatch2

    PostgreSQL metrics monitor/dashboard

  • walrus

    Applying RLS to PostgreSQL WAL (by supabase)

  • Evergreen

    Evergreen ILS (by evergreen-library-system)

  • dbt-labs-experimental-features

    dbt support for database features which are not yet supported natively in dbt-core

  • postgres-aws-s3

    aws_s3 postgres extension to import/export data from/to s3 (compatible with aws_s3 extension on AWS RDS)

  • sqlite_fdw

    SQLite Foreign Data Wrapper for PostgreSQL

  • node-sqlite3

    SQLite3 bindings for Node.js

  • pg_bitemporal

    Bitemporal tables in Postgres

  • vault

    Extension for storing encrypted secrets in the Vault (by supabase)

  • aquameta

    Web development platform built entirely in PostgreSQL

  • mysql-sys

    The MySQL sys schema

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source PLpgSQL projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 supa_audit 8.2%
2 pg_net 8.1%
3 dbt-snowflake-monitoring 4.9%
4 basejump 4.4%
5 parquet_s3_fdw 4.1%
6 sakila 4.0%
7 dbt-external-tables 3.1%
8 pgmonitor 2.8%
9 temporal_tables 2.5%
10 dbdev 2.5%
11 pgstac 2.5%
12 pg_partman 2.2%
13 pgsql-parser 1.7%
14 supabase-graphql-example 1.5%
15 openmaptiles 1.2%
16 audit-trigger 1.1%
17 H2GIS 1.0%
18 pgwatch2 0.9%
19 walrus 0.9%
20 Evergreen 0.8%
21 dbt-labs-experimental-features 0.8%
22 postgres-aws-s3 0.8%
23 sqlite_fdw 0.5%
24 node-sqlite3 0.2%
25 pg_bitemporal 0.0%
26 vault 0.0%
27 aquameta 0.0%
28 mysql-sys -0.5%