Trending OCaml Projects

This page lists the top trending OCaml projects based on the growth of GitHub stars.
It is updated once every day. The last update was on 30 Jan 2023.
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Top 50 Trending OCaml Projects

  • austral

    Systems language with linear types and capability-based security.

  • eioio

    Effects-based direct-style IO for multicore OCaml

  • hardcaml

    Hardcaml is an OCaml library for designing hardware.

  • domainslib

    Parallel Programming over Domains

  • coq-of-ocaml

    Formal verification for OCaml

  • mldoc

    Another Emacs Org-mode and Markdown parser.

  • bonsai

    A library for building dynamic webapps, using Js_of_ocaml

  • easycrypt

    EasyCrypt: Computer-Aided Cryptographic Proofs (by EasyCrypt)

  • ocaml-lsp

    OCaml Language Server Protocol implementation

  • ppx_expect

    Cram like framework for OCaml

  • ocaml

    The core OCaml system: compilers, runtime system, base libraries

  • melange

    A mixture of tooling combined to produce JavaScript from OCaml & Reason

  • catala

    Programming language for literate programming law specification

  • motoko

    Simple high-level language for writing Internet Computer canisters

  • batteries-included

    Batteries Included project

  • ocaml-effects-tutorial

    Concurrent Programming with Effect Handlers (CUFP'17)

  • parallel-programming-in-multicore-ocaml

    Tutorial on Multicore OCaml parallel programming with domainslib

  • lem

    Lem semantic definition language (by rems-project)

  • ocamlformat

    Auto-formatter for OCaml code

  • opam-monorepo

    Assemble dune workspaces to build your project and its dependencies as a whole

  • ott

    The Ott tool for writing definitions of programming languages and calculi

  • comby

    A code rewrite tool for structural search and replace that supports ~every language.

  • mina

    Mina is a new cryptocurrency with a constant size blockchain, improving scaling while maintaining decentralization and security. (by MinaProtocol)

  • 0install

    the core 0install package

  • js_of_ocaml

    Compiler from OCaml to Javascript.

  • qubes-mirage-firewall

    A Mirage firewall VM for QubesOS

  • ocurrent

    Keeps things up-to-date (a CI/CD pipeline OCaml eDSL)

  • semgrep

    Lightweight static analysis for many languages. Find bug variants with patterns that look like source code.

  • vpnkit

    A toolkit for embedding VPN capabilities in your application

  • GeneWeb

    GeneWeb is a free (as in free speech) genealogy software with a web interface created by Daniel de Rauglaudre.

  • angstrom

    Parser combinators built for speed and memory efficiency

  • verifast

    Research prototype tool for modular formal verification of C and Java programs

  • higher

    Higher-kinded programming in OCaml (by yallop)

  • magic-trace

    magic-trace collects and displays high-resolution traces of what a process is doing

  • dune

    A composable build system for OCaml.

  • vult

    Vult is a transcompiler well suited to write high-performance DSP code

  • bap

    Binary Analysis Platform

  • effects-examples

    Examples to illustrate the use of algebraic effects in Multicore OCaml

  • mirage

    MirageOS is a library operating system that constructs unikernels

  • coq

    Coq is a formal proof management system. It provides a formal language to write mathematical definitions, executable algorithms and theorems together with an environment for semi-interactive development of machine-checked proofs.

  • drom

    drom is a wrapper over opam/dune in an attempt to provide a cargo-like user experience. It can be used to create full OCaml projects with sphinx and odoc documentation. It has specific knowledge of Github and will generate files for Github Actions CI and Github pages.

  • yojson

    Low-level JSON parsing and pretty-printing library for OCaml

  • ppx_deriving

    Type-driven code generation for OCaml

  • patoline

    Patoline typesetting system

  • soupault

    Static website generator based on HTML element tree rewriting

  • vscode-ocaml-platform

    Visual Studio Code extension for OCaml

  • learn-ocaml-workshop

    Exercises and projects for Jane Street's OCaml Workshop

  • stanc3

    The Stan transpiler (from Stan to C++ and beyond).

  • reagents

    Reagents for multicore OCaml

  • bincat

    Binary code static analyser, with IDA integration. Performs value and taint analysis, type reconstruction, use-after-free and double-free detection

ABOUT: The growth percentage is calculated as the increase in the number of stars compared to the previous month. We list only projects that have at least 500 stars and a GitHub organization logo set.


What are some of the trending open-source OCaml projects? This list will help you:

Project Growth
1 austral 41.0%
2 eioio 21.4%
3 hardcaml 12.6%
4 domainslib 9.9%
5 coq-of-ocaml 7.7%
6 mldoc 7.3%
7 bonsai 7.3%
8 easycrypt 5.6%
9 ocaml-lsp 4.6%
10 ppx_expect 4.5%
11 ocaml 4.1%
12 melange 4.0%
13 catala 4.0%
14 motoko 3.9%
15 batteries-included 3.9%
16 ocaml-effects-tutorial 3.8%
17 parallel-programming-in-multicore-ocaml 3.7%
18 lem 3.5%
19 ocamlformat 3.3%
20 opam-monorepo 3.3%
21 ott 3.3%
22 comby 2.8%
23 mina 2.8%
24 0install 2.7%
25 js_of_ocaml 2.7%
26 qubes-mirage-firewall 2.7%
27 ocurrent 2.7%
28 semgrep 2.6%
29 vpnkit 2.5%
30 GeneWeb 2.4%
31 angstrom 2.4%
32 verifast 2.4%
33 higher 2.3%
34 magic-trace 2.3%
35 dune 2.2%
36 vult 2.1%
37 bap 2.1%
38 effects-examples 2.1%
39 mirage 2.0%
40 coq 2.0%
41 drom 1.9%
42 yojson 1.9%
43 ppx_deriving 1.9%
44 patoline 1.8%
45 soupault 1.8%
46 vscode-ocaml-platform 1.8%
47 learn-ocaml-workshop 1.8%
48 stanc3 1.8%
49 reagents 1.7%
50 bincat 1.7%