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Stars Project Description
- 531
- 525 Magenta Studio is a collection of music plugins built on Magenta’s open source tools and models
- 276 BEAP Modular. Berklee Electro Acoustic Pedagogy
- 193 Official ArduinoBoy Repository for serial MIDI communication to the Nintendo Gameboy.
- 153 A modern C++, cross-environment distributed object model for creative coding and interaction scoring
- 124 A minimal and human-readable language and environment for the live coding of algorithmic electronic music.
- 96 A toolbox for convolution, deconvolution and other impulse response related tasks.
- 93 Tools, documentation, and reference implementation of a Max Package built using the Min-API.
- 54 gen~ to Daisy: exporting Max Gen patchers for the ElectroSmith Daisy hardware platforms
- 52 re: mix
- 38 A Set of 80+ Externals for a variety of tasks in MaxMSP.
- 37 TypeScript for Cycling '74 Max
- 32 Grabs a rectangular area of the screen and streams it to Push 2's display.
- 31 grainflow is a set of granular synthesis tools built in Max MSP
- 30 Mod implementation for Live10/Max8
- 28
- 17 mod implementation for Live9.75 and Max7.34
- 14 my Max/MSP folder. patches and externals that I may or may not have created.
- 11 Central Pattern Generator Neural Network objects for MAX/MSP - Built objects are included. No need to build!
- 11 Control parameters in your Max/MSP patches (or Ableton M4L) via Twitch Chat

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