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Stars Project Description
2 564 Capstone and senior design project ideas for undergraduate and graduate students to gain practical experience and insight into technology trends and industry directions.
2 17 High-throughput real-time tracker for delivery of stimuli and measurement of animal behavior.
2 6 Histogram matching for comparison of images with varying dynamic range and pixel distributions
1 286
1 270 This is a collection of Matlab functions that are useful in the development of target tracking algorithms.
1 80 Adjusts bandwidth for CAKE by measuring load and RTT times
1 65 The codes, software, models, protocols, and etc. for building and using MINI2P to do the freely-moving recording and analysis. More details can be found in the original paper "Large-scale two-photon calcium imaging in freely moving mice(2021)".
1 24 Synthesis of individualized HRTFs based on Neural Networks, Principal Component Analysis and anthropometry
1 16 Contents for "Cleaning and Preparing Time Series Data" talk (MATLAB Expo 2022)
1 9 Vectorized approach to multinomial Naive Bayes classifier
1 0 This repository contains the code for Control Tutorial for MATLAB and Simulink .
1 0
1 0
1 0 Vectorized extension of asymptotic homogenization code for 3D general voxel (or truss) structures

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