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Mentions Stars Project Description
2 27
2 9 Dense point cloud acquisition with a low-cost Velodyne VLP-16
1 552 The first large-scale public benchmark dataset for image harmonization. The code used in our paper "DoveNet: Deep Image Harmonization via Domain Verification", CVPR2020. Useful for image harmonization, image composition, etc.
1 40 Quant Option Pricing - Exotic/Vanilla: Barrier, Asian, European, American, Parisian, Lookback, Cliquet, Variance Swap, Swing, Forward Starting, Step, Fader
1 20 Random code snippets
1 14 Neural Network modelling of guitar amplifiers and audio effects.
1 9 Putting Visual Object Recognition in Context
1 2 Completing overlapping elliptical convex objects through ellipse fitting
1 0 Line-Search algorithm

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