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Top 17 Lua Zsh Projects

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    vim, zsh, git, homebrew, nvm, neovim - my whole world (by nicknisi)

    Project mention: Lists of lua-based nvim config files? | | 2021-11-05
  • GitHub repo z.lua

    :zap: A new cd command that helps you navigate faster by learning your habits.

    Project mention: Which file manager do you use and why? | | 2021-10-04

    wget && chmod +x ~/.config/ranger/plugins/

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    My dotfiles: Experimental, ongoing configuration files, development environment and scripts for various Unix-like systems, text-based command-line applications and interfaces.

    Project mention: Lists of lua-based nvim config files? | | 2021-11-05
  • GitHub repo neovim-config

    Neovim configuration

    Project mention: How to make status line to look like this? | | 2021-11-07

    It's probably authors statusline

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    ~ 🍭 ~ (by ahmedelgabri)

    Project mention: Lists of lua-based nvim config files? | | 2021-11-05
  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    👨🏻‍💻 My personal Neovim config entirely written in Lua (requires nightly), ZSH with zinit plugin manager & powerlevel10k prompt, and other dotfiles I am adding over time (by disrupted)

    Project mention: LSP with efm and eslint suddenly stopped working. | | 2021-04-18

    have you tried updating EFM? I am using this config with eslint_d and haven't had any issues.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    .dotfiles :rocket:. Includes configs for neovim, tmux, zsh, alacrity, kitty and more | Managed by GNU stow (by numToStr)

    Project mention: Examples of lazy loading with packer | | 2021-11-16
  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    nvim, tmux, zsh, fzf, bspwm, suckless tools, and more! (by khuedoan)

    Project mention: khuedoan/dotfiles: nvim, tmux, zsh, fzf, bspwm, suckless tools, and more! | | 2021-06-17
  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Sensible Defaults of My Computer (by varbhat)

    Project mention: Is Lua better only for complicated things or also for simple configs? | | 2021-05-01
  • GitHub repo DEC

    Development Environment Config. Work faster than ever with my dotfiles

    Project mention: Shell Prompt Issues | | 2021-03-03

    -- -- xmonad example config file. -- -- A template showing all available configuration hooks, -- and how to override the defaults in your own xmonad.hs conf file. -- -- Normally, you'd only override those defaults you care about. -- -- Check this link for implementing submaps that behave like modes -- import XMonad import Data.Monoid import System.Exit import XMonad.Util.SpawnOnce --this was added for the startup hook import XMonad.Util.Run --this is for spawnpipe to launch xmobar import XMonad.Prompt.Shell import XMonad.Hooks.ManageDocks --This prevents xmobar from being hidden by window import XMonad.Layout.Spacing --This is for adding gaps around windows import XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog --This is for the workspaces import XMonad.Actions.GridSelect -- This is for Grid Select import XMonad.Layout.BinarySpacePartition --Binary Space Partition behaivor i.e. vertical and horizontal split depending on horizontal space available import XMonad.Actions.Submap --Submapping function import XMonad.Layout.ShowWName --workspace name popup import qualified XMonad.StackSet as W import qualified Data.Map as M -- The preferred terminal program, which is used in a binding below and by -- certain contrib modules. -- myTerminal = "alacritty" -- Whether focus follows the mouse pointer. myFocusFollowsMouse :: Bool myFocusFollowsMouse = True -- Whether clicking on a window to focus also passes the click to the window myClickJustFocuses :: Bool myClickJustFocuses = False -- Width of the window border in pixels. -- myBorderWidth = 1 -- modMask lets you specify which modkey you want to use. The default -- is mod1Mask ("left alt"). You may also consider using mod3Mask -- ("right alt"), which does not conflict with emacs keybindings. The -- "windows key" is usually mod4Mask. -- myModMask = mod4Mask -- The default number of workspaces (virtual screens) and their names. -- By default we use numeric strings, but any string may be used as a -- workspace name. The number of workspaces is determined by the length -- of this list. -- -- A tagging example: -- -- > workspaces = ["web", "irc", "code" ] ++ map show [4..9] -- myWorkspaces = [ "一", "二", "三", "四", "五", "六", "七", "八", "九", "十" ] --These are IPA fonts and must be added to xmobarrc for them to display correctly -- Border colors for unfocused and focused windows, respectively. -- myNormalBorderColor = "#d0dcb5" myFocusedBorderColor = "#ffffff" --Grid Select Colours. This formatting and colour is taken from myColorizer :: Window -> Bool -> X (String, String) myColorizer = colorRangeFromClassName (0x31,0x2e,0x39) -- lowest inactive bg (0x31,0x2e,0x39) -- highest inactive bg (0x61,0x57,0x72) -- active bg (0xc0,0xa7,0x9a) -- inactive fg (0xff,0xff,0xff) -- active fg --Grid Select Formatting white space is important. Otherwise parse error may occur mygridConfig colorizer = (buildDefaultGSConfig myColorizer) { gs_cellheight = 30 , gs_cellwidth = 200 , gs_cellpadding = 8 , gs_originFractX = 0.5 , gs_originFractY = 0.5 -- , gs_font = myFont } ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Key bindings. Add, modify or remove key bindings here. -- myKeys [email protected](XConfig {XMonad.modMask = modm}) = M.fromList $ -- launch a terminal [ ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_Return), spawn $ XMonad.terminal conf) -- launch rofi "rofi -show run" will run normal rofi , ((modm, xK_p ), spawn "./.config/rofi/launchers/text/") -- launch gmrun changed to submap for various menus , ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_p ), submap . M.fromList $ [ ((0, xK_n), spawn "./.config/rofi/applets/menu/") , ((0, xK_b), spawn "./.config/rofi/applets/menu/") , ((0, xK_v), spawn "./.config/rofi/applets/menu/") , ((0, xK_p), spawn "./.config/rofi/applets/menu/") ]) -- close focused window , ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_c ), kill) -- Rotate through the available layout algorithms , ((modm, xK_space ), sendMessage NextLayout) -- Reset the layouts on the current workspace to default , ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_space ), setLayout $ XMonad.layoutHook conf) -- Resize viewed windows to the correct size , ((modm, xK_n ), refresh) -- Move focus to the next window , ((modm, xK_Tab ), windows W.focusDown) -- Move focus to the next window , ((modm, xK_j ), windows W.focusDown) -- Move focus to the previous window , ((modm, xK_k ), windows W.focusUp ) -- Move focus to the master window , ((modm, xK_m ), windows W.focusMaster ) -- Swap the focused window and the master window , ((modm, xK_Return), windows W.swapMaster) -- Swap the focused window with the next window , ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_j ), windows W.swapDown ) -- Swap the focused window with the previous window , ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_k ), windows W.swapUp ) -- Shrink the master area , ((modm, xK_h ), sendMessage Shrink) , ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_x ), shellPrompt def) -- Expand the master area , ((modm, xK_l ), sendMessage Expand) -- Push window back into tiling , ((modm, xK_t ), withFocused $ windows . W.sink) -- Increment the number of windows in the master area , ((modm , xK_comma ), sendMessage (IncMasterN 1)) -- Deincrement the number of windows in the master area , ((modm , xK_period), sendMessage (IncMasterN (-1))) -- Toggle the status bar gap -- Use this binding with avoidStruts from Hooks.ManageDocks. -- See also the statusBar function from Hooks.DynamicLog. -- -- , ((modm , xK_b ), sendMessage ToggleStruts) -- Quit xmonad , ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_q ), io (exitWith ExitSuccess)) --Grid Select spawning grid of open applications , ((modm , xK_s), goToSelected $ mygridConfig myColorizer) -- Restart xmonad , ((modm , xK_q ), spawn "xmonad --recompile; xmonad --restart") -- Run xmessage with a summary of the default keybindings (useful for beginners) , ((modm .|. shiftMask, xK_slash ), spawn ("echo \"" ++ help ++ "\" | xmessage -file -")) ] ++ -- -- mod-shift-[1..9], Move client to workspace N -- [((m .|. modm, k), windows $ f i) | (i, k) >= flip whenJust (windows . f)) | (key, sc) focus w >> mouseMoveWindow w >> windows W.shiftMaster)) -- mod-button2, Raise the window to the top of the stack , ((modm, button2), (\w -> focus w >> windows W.shiftMaster)) -- mod-button3, Set the window to floating mode and resize by dragging , ((modm, button3), (\w -> focus w >> mouseResizeWindow w >> windows W.shiftMaster)) -- you may also bind events to the mouse scroll wheel (button4 and button5) ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Layouts: -- You can specify and transform your layouts by modifying these values. -- If you change layout bindings be sure to use 'mod-shift-space' after -- restarting (with 'mod-q') to reset your layout state to the new -- defaults, as xmonad preserves your old layout settings by default. -- -- The available layouts. Note that each layout is separated by |||, -- which denotes layout choice. --Below is the configuration for the Workspace name popup myShowWNameTheme :: SWNConfig myShowWNameTheme = def { swn_font = "xft:IPAGothic:bold:size=60" --original size was 60 , swn_fade = 0.25 , swn_bgcolor = "#1c1f24" , swn_color = "#f50029" } --Adding spacing between windows.The options are applied to myLayout and to avoid covering xmobar when the window is open myLayout = avoidStruts $ spacingRaw True (Border 0 3 3 3) True (Border 3 3 3 3) True $ (tiled ||| Mirror tiled ||| Full ||| emptyBSP) where -- default tiling algorithm partitions the screen into two panes tiled = Tall nmaster delta ratio -- The default number of windows in the master pane nmaster = 1 -- Default proportion of screen occupied by master pane ratio = 1/2 -- Percent of screen to increment by when resizing panes delta = 3/100 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Window rules: -- Execute arbitrary actions and WindowSet manipulations when managing -- a new window. You can use this to, for example, always float a -- particular program, or have a client always appear on a particular -- workspace. -- -- To find the property name associated with a program, use -- > xprop | grep WM_CLASS -- and click on the client you're interested in. -- -- To match on the WM_NAME, you can use 'title' in the same way that -- 'className' and 'resource' are used below. -- myManageHook = composeAll [ className =? "MPlayer" --> doFloat , className =? "Gimp" --> doFloat , resource =? "desktop_window" --> doIgnore , resource =? "kdesktop" --> doIgnore ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Event handling -- * EwmhDesktops users should change this to ewmhDesktopsEventHook -- -- Defines a custom handler function for X Events. The function should -- return (All True) if the default handler is to be run afterwards. To -- combine event hooks use mappend or mconcat from Data.Monoid. -- myEventHook = mempty ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Status bars and logging -- Perform an arbitrary action on each internal state change or X event. -- See the 'XMonad.Hooks.DynamicLog' extension for examples. -- myLogHook = return () ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Startup hook -- Perform an arbitrary action each time xmonad starts or is restarted -- with mod-q. Used by, e.g., XMonad.Layout.PerWorkspace to initialize -- per-workspace layout choices. -- -- By default, do nothing. myStartupHook = do spawnOnce "nitrogen --restore &" spawnOnce "picom &" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ -- Now run xmonad with all the defaults we set up. -- Run xmonad with the settings you specify. No need to modify this. --Note that within the curly brackets, the default layouts are modified main = do xmproc

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    pls help (by nuxshed)

    Project mention: Question about LuaSnip Custom Snippets in NVChad | | 2021-10-26

    This is the way I have set it up as well, mostly because I made them before i was using LuaSnip and I'm too lazy to convert them all to lua.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Configuration files for my development environment. (by majjoha)

    Project mention: Idiomatic vimrc in Lua | | 2021-07-20

    You can find my dotfiles here, and the Neovim configuration, specifically, here.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    My personal dotfiles (by wimstefan)

    Project mention: Team "init.lua" or team "init.vim"? | | 2021-04-07

    And here I am thus far:

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    👷 my dotfiles. (by dvogt23)

    Project mention: Some front-end developers here? | | 2021-01-11

    My dotfiles for inspirations:

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Mouseless - My dotfiles for neovim, tmux and zsh (by samirettali)

    Project mention: Should I switch to using a Lua config file? Where would I start? | | 2021-01-07

    I also liked u/lucax88x's config and here's mine if want to take a look at it :)

  • GitHub repo .config

    Contains dot files, that i use on the daily basis (by mayankdutta)

    Project mention: Questions | | 2021-08-08

    I usually work in react and C++, I noticed that sometimes when I switch in b/w split panes (also in presence of multiple buffers) the split pane (to where i am going) become the same buffer to the split pane (from where i switched), yes both split pane become same. I did checked if I accidentally pressed shift + [h, j, k, l] to switch buffer, but that not the case. I know that this is very vague description, and also I don't know what causing it or how to reproduce but this is all i have. This usually happens when there are multiple buffers + at least 2 vertically split pane , Did you experience the same ? my lvim_config

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Project mention: Not getting highlighting in Java files with treesitter | | 2021-11-24

    All modules of treesitter are installed and I've tried reinstalling either but nothing... In case someone wants to take a look, here's my dotfiles:

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-11-24.

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What are some of the best open-source Zsh projects in Lua? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 dotfiles 2,207
2 z.lua 2,134
3 dotfiles 241
4 neovim-config 212
5 dotfiles 182
6 dotfiles 119
7 dotfiles 101
8 dotfiles 60
9 dotfiles 41
10 DEC 35
11 dotfiles 12
12 dotfiles 12
13 dotfiles 5
14 dotfiles 5
15 dotfiles 4
16 .config 1
17 dotfiles 0
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