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  • GitHub repo awesome

    awesome window manager (by awesomeWM)

    Project mention: How to hide wibox on startup by default? | | 2021-04-11

    Add it on this line

  • GitHub repo awesome-copycats

    Awesome WM themes

    Project mention: Sddm.conf not having theme | | 2021-03-23
  • GitHub repo the-glorious-dotfiles

    A glorified personal dot files

    Project mention: Sometimes screen won't turn on after blanking happens only in awesomewm | | 2021-03-10

    Arch linux Kernel 5.11.4-arch1-1 GPU nvidia gtx 1070 drivers 460.56 I use heavily modified version of I have disabled everything lock screen related and I'm using Surreal setup one.

  • GitHub repo awesome-wm-widgets

    Widgets for Awesome Window Manager

    Project mention: Exit menu | | 2021-04-11

    Have a look here

  • GitHub repo lain

    Awesome WM complements

    Project mention: brightness notification with xbacklight | | 2021-02-23

    I am searching for a brightness widget like lain.widget.pulsebar that would work for brightness with xbacklight. I want to have a notification popup every time I reduce or increase the brightness. Like what is done with notify function in lain.widget.pulsebar . The most important is the notification popup for me. Thanks in advanced

  • GitHub repo awesome-dotfiles

    Dotfiles for awesome people using the awesomewm linux environment (by WillPower3309)

    Project mention: Need help, I've been stuck for days trying to create transparency for a file manager | | 2021-04-08

    I'm using a premade config/dotfiles which can be found here - I'm using the 'mirage' theme.

  • GitHub repo awesome-config

    Configuration files I use on my main machine

    Project mention: [Awesome] epic bob | | 2021-01-28

    Info Comment * Distro: EndeavourOS * WM: Pretty obvious, don't you think? * Wallpaper: here * Awesome config * Firefox * Dotfiles (other stuff coming soon)

  • GitHub repo vicious

    Vicious is a modular widget library for the "awesome" window manager.

    Project mention: Is there any tutorial on creating widgets? | | 2021-02-04 a well known repo with widgets you can take inspiration from

  • GitHub repo tyrannical

    Dynamic tagging configuration system for awesomeWM

    Project mention: What intrusive = true means in the properties of awful.spawn? | | 2021-03-07

    Thanks, I found out that this property (and others such as new_tag) is only useful if you use the tyrannical module. I updated my post.

  • GitHub repo collision

    A window management module for AwesomeWM

    Project mention: AwesomeWM question. Snap to left/right? | | 2021-01-12
  • GitHub repo awesome-sharedtags

    Share and move tags on multiple screens when using the awesome window manager.

    Project mention: Awesome Single Tagset I3 Style | | 2020-12-21

    Everything i wanted was pretty easy to achieve with just some tweaks in the config file. But sharedtags is another option to get somewhat similar functionality. Thought about making this in to a module like that, but the only thing worth putting in its own file are the functions to move tags between screens. But felt it's easier for people to tweak the functionality when its right in the rc.lua file.

  • GitHub repo awesome-www

    Website of AwesomeWM

    Project mention: Website CSS Improvements | | 2021-04-11

    I just opened Let's see how much of this can be incorporated into the web page.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Configuration files for various applications I use on a daily basis. (by potamides)

    Project mention: [OC] Confload - Create dotfiles-manageable weechat configs with password manager integration | | 2021-01-21

    I hope this is the right place to post this.. Personally I really like weechat, but since the configuration files are not meant to be edited by humans and contain sensitive information it is really hard to share my weechat rice in a dotfiles repository. That's why I created confload, a plugin which reads a configuration file with weechat commands. There exist similar solutions like inwee or autoconf, but confload provides more advanced functionality by making use of a macro processor, which makes it possible to use stuff like comments and well.. macros. Confload provides a special macro to obtain secrets like passwords from a password manager to eliminate any sensitive information from the config file. Since I created this for my needs, right now only KeepassXC is supported, but the script can be easily adapted for other password managers. Maybe someone else also has a usecase for this!

  • GitHub repo modalawesome

    Framework for modal, vi-like keybindings for the awesome window manager

    Project mention: is there a vimium c type extension or plugin that directly works with the window manager? | | 2021-04-08

    The closest thing I've seen is modalawesome. It doesn't provide the keybindings but it does provide the interface for defining vi-like key sequences.

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    My personal dotfiles (by wimstefan)

    Project mention: Team "init.lua" or team "init.vim"? | | 2021-04-07

    And here I am thus far:

  • GitHub repo dotfiles

    Home directory files and some other (by JuanKman94)

    Project mention: Has anyone built awesomewm from source on Fedora 33? | | 2021-01-05

    I wrote an ansible playbook (?) for fedora 29, IIRC. Here are the instructions, you can extract them to a shell script or something.

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What are some of the best open-source Awesomewm projects in Lua? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 awesome 3,843
2 awesome-copycats 2,236
3 the-glorious-dotfiles 1,533
4 awesome-wm-widgets 895
5 lain 721
6 awesome-dotfiles 423
7 awesome-config 312
8 vicious 243
9 tyrannical 174
10 collision 96
11 awesome-sharedtags 42
12 awesome-www 34
13 dotfiles 33
14 modalawesome 31
15 dotfiles 2
16 dotfiles 0