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Top 13 JavaScript IDE Projects

  • GitHub repo phalcon-devtools

    Phalcon Developer Tools

    Project mention: Trabalhando com Phalcon Framework e Docker | | 2021-08-20
  • GitHub repo icestudio

    :snowflake: Visual editor for open FPGA boards

    Project mention: MEGA65 – highly advanced C64 and C65 compatible 8-bit computer | | 2021-09-30

    I am slowly moving off my retro computing hobby. The last straw was recent chip shortage and crazy prices. I bought myself a copy of "The 8088 Project Book" and I wanted to build the presented 8088 breadboard computer. Guess what? The only factory that was building compatible 8088/8086 chips caught fire (Renesas factory fire). I had to order 20 year old chips for the price x2 of the new chips. But not only that, some chips are either unavailable or crazy expensive due to a lot of recent interests in retro-comp.

    In other way, the hobby became unreasonably expensive for me. So I decided to move my interests into FPGA. The fun is almost the same, but the cost is way lower (you only need to buy a good board and a book, and you are set up). I started with this extremely simple IDE:

    As for this build, I have mixed feelings about using FPGAs to revive old computers. Can't we create something new out of it? It would be fun to have a _modern_ FPGA based SBC with easy to program graphics (memory mapped) and with simple device interface (I think USB is way too complicated for hobbyists). Just something powerful enough to create games, yet simple enough so that teenager can write a simple OS in his spare time.

  • Syncfusion

    Syncfusion - See why our products are consistently getting 4.6 out of 5 stars by your peers.. Syncfusion Essential Studio for JavaScript is a modern UI control library built from the ground up to be lightweight, responsive, modular, and touch-friendly.

  • GitHub repo noflo-ui

    NoFlo Development Environment

    Project mention: Ask HN: What Are You Working On? | | 2021-01-14

    Visual programming tool for flow-based / dataflow programming. Allows live programming by modifying graphs, retroactive debugging, etc.

    Doing this all as a web app that connects to actual runtime environments via WebSockets or WebRTC.

  • GitHub repo quadplay

    The quadplay✜ fantasy console

    Project mention: The Future of Games Is Instant | | 2021-06-25

    I think virtual consoles are the answer here like pico8. But i am not a fan of pico8 limitations and also the design tools don't work on browser. I am keeping an eye on quadplay( which seems interesting but also lacking design tools.

  • GitHub repo cope

    A modern IDE for writing classical Chinese poetry 格律诗编辑程序 (by LingDong-)

    Project mention: Procedurally generated fish drawings | | 2021-08-18
  • GitHub repo Atheos

    A self-hosted browser-based cloud IDE, updated from Codiad IDE

    Project mention: codeserver alternative - edit files only | | 2021-06-18

    GitHub - Atheos/Atheos: A self-hosted browser-based cloud IDE, updated from Codiad IDE

  • GitHub repo pylon

    Pylon IDE, a Cloud9 v2 descendant with some added extras and support for modern node >= 12.22.1 (including v12.x, v13.x, v14.x, v15.x, v16.x). OSS licensed.

    Project mention: GitHub Codespaces vs. Gitpod: Choosing the Best Online Code Editor | | 2021-09-06
  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo vscode-gremlins

    Gremlins tracker for Visual Studio Code: reveals invisible whitespace and other annoying characters

    Project mention: Expectations for Generics in Go 1.18 | | 2021-10-27

    On VSCode, I use the Gremlins extension which highlight all those suspicious characters.

  • GitHub repo ride

    Remote IDE for Dyalog APL

    Project mention: Try APL | | 2021-06-10
  • GitHub repo dock-spawn-ts

    A TypeScript HTML Docking Framework (fork of dock-spawn)

    Project mention: Show HN: WinBox – just like Windows, but for the web | | 2021-05-06

    Try searching for "docking layout" with a dash of "Visual Studio" (the drop target hints presented by the original, non-Code version are quite good at letting the user figure out exactly where the dragged window will attach).

    One example is , but there are many more. Maybe you can also tease out the layout logic from VS Code or Theia (or even better, someone else might have done the work).

  • GitHub repo wheel

    IDE, VM and compiler for Lego® Mindstorms EV3 and Powered Up (by ArnoVanDerVegt)

    Project mention: My Lego Spike robot is taking small steps using all twelve motors | | 2021-05-02

    I'm not sure if you can control 2 bricks at the same time from the Lego software but I wrote my own development environment which allows me to control a number of Sprike devices at the same time:

  • GitHub repo RAX

    Rax - An Open Source C++ IDE made via web tehnologies

    Project mention: IDE | | 2021-04-04
  • GitHub repo Bro-Code-Web-IDE

    A Web IDE with embedded output display for HTML + CSS + JS Code

    Project mention: You need to build a collaborative text editor RIGHT NOW!! | | 2021-06-17

    This project is open for contributions, even contribution to docs, readme, managing people will help others learn and we can grow together. This is the repo url -> Github

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-10-27.


What are some of the best open-source IDE projects in JavaScript? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 phalcon-devtools 1,306
2 icestudio 1,048
3 noflo-ui 725
4 quadplay 642
5 cope 392
6 Atheos 211
7 pylon 171
8 vscode-gremlins 112
9 ride 94
10 dock-spawn-ts 64
11 wheel 10
12 RAX 10
13 Bro-Code-Web-IDE 4
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