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Top 23 Elixir Macro Projects

  • GitHub repo OK

    Elegant error/exception handling in Elixir, with result monads.

  • GitHub repo pipes

    Macros for more flexible composition with the Elixir Pipe operator

  • GitHub repo exceptional

    Helpers for Elixir exceptions

  • GitHub repo shorter_maps

    Elixir ~M sigil for map shorthand. `~M{id, name} ~> %{id: id, name: name}`

  • GitHub repo expat

    Reusable, composable patterns across Elixir libraries

  • GitHub repo eventsourced

    Functional domain models with event sourcing in Elixir

  • GitHub repo ok_jose

    Pipe elixir functions that match ok/error tuples or custom patterns.

  • GitHub repo pipe_to

    The enhanced elixir pipe operator which can specify the target position

  • GitHub repo FakeServer

    FakeServer integrates with ExUnit to make external APIs testing simpler

  • GitHub repo pattern_tap

    Macro for tapping into a pattern match while using the pipe operator

  • GitHub repo crudry

    Crudry is an Elixir library for DRYing CRUD in Phoenix Contexts and Absinthe Resolvers.

  • GitHub repo mdef

    Easily define multiple function heads in elixir

  • GitHub repo happy

    the alchemist's happy path with elixir (by vic)

  • GitHub repo pathex

    Fastest way to access data in Elixir

  • GitHub repo pipe_here

    An Elixir macro for easily piping arguments at any position.

  • GitHub repo named_args

    Allows named arg style arguments in Elixir

  • GitHub repo pit

    Elixir macro for extracting or transforming values inside a pipe flow.

  • GitHub repo guardsafe

    Macros expanding into code that can be safely used in guard clauses.

  • GitHub repo anaphora

    The anaphoric macro collection for Elixir

  • GitHub repo unsafe

    Generate unsafe (!) bindings for Elixir functions

  • GitHub repo apix

    Simple convention and DSL for transformation of elixir functions to an API for later documentation and or validation.

  • GitHub repo rulex

    This tiny library (2 macros only) allows you to define very simple rule handler using Elixir pattern matching.

  • GitHub repo Bang

    Bang simply adds dynamic bang! functions to your existing module functions with after-callback. (by elixirlabs)

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What are some of the best open-source Macro projects in Elixir? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 OK 519
2 pipes 318
3 exceptional 260
4 shorter_maps 192
5 expat 159
6 eventsourced 100
7 ok_jose 91
8 pipe_to 74
9 FakeServer 66
10 pattern_tap 56
11 crudry 49
12 mdef 46
13 happy 42
14 pathex 37
15 pipe_here 29
16 named_args 28
17 pit 25
18 guardsafe 23
19 anaphora 16
20 unsafe 11
21 apix 11
22 rulex 11
23 Bang 5