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Top 23 C Terminal Projects

  • GitHub repo nnn

    n³ The unorthodox terminal file manager

    Project mention: Why use the terminal? | reddit.com/r/linux | 2021-09-21

    Ranger is a python script. Here are some faster and full-featured terminal file managers: nnn. vifm.

  • GitHub repo no-more-secrets

    A command line tool that recreates the famous data decryption effect seen in the 1992 movie Sneakers.

    Project mention: Fun software and websites with interesting results | reddit.com/r/software | 2021-04-12

    If you've seen the movie "Sneakers" you'll probably want to check this out. And if you haven't seen Sneakers, then watch it.

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo ttyd

    Share your terminal over the web

    Project mention: I spent my Labor Day making C:DDA web-accessible | reddit.com/r/Cataclysm_DDA | 2021-09-08

    A systemd service file calling ttyd with some advanced parameters (passing "arg" in as a command line parameter, controlling site title, how many concurrent connections it will support, what port to run on), but it basically calls a bash script that I wrote which:

  • GitHub repo sc-im

    sc-im - Spreadsheet Calculator Improvised -- An ncurses spreadsheet program for terminal

    Project mention: My favorite cli/tui programs: | reddit.com/r/commandline | 2021-07-15

    I've been using sc for spreadsheet stuff, but just recently switched to sc-im.

  • GitHub repo htop

    htop - an interactive process viewer (by htop-dev)

    Project mention: Show HN: Simple tool for creating commandline bar charts | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-08-28

    Slightly relevant: The program "htop" displays CPU usage with bars on the command line. https://htop.dev/

  • GitHub repo smenu

    smenu started as a lightweight and flexible terminal menu generator, but quickly evolved into a powerful and versatile CLI selection tool for interactive or scripting use.

    Project mention: What tools / utilities have you written that you use regularly? | reddit.com/r/commandline | 2021-09-17

    I regularly use my smenu (https://github.com/p-gen/smenu) tool in my interactive scripts.

  • GitHub repo tizonia-openmax-il

    Command-line cloud music player for Linux with support for Spotify, Google Play Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Plex servers and Chromecast devices.

    Project mention: Wrote this program to skip Spotify Ads using Spotify API | reddit.com/r/learnpython | 2021-08-07
  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo WindTerm

    A quicker and better cross-platform SSH/Sftp/Shell/Telnet/Serial client.

    Project mention: What SSH Client are using on your Mac ? | reddit.com/r/sysadmin | 2021-08-08

    You can try https://github.com/kingToolbox/WindTerm, good and free.

  • GitHub repo nyancat

    Nyancat in your terminal, rendered through ANSI escape sequences. This is the source for the Debian package `nyancat`.

    Project mention: nyancat package removed? | reddit.com/r/voidlinux | 2021-04-19

    Why not build it from source? Here's the link

  • GitHub repo emacs-libvterm

    Emacs libvterm integration

    Project mention: vterm a little bit slow | reddit.com/r/emacs | 2021-09-08

    should be fixed after commit/2681120

  • GitHub repo far2l

    Linux port of FAR v2

    Project mention: Neo-mc – a Midnight Commander fork with scripting and other features | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-07

    Although not a console app, Far2l [1] is a clone of Far Manager [2] and is just great both on Mac or Linux

    [1] https://github.com/elfmz/far2l

  • GitHub repo yori

    Yori is a CMD replacement shell that supports backquotes, job control, and improves tab completion, file matching, aliases, command history, and more.

    Project mention: Yori Shell. The better CMD replacement | dev.to | 2021-02-27

    Yori shell fills the niche between something more straightforward or familiar than the object-oriented PowerShell approach and more modern than the decades-old CMD.

  • GitHub repo chafa

    📺🗿 Terminal graphics for the 21st century.

    Project mention: Chafa 1.8: Terminal graphics with a side of everything | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-09-18

    Chafa is an open source project that lets you visualize images on the command-line by converting them to Unicode characters ("ASCII art") with colours. It's available in many Linux distros, as well as Homebrew for macOS. What a find!


  • GitHub repo catimg

    🦦 Insanely fast image printing in your terminal

    Project mention: MapSCII – The Whole World in Your Console | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-04
  • GitHub repo mtm

    Perhaps the smallest useful terminal multiplexer in the world.

    Project mention: Zellij – A Terminal Workspace and Multiplexer Written in Rust | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-22
  • GitHub repo sngrep

    Ncurses SIP Messages flow viewer

    Project mention: Asterisk 18.4.0 - Kamailio 5.5.0 Integration (PJSIP Realtime) | reddit.com/r/Asterisk | 2021-06-16

    Tip: You can use sngrep (https://github.com/irontec/sngrep) to debug packets in asterisk or in kamailio.

  • GitHub repo ltui

    🍖 A cross-platform terminal ui library based on Lua

    Project mention: xmake v2.5.1 released, Support for Apple Silicon and more powerful package management | dev.to | 2021-01-21

    We upgraded the tui component library used by xmake: LTUI, added support for the mouse, and scrolling support for some components, we can go to the graphical configuration, More flexible and convenient configuration of compilation options.

  • GitHub repo rdrview

    Firefox Reader View as a command line tool

    Project mention: Show HN: Hackernews_tui – A Terminal UI to Browse Hacker News Discussions | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-24

    Two projects that do this with nearly identical output:

    - https://github.com/eafer/rdrview

    - https://github.com/go-shiori/go-readability

    Pipe the filtered HTML output into your favorite textual web browser for an ideal reading experience.

  • GitHub repo tio

    tio - A simple TTY terminal I/O application

    Project mention: CLI serial terminal suggestions? | reddit.com/r/embedded | 2021-08-10

    I highly recommend tio: https://github.com/tio/tio

  • GitHub repo bcal

    :1234: Bits, bytes and address calculator

    Project mention: bcal - a tool for devs who use bits, bytes and addresses regularly | reddit.com/r/commandline | 2021-08-22
  • GitHub repo xst

    st fork that uses Xresources and some pretty good patches

    Project mention: Having problems with patched st terminal. More info in comments | reddit.com/r/suckless | 2021-09-18

    Anyway, I digress. OP might want to check out xst

  • GitHub repo clifm

    CliFM is a CLI-based, shell-like terminal file manager written in C: simple, fast, extensible, and lightweight as hell

    Project mention: Syntax highlighting using readline(3) in C | reddit.com/r/C_Programming | 2021-09-18

    You can inspect the code here. This highlighting attempt should happen basically in lines 1400 onward (in the false branch of the check_cmds function).

  • GitHub repo mandown

    man-page inspired Markdown viewer

    Project mention: Building projects in C | reddit.com/r/C_Programming | 2021-09-02

    My Ncurses markdown reader

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-09-21.


What are some of the best open-source Terminal projects in C? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 nnn 12,250
2 no-more-secrets 4,954
3 ttyd 3,817
4 sc-im 2,874
5 htop 2,739
6 smenu 1,881
7 tizonia-openmax-il 1,526
8 WindTerm 1,342
9 nyancat 1,172
10 emacs-libvterm 1,077
11 far2l 1,076
12 yori 1,001
13 chafa 923
14 catimg 923
15 mtm 728
16 sngrep 660
17 ltui 652
18 rdrview 647
19 tio 544
20 bcal 476
21 xst 467
22 clifm 331
23 mandown 185
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