vuex VS Express

Compare vuex vs Express and see what are their differences.


🗃️ Centralized State Management for Vue.js. (by vuejs)


Fast, unopinionated, minimalist web framework for node. (by expressjs)
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vuex Express
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Posts with mentions or reviews of vuex. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-02-15.
  • Why and how to create an Event Bus in Vuejs 3
    2 projects | | 15 Feb 2023
    Vuex is a state management library. At first glance it seems complicated, and in fact it is a bit. You can use Vuex to store data that should be used globally in your app. Vuex provides you with a solid API to apply changes to this data and reflect them in all child components that use Vuex data store.
  • Vuex: taking user input, adding and removing it from state
    2 projects | | 1 Jan 2023
    I encourage you to also go through Vuex's official documentation:
  • In One Minute : Vue.js
    5 projects | | 10 Nov 2022
    What makes Vue particularly powerful, however, is that it can be built upon, increasing its functionality from a simple view-model library to that of a fully fledged JavaScript framework capable of powering entire SPA's via supporting plugins and libraries such as Vue Router, Vue Resource, and Vuex.
  • How to Get Started with Pinia in Vue
    3 projects | | 19 Sep 2022
    Comparison, such as Pinia against Vuex, shows that Vuex, the previously recommended library, still has a higher download rate than Pinia. However, even the Vuex official documentation advises developers to opt-in for Pinia, since it is unlikely that Vuex will receive any additional functionalities.
  • Reviewing 2021 and predicting 2022
    6 projects | | 12 Sep 2022
    Vuex a state management pattern + library for Vue.js release 4.0 -
  • The new wave of React state management
    23 projects | | 2 Jul 2022
    > poor support for style libraries like tailwind

    Can't relate. Tailwind works fine with anything that supports PostCSS. I run it with Vite and there's zero issues.

    > the state management ecosystem is fractured between vuex and pinia

    This is also just not true. Pinia is officially replacing Vuex as the recommended store library for Vue [1]. They're also vastly similar in how they do things, so the knowledge transfer over from Vuex to Pinia. And Pinia just address most of the design goals mentioned in the article in the most simple way.

    As for Vue 2 -> 3 transition, lots of the larger UI frameworks in the ecosystem is struggling to migrate, despite lots of efforts on the compat layer to smooth the transition, which is a bummer. But as long as you're not doing those sophisticated things, Vue 2 examples should work out-of-box on Vue 3 as well. There are surely less resources for the composition API, but the official introduction guide has been good enough in my experience.


  • Introduction to the VueJs Framework
    7 projects | | 21 Jun 2022
    Vue has a wide range of use cases that span the whole scale of front-end development. We can use it to add a bit of dynamism into an existing web app, such as adding a simple carousel or content that changes on user interaction e.g mouse movements or text input to creating complex web apps such as e-commerce stores with multiple categories and product pages supporting routing, browser-based data storage via Vue's own libraries such as the vue-router and vuex with features such as a cart, external API call requests and so forth.
  • What is XState used for?
    9 projects | | 21 Jun 2022
    replace global state managers like Redux or Vuex
  • Top 13 Vue Devtools for Developers in 2022
    7 projects | | 26 Apr 2022
    Source: Vuex
  • Build a To-do List App with Pinia and Vue 3
    2 projects | | 15 Apr 2022
    When I arrived at the Vuex documentation page, I saw this:


Posts with mentions or reviews of Express. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-03-27.
  • How to approach full-stack path?
    2 projects | | 27 Mar 2023
    Express is a good JS/Node framework to handle backend stuff.
  • Node JS Microservice Frameworks for Developing Scalable Web Apps.
    12 projects | | 22 Mar 2023
    Express – Minimalist Node MicroService Framework
  • Beginner's Guide to REST API in JavaScript using Express
    5 projects | | 22 Mar 2023
    What is an API? Express documentation HTTP Status codes Object Destructuring JavaScript's map() and filter()
  • Creating a serverless API using AWS Lambda and Node.js with TypeScript and Express.js
    5 projects | | 22 Mar 2023
    In this article, an application will be created using the Node.js with TypeScript and Express.js where a serverless API will be implemented and deployed on the AWS Lambda service.
  • Torn between NextJS or Node/Express
    6 projects | | 20 Mar 2023
    Since when? The maintainer said just a few months ago that they are still working on v5.
  • Building a JSON to Typescript converter with React, NodeJS and ChatGPT 🚀
    5 projects | | 13 Mar 2023
    ExpressJS is a fast, minimalist framework that provides several features for building web applications in Node.js; CORS is a Node.js package that allows communication between different domains, and Nodemon is a Node.js tool that automatically restarts the server after detecting file changes.
  • Can an API be merely a server that has post requests sent to it, rather than something that is installed?
    3 projects | | 5 Mar 2023
    Here's Express for Node.js, Flask for Python, Alfred for Dart, and Gin for Go; that's four different software packages for four completely different programming languages that all do very similar things. Take a look and see which one feels best, and start from there!
  • You don't need a build step
    9 projects | | 2 Mar 2023
    > And as someone who has worked on both, I can tell you that the container ecosystem is way better and way more deterministic. `Dockerfile` from 10 years back would work today as well. Any non-trivial package.json written even a few years ago would have half the packages deprecated in non-backward compatible way!

    As I wrote elsewhere, Dockerfiles are not deterministic. The build artifacts that they produce are deterministic, but that would be comparing a build artifact to a build system.

    > There is another similar ecosystem of mobile apps. That's also way superior in terms of the developer experience.

    Mobile app users have different performance expectations. No one bats an eye if a mobile app takes several minutes to download/update, but a website that does so would be considered an atrocity.

    > And that's not what I am objecting to. My concern is that the core JS specification is so barebones that it fragments right from the start.

    JS is actually really well specified by ECMA. There are so many languages where the formal specification is "whatever the most popular compiler outputs".

    > You make different choices and soon every single JS project looks drastically different from every other project.

    The same could be said of any other moderately complex project written in a different language. Look at the Techempower benchmarks for Java, and tell me those projects all look identical [2].

    > 1. There isn't a standard project format 2. There isn't a single framework that's backward compatible for 5+ years. 3. There isn't even an agreeement on the right build tools (npm vs yarn vs pnpm...) 4. There isn't an agreement on how to do multi-threaded async work

    A lot of the complexity you're describing stems from running in the browser. A server-side js project that returns plain html with a standard templating language is remarkably stable. Express has been on version 4.x.x for literally 9 years [3]. Package.json is supported by yarn, npm, and pnpm. As long as you have a valid lock file and install dependencies using npm ci, you really shouldn't have too many issues running most js projects. I'm not sure what issues you've had with multi-threaded async. The standard for multi-threading in js is web workers (which are called worker threads in node). The js ecosystem is not like Scala or Rust, where's there's tokio and akka. JS uses promises for concurrency, and workers for parallelism.




  • Intro to Nest.js 🪺
    5 projects | | 26 Feb 2023
    Nest.js is a NodeJS framework for building scalable server-side applications with TypeScript, it provides a suite of tools that leverage either fastify or express to facilitate rapid development and predictable readable code.
  • Breaking Up with Express: How NestJS Stole My Heart
    2 projects | | 24 Feb 2023

What are some alternatives?

When comparing vuex and Express you can also consider the following projects:

Next.js - The React Framework

SvelteKit - web development, streamlined

Nuxt.js - Nuxt is an intuitive and extendable way to create type-safe, performant and production-grade full-stack web apps and websites with Vue 3. [Moved to:]

AdonisJs Application

fastify - Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js

Nest - A progressive Node.js framework for building efficient, scalable, and enterprise-grade server-side applications on top of TypeScript & JavaScript (ES6, ES7, ES8) 🚀

pinia - 🍍 Intuitive, type safe, light and flexible Store for Vue using the composition api with DevTools support

loopback-next - LoopBack makes it easy to build modern API applications that require complex integrations.

Restify - The future of Node.js REST development

json-server - Get a full fake REST API with zero coding in less than 30 seconds (seriously)

Meteor JS - Meteor, the JavaScript App Platform

Koa - Expressive middleware for node.js using ES2017 async functions