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How to control the behavior of JavaScript imports (by WICG)

A fast, smart, & global CDN for modern(es2015+) web development. (by esm-dev)
SurveyJS - Open-Source JSON Form Builder to Create Dynamic Forms Right in Your App
With SurveyJS form UI libraries, you can build and style forms in a fully-integrated drag & drop form builder, render them in your JS app, and store form submission data in any backend, inc. PHP, ASP.NET Core, and Node.js.
InfluxDB - Power Real-Time Data Analytics at Scale
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Posts with mentions or reviews of import-maps. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2023-05-22.
  • It is hard to avoid JavaScript
    1 project | | 25 Feb 2024
    Long time huge fan of JS. I appreciate your calling out the multi-paradigm aspect; having these first class functions & prototype based inheritance has been so flexible.

    TC39 has done a great job shaping the language over the years. New capabilities are usually well thought out & integrate well. Async await has been amazing.

    The one major miss that makes me so sad and frustrated is modules; js has gotten better everywhere except it's near requirement for build tooling. Being able to throw some scripts on a page and go is still an unparalleled experience in the world, is so direct & tactile an experience. EcmaScript Modules was supposed to improve things, help get us back, but imports using url specifiers made the whole thing non-modular, was a miss. We're still tangled & torn. Import-maps has finally fixed but it's no where near as straightforward, and it still doesn't work in workers, which leaves us infuriatingly shirt of where the past was.

  • 'Mother of all breaches' data leak reveals 26B account stolen records
    1 project | | 26 Jan 2024
    makes sure your app is getting the download it expects. Adoption is probably pretty minimal though.

    I think the big thing making this unlikely though is that very few folks use cdns these days. We designed ESM as a module system for the language, but then took a good fraction of a decade to build import-maps, to let us actually use modules in a modular way. Good news, we can finally use modules modularly!

    Bad news? Oh import-maps only works for the simplest case. Doesn't work in webworkers/service workers.

    The point is that single page apps almost always are bundled together, as using CDNs hasn't even been technically possible.

    Also, CDNs are kind of somewhat pointless, now that http caches are partitioned by origin (for security reasons). They might have better anycast infrastructure to get the content out faster, but without the caching there's no inherent advantage. The user will download the same jquery file again in each site they go to, no already having it cached anymore. Bah humbug!

  • Rails Frontend Bundling - Which one should I choose?
    5 projects | | 22 May 2023
  • ESM dynamic imports
    1 project | /r/Angular2 | 16 May 2023
  • JavaScript import maps are now supported cross-browser
    14 projects | | 3 May 2023
  • We Added Package.json Support to Deno
    2 projects | | 20 Mar 2023
    Bare specifiers has been the tragedy of ESM. Nice module syntax... that is utterly u deoyable & which has had to have awful de-modularizing specifiers hard-coded into each file to make it work. Abominable sin to introduce "modules" to JS/es2015 then spend a decade dragging everyone along with no story for how to have modular modules.

    Import-maps are like "here" to fix this on the web... finally... except they only are shipping to the happiest sunniest easiest case, with Web Workers being totally shit out of luck in spite of some very simple straightforward suggested paths forward.

    I think Deno is making pretty good tradeoffs along the way here. This looks like package.json at surface level, but there is a nightmare of complexity under the surface. Typescript, ESM, cjs all have various pressures they create & in Node it's just incredibly tight & tense dealing with packaging, where-as Deno's happy path of Typescript first does not slowly tatters one over time. It really has been super pleasant being free of the previous world, and having something much more web-platform centric, more intented, with less assembly & less building, and more doing the actual coding.

    I really hope import-maps eventually get broader support. Maybe this long-dwelling webworker issue should be brought up with WinterCG.

  • Import maps 101
    3 projects | | 10 Jan 2023
    Import maps proposal
  • You Might Not Need Module Federation: Orchestrate your Microfrontends at Runtime with Import Maps
    8 projects | | 5 Jan 2023
    The concept of Import Maps was born in 2018 and made its long way until it was declared a new web standard implemented by Chrome in 2021 and some other browsers.
  • Getting an "import file" syntax right for ArkScript
    1 project | /r/ProgrammingLanguages | 24 Nov 2022
    For package managers, you can use something like import maps to let the user specify which path points to what package, and resolve it properly.
  • Deno 1.28: Featuring 1.3M New Modules
    12 projects | | 14 Nov 2022
    Huh. I was about to complain that this breaks with web standards, but apparently it's being proposed as a standard feature:


Posts with mentions or reviews of We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2024-06-16.
  • Implementing Complex Form Logic Effortlessly with forms.js 🚀
    2 projects | | 16 Jun 2024
    import { Form } from ""; new Form("login-form", { id:"login-form", schema: [ { id: "username", type:"text", label: "Username", required: true, }, { id: "password", type:"password", label: "Password", required: true, }, { id: "rememberUser", type:"checkbox", label: "Remember me", toggle: true, }, { id:"buttonGroup", type:"group", schema:[ { id: "loginButton", type:"button", template: "Login", }, ] } ] });
  • Building a self-creating website with Supabase and AI
    6 projects | | 23 Apr 2024
    /* eslint-disable @typescript-eslint/ban-ts-comment */ // Follow this setup guide to integrate the Deno language server with your editor: // // This enables autocomplete, go to definition, etc. import { corsHeaders } from "../_shared/cors.ts"; import { createClient } from "[email protected]"; import randomSample from "[email protected]"; import Replicate from "[email protected]"; import { base64 } from ""; const supabaseClient = createClient( Deno.env.get("SUPABASE_URL") ?? "", Deno.env.get("SUPABASE_SERVICE_ROLE_KEY") ?? "" ); const replicate = new Replicate({ auth: Deno.env.get("REPLICATE_API_TOKEN") ?? "", }); // @ts-expect-error Deno.serve(async (req) => { if (req.method === "OPTIONS") { return new Response("ok", { headers: corsHeaders }); } const { record } = await req.json(); const thought_id =; if (!thought_id) { return new Response("Missing thought_id", { status: 400, headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", ...corsHeaders }, }); } const allObjectIDsResponse = await fetch( "", { method: "GET", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", Accept: "application/json", }, } ); const { objectIDs } = await allObjectIDsResponse.json(); const listOfArtworks = []; const addedIDs: number[] = []; while (listOfArtworks.length < 80) { const randomObjectID = randomSample(objectIDs, { size: 1 })[0]; if (addedIDs.includes(randomObjectID)) continue; const res = await fetch( `${randomObjectID}`, { method: "GET", headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", Accept: "application/json", }, } ); const artwork = await res.json(); if (!artwork.primaryImageSmall) continue; addedIDs.push(artwork.objectID); listOfArtworks.push({ image_url: artwork.primaryImageSmall, artist_name: artwork.artistDisplayName, title: artwork.title, is_main: listOfArtworks.length === 0, is_variant: false, thought_id, }); } const mainImage = listOfArtworks[0]; const output = await "yorickvp/llava-13b:b5f6212d032508382d61ff00469ddda3e32fd8a0e75dc39d8a4191bb742157fb", { input: { image: mainImage.image_url, top_p: 1, prompt: "Describe this painting by " + mainImage.artist_name, max_tokens: 1024, temperature: 0.2, }, } ); const file = await fetch(mainImage.image_url).then((res) => res.blob()); const promises = []; for (let i = 0; i < 8; i++) { const body = new FormData(); body.append( "prompt", output.join("") + `, a painting by ${mainImage.artist_name}` ); body.append("output_format", "jpeg"); body.append("mode", "image-to-image"); body.append("image", file); body.append("strength", clamp(Math.random(), 0.4, 0.7)); const request = fetch( `${Deno.env.get( "STABLE_DIFFUSION_HOST" )}/v2beta/stable-image/generate/sd3`, { method: "POST", headers: { Accept: "application/json", Authorization: `Bearer ${Deno.env.get("STABLE_DIFFUSION_API_KEY")}`, }, body, } ); promises.push(request); } const results = await Promise.all(promises); const variants = await Promise.all( => res.json())); await supabaseClient.from("artworks").insert(listOfArtworks); for (let i = 0; i < variants.length; i++) { const variant = variants[i]; const randomId = Math.random(); await .from("variants") .upload( `${thought_id}/${randomId}.jpeg`, base64.toArrayBuffer(variant.image), { contentType: "image/jpeg", } ); await supabaseClient.from("artworks").insert({ image_url: `${Deno.env.get( "SUPABASE_URL" )}/storage/v1/object/public/variants/${thought_id}/${randomId}.jpeg`, artist_name: mainImage.artist_name, is_main: false, is_variant: true, thought_id, }); } await supabaseClient .from("thoughts") .update({ generating: false }) .eq("id", thought_id); return new Response(JSON.stringify({ main: mainImage }), { headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json", ...corsHeaders }, }); }); function clamp(value: number, min: number, max: number) { return Math.min(Math.max(value, min), max); }
  • Bun 1.1
    17 projects | | 1 Apr 2024
  • Show HN: Comma Separated Values (CSV) to Unicode Separated Values (USV)
    15 projects | | 12 Mar 2024
    const extism = await import("");
  • JSR: The JavaScript Registry
    9 projects | | 1 Mar 2024
    Unpkg serves whatever is published to NPM, and if it's a library intended for the browser, that often includes minified versions ready for use in script tags, for example,[email protected]/mithril.min.js. Sometimes the default export is CJS (which has require() calls), in which case, you can usually use the browse url that I mentioned to see if there's another export you can use. is definitely a good option too if you're OK with modules.

  • Deno Cron
    15 projects | | 29 Nov 2023
    * Change my NPM imports to something that would work with Deno. The most straightforward thing to do was just change `import "foo"` to `import "npm:foo"`, but this felt hacky so eventually I used, which worked for some packages but not others.
    1 project | | 23 Nov 2023
  • run – 1KB script allows you to write JSX/TSX in HTML without build
    1 project | | 23 Nov 2023
  • Supabase - allow user login with pin
    1 project | /r/Supabase | 12 Nov 2023
    import { createClient } from ""; import { create, Payload } from "[email protected]/mod.ts"; interface User { username: string; pin: string; } const supabase = createClient(Deno.env.get('SUPABASE_URL'), Deno.env.get('SUPABASE_SERVICE_ROLE_KEY')); const handler = async (req: Request): Promise => { if (req.method !== 'POST') { return new Response(null, { status: 405 }); } const { username, pin } = await req.json() as Vehicle; if (!username|| !pin) { return new Response(JSON.stringify({ error: 'username and PIN are required' }), { status: 400 }); } const { data, error } = await supabase .from('users') .select('*') .eq('username', username) .eq('pin', pin) .single(); if (error || !data) { return new Response(JSON.stringify({ valid: false }), { status: 401 }); } const jwtSecret = Deno.env.get('JWT_SECRET') as string;; const payload: Payload = { "username": username }; try { const token = await create({ alg: "HS256", typ: "JWT" }, payload, jwtSecret); // This line has the error console.log(token); return new Response(JSON.stringify({ token }), { status: 200 }); } catch (error) { console.error('Error creating JWT:', error); return new Response(JSON.stringify({ error: 'Error creating JWT' }), { status: 500 }); } }; Deno.serve(handler);
  • Let's optimize dependency management with URL Imports
    3 projects | | 13 Oct 2023
    Easily serve libraries from local server/private VPS: You can try to serve and cache libraries by running to improve loading times on your server side. Or to keep things simple, just upload a code to pastebin or similar services and directly use it here!

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