ActiveOberon based operating system (a2 aka aos aka Bluebottle OS) (by cubranic)


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  • news.ycombinator.com | 2021-01-14
    The initial Oberon OS is indeed from 1987, but there are many Oberons. The original Oberon GUI was the everything-is-executable-text one, not the ZUI.

    The ZUI was part of Thomas M. Frey's work for his dissertation "Bluebottle : A Thread-safe Multimedia and GUI Framework for Active Oberon" [2] (Bluebottle OS) submitted in 2005.

    This was built on top of Pieter J. Muller's work for his dissertation "The Active Object System" [1] (AOS) submitted in 2001.

    There are many more ETH PhD and student projects based on Oberon before and after (ARM Oberon, WinOberon, UnixOberon, Oberon.NET, ...).

    [1] https://github.com/cubranic/oberon-a2/blob/master/doc/eth-26...


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