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chakra-ui/chakra-ui is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.

Chakra-ui Alternatives

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Posts where chakra-ui has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects - the last one was on 2021-05-11.
  • Create a portfolio card with React, ChakraUi, and framerMotion | 2021-05-11
    UI components - Chakra UI
  • I made a simple reddit clone using React/Redux, Node.js, and PostgreSQL | 2021-05-09
    Most of the credit for styling goes to Chakra UI, their components look really nice out of the box.
  • What Value Does Tailwind Bring? | 2021-05-08
    To add onto this, CUBE has taken inspiration from Tailwind among many other things. And it's not alone... cool.css, Chakra-UI, and Stitches all take ideas from Tailwind because utility classes + design tokens are a very attractive abstraction while not being as heavy-handed as entire CSS frameworks without familiar lower-level conveniences. Maybe there're even more frameworks I don't know of.
  • [AskJS] Which JS tools/frameworks have the best websites in terms of UX?
    but if you want a component library with a consistent design you can look at material ui, chakra ui, ant design, etc.
  • React: thoughts from an Angular developer | 2021-05-05
    After two years working with Angular I was assigned to a project where the frontend stack was React, Next.js and Chakra UI. I started without any prior React experience nor knowledge. After three months in this project I’ve decided to put my thoughts of this technology change into a post.
  • Build Connect4 in React | 2021-05-03
    ChakraUI -- Used to quickly add styling and alignment.
  • Why you should use Chakra UI in React | 2021-04-30
    And be sure to check the official Chakra UI webpage.
  • Integration stories: elevating Storybook with Mock Service Worker | 2021-04-28
    We chose Slate.js to be the engine of our text editing features, topped off with UI composed by Chakra components.
  • Headless UI or Chakra UI for a new project? | 2021-04-28
    For a new dashboard-like project, would you choose Headless UI or Chakra UI? Why?
  • The anti-pattern of responsive design | 2021-04-22
    For anyone building a React site that wants a solid responsive UI framework that makes it easy to adapt to multiple screensizes, I highly recommend Chakra UI:

    It allows you to set width and height units for each component using an array or object to describe how the component should render for each screen width (as defined by you).

    I've never had a better experience building responsive sites.

    I think most of what the author is complaining about is bad responsive design. Media queries, by themselves, are a powerful primitive, but they get harder to work with and balance the more complex your site gets. Better tooling helps!

  • What I've learned using Chakra-Ui so far | 2021-04-18
    However, when I created the stories with my Chakra components and checked the Storybook it did not load any styling I made with Chakra. I was frustrated at first but thanks to an issue raised I could get it working.
  • Learn GROQ Interactively | 2021-04-15
    The project is built with React, ChakraUI for the styling, Codemirror6 for the editor and Vite to wrap it up.
  • How I made $10k in one month from an online Vim course | 2021-04-15
  • Mocking framer-motion v4 | 2021-04-14
    At work our new UI efforts are powered by Chakra UI, which uses Framer Motion under the hood for animations. With all this work, we're testing all of it using Jest and React Testing Library (RTL).
  • I built a full stack serverless e-commerce site with Next.js. What I learned and how it might help you | 2021-04-05
    First a quick overview of the project. Kieran's Coffee Collection is a serveless e-commerce website built primarily with the React framework Next.js. The rest of the front-end stack includes the component Library ChakraUI, TypeScript and Apollo Client.