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Brionjv/Tomodachi-Life-Save-Editor is an open source project licensed under MIT License which is an OSI approved license.


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  • is there a way to mod my 3ds to make my tomodachi life characters gay
    First, go into a save manager of some sort on your 3DS (Checkpoint is what I used), go to Tomodachi Life, and back-up your save file twice. There is a possibility that the edited save file may corrupt, so always have two just in case. Turn off your 3DS and eject the SD card, put your SD card into a computer, and go to this ( save editor. With it, you can edit your miis relationships, including making same-gender couples a thing! Go to your SD card in your files, find one of the save files you saved, and load it into the editor. Once you are pleased with your save file editing, eject the SD card from your computer, put it back into your 3DS, go back to the save manager, and restore the edited save file. If that save file is corrupted, go back to the save manager and restore your un-edited save file. If it didn't, though, congratulations, you should have gay miis now!
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  • Is There A Mod That Allows Lgbtq Couples In The
    Actually, if you have a homebrewed 3DS, it is possible to have LGBTQ+ couples with the correct genders! You need to take your tomodachi life save, duplicate it (in case the edited one corrupts), and put it into this ( save editor. You can edit your miis relationships using it (including making two same-sex miis in a relationship, of course), then you save it, and replace the old save file with your new save file using checkpoint (or any save manager really). If the save data corrupts, replace the new save file with your old one again.