graphql-helix VS envelop

Compare graphql-helix vs envelop and see what are their differences.


A highly evolved GraphQL HTTP Server 🧬 (by contra)


Envelop is a lightweight library allowing developers to easily develop, share, collaborate and extend their GraphQL execution layer. Envelop is the missing GraphQL plugin system. (by dotansimha)
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Posts with mentions or reviews of graphql-helix. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-12-12.
  • What's next?
    5 projects | | 12 Dec 2021
    E.g. recently I found Graphql-helix, replaced apollo-server-micro with it and had never looked back ever since (incl. subscriptions), what else could be done better? Also in terms of DX
    5 projects | | 12 Dec 2021
    Looks interesting, have you tried graphql-helix?
  • When to use multiple endpoints in GraphQL
    1 project | | 10 Dec 2021
    When using a JavaScript server, a convenient way to achieve this is with GraphQL Helix, which decouples the handling of the HTTP request from the GraphQL server. With Helix, we can have the routing logic be handled by a Node.js web framework (such as Express.js or Fastify), and then β€” depending on the requested path (i.e., the requested endpoint β€” we can provide the corresponding schema to the GraphQL server.
  • a first look at graphQL helix
    6 projects | | 20 Sep 2021
    GraphQL Helix is a framework and runtime agnostic collection of utility functions for building your own GraphQL HTTP server. Instead of providing a complete HTTP server or middleware plugin function, GraphQL Helix only provides a handful of functions for turning an HTTP request into a GraphQL execution result. You decide how to send back the response.
  • Introducing Envelop - The GraphQL Plugin System
    12 projects | | 29 Jul 2021
    import { envelop, useSchema, useLogger } from '@envelop/core'; import fastify from 'fastify'; import { processRequest, getGraphQLParameters } from 'graphql-helix'; // This creates the `getEnveloped` function for us. Behind the scense the wrapped functions are created once, here. const getEnveloped = envelop({ plugins: [useSchema(schema), useLogger()], }); const app = fastify(); app.route({ method: ['POST'], url: '/graphql', async handler(req, res) { // Here we can pass the request and make available as part of the "context". // The return value is the a GraphQL-proxy that exposes all the functions. const { parse, validate, contextFactory, execute, schema } = getEnveloped({ req, }); const request = { body: req.body, headers: req.headers, method: req.method, query: req.query, }; const { operationName, query, variables } = getGraphQLParameters(request); // Here, we pass our custom functions to Helix, and it will take care of the rest. const result = await processRequest({ operationName, query, variables, request, schema, parse, validate, execute, contextFactory, }); if (result.type === 'RESPONSE') { res.status(result.status); res.send(result.payload); } else { // You can find a complete example with Subscriptions and stream/defer here: // res.send({ errors: [{ message: 'Not Supported in this demo' }] }); } }, }); app.listen(3000, () => { console.log(`GraphQL server is running...`); });
  • Subscriptions and Live Queries - Real Time with GraphQL
    5 projects | | 29 Jul 2021
    Fortunately, we now have libraries like Graphql Helix, which, in my humble opinion, should replace express-graphql as the reference HTTP implementation since GraphQL Helix is also not tied to any web server framework.
  • GraphQL - Diving Deep
    47 projects | | 29 Jul 2021
    If you are using Node.js there are a lot of implementations of GraphQL servers with a few being express-graphql, apollo-server, mercurius, graphql-helix and more. And if you are using other languages, you can see a great list here
  • The Stack #1
    9 projects | | 29 Jul 2021
    Graphql Helix
  • The Stack #2
    13 projects | | 29 Jul 2021
    In the previous blog, we had started going through "The GraphQL Stack" that we use at Timecampus going through various libraries and tools like VSCode, GraphQL Config, VSCode GraphQL, GraphQL ESLint, GraphQL Inspector, Typescript, GraphQL Helix and GraphQL Codegen. In this blog, we will continue our journey exploring from where we left off.
  • Need guidance on apollo subscription fallback
    4 projects | | 16 May 2021
    If you want to do GraphQL subscriptions over HTTP you should look into graphql-helix (, which gives you a generic interface for doing subscriptions over HTTP SSE (Server Side Events). graphql-helix can be used with any http transport.


Posts with mentions or reviews of envelop. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on 2021-07-29.
  • GraphQL Authentication with Envelop and Auth0
    1 project | | 20 Dec 2021
    Ideally, you already have your basic envelop setup with your http framework of choice. This guide we will be based on the graphql-helix fastify example, but the code can be easily transferred to any other example as listed on our Integrations and Examples documentation. In case you are hitting any roadblocks feel free to reach out to us via the chat box on this page! The full code of the end-result is also available in our examples graphql-helix-auth0 fastify example.
  • Introducing Envelop - The GraphQL Plugin System
    12 projects | | 29 Jul 2021
    Make β€œhard” GraphQL capabilities easy by installing powerful plugins (Caching, Tracing with Prometheus/DataDog/NewRelic/Sentry/OpenTelemetry/ApolloTracing, Loggers, GraphQL-Jit, Persisted Operations, Security with rate-limit/depth-limit/Auth0 and many others from the Plugins Hub)
  • Introducing Envelop: The GraphQL Plugin System
    3 projects | | 22 Jul 2021
    I started reimplementing the logic from GitHub over here
    3 projects | | 22 Jul 2021
    That sounds like an interesting challenge to solve. I already created an issue for it If you have further thoughts feel free to comment them over there!
  • Prevent clients from accessing certain resolvers on Apollo server with Prisma
    1 project | | 30 Jun 2021
    We just today published a new plugin for envelop (GraphQL execution flow customization layer) that allow rejecting GraphQL operations before being executed based on the selection set of the operation. It is pretty flexible and you can limit the access dynamically based on the GraphQL context. E.g. this allows loading the permission information from the database, the user record, or any other remote service.
  • What's the best way to input union types?
    1 project | | 16 May 2021
    We are already having a spec compatible implementation available that you can start using with envelop, without havign to wait for official graphql-js support to land:

What are some alternatives?

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apollo-server - 🌍  Spec-compliant and production ready JavaScript GraphQL server that lets you develop in a schema-first way. Built for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa, and more.

giraphql - GiraphQL is library for creating GraphQL schemas in typescript using a strongly typed code first approach

nestjs-graphql - GraphQL (TypeScript) module for Nest framework (node.js) 🍷

prisma1 - πŸ’Ύ Database Tools incl. ORM, Migrations and Admin UI (Postgres, MySQL & MongoDB)

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Postwoman - πŸ‘½ Open source API development ecosystem -

express-graphql - Create a GraphQL HTTP server with Express.