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  • Next.js

    The React Framework

    Project mention: I am a one-man show: Deployment and infrastructure for a 150k/m visits webapp | | 2022-09-26

    > SSR vs client side: NextJs does this automatically.

    Uh-huh. Do some simple stackoverflow searches for how to configure a real Next/Vercel app with error-handling, passing thru cookie/session state, or how to wire up third party services or components. Or check out next.js issue search for "window undefined" - -> 1667 issues right now. Even if you discount 3/4 of those as duplicates, developer error, etc, you have a ton of issues where figuring out server vs client state is confusing for many folks.

    It sounds like has worked great for you out of the box, which is great! But that isn't the case for many other developers.

    This is not my definition of "automatic".

    > I'd use tRPC

    This looks pretty compelling if you are all-in with TS everywhere, including your server/data access layer. Which doesn't apply in the OP's post, since it's a traditional CRUD app with python in front of good ole' PSQL DB.

    > monitoring/observability: not quite sure what you mean, but it's only a few clicks in vercel to have a logdrain or metric drain

    We are using Vercel routing its logs to datadog right now. It works fine but is extremely limited. Want to wire up full-stack transactions w/ the rest of your app, or modify _what_ it logs? Good luck.

    Also, trying to use a real APM (Datadog, Scout, open source, whatever) is a complete non-starter. You need a persistent process running somewhere to take the data, buffer, and transport it _somewhere_, and so far you can't do that with Vercel's custom server support. You _can_ do this with just NextJS (no vercel), but it requires some frightening hacks I would not be comfortable adding to apps I maintain:

    I get that Vercel provides a very quick setup and a smooth dev experience, especially if you are in their sweet spot of something like a static site or blog engine. It just seems more trouble than its worth for most CRUD apps, especially anything that isn't 100% in the javascript/typescript world.

  • SWR

    React Hooks for Data Fetching

    Project mention: Data Fetching (Components / Pages) Best Practices | | 2022-09-24

    I might suggest you look at swr

  • Appwrite

    Appwrite - The Open Source Firebase alternative introduces iOS support . Appwrite is an open source backend server that helps you build native iOS applications much faster with realtime APIs for authentication, databases, files storage, cloud functions and much more!

  • Micro

    Asynchronous HTTP microservices (by vercel)

    Project mention: Confused about api routes and NEXT backend | | 2022-04-26
  • vercel

    Develop. Preview. Ship.

    Project mention: Simplifying switcheroos | | 2022-09-23

    First, here’s a brief summary of how, before now, I would perform such site moves. The term project below refers to a website instance in my web host of choice, Cloudflare Pages. Terms vary from host to host (e.g., Vercel also calls them projects, while Netlify calls them sites), but you understand what I mean.


    ✨ My portfolio built with Next.js, Tailwind, Prisma, and Vercel.

    Project mention: Moving my personal website from Gatsby to Next.js | | 2022-09-14

    Lee Robinson

  • Grant

    OAuth Proxy

    Project mention: Call to help beta test wireless highlight backups with | | 2022-07-22

    Thanks for taking a look! I use the for OAuth (to spare people having to remember yet another password) and I believe it uses cookies to prevent OAuth replay attacks. Thanks for highlighting this. I'll work on a better error message if cookies are not enabled.

  • og-image

    Open Graph Image as a Service - generate cards for Twitter, Facebook, Slack, etc

    Project mention: How does github-readme-stats work? | | 2022-07-11

    It’s not embedding. When you paste that image url a serverless function running a headless browser requests say a next app which loads up a page based on the params in the url. Then we take a snapshot and image data is sent back as response to you hence the image appears. You can check out this: with NextJS and puppeteer

  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

  • release

    Release is a command line tool to automatically generate a new GitHub Release and populates it with the changes (commits) made since the last release. (by vercel)

    Project mention: semantic-release VS release - a user suggested alternative | | 2022-04-23

    Another release notes auto generator made by vercel

  • LiveTerm

    💻 Build terminal styled websites in minutes!

    Project mention: Build terminal style websites in minutes | | 2022-05-17
  • qawolf

    🐺 Create browser tests 10x faster

  • notion-blog

    A Next.js site using new SSG support with a Notion backed blog

    Project mention: I created a blog about Notion | | 2022-07-22

    This is pretty rad - would you be up for linking to a Next.js blog powered by Notion as a CMS? Here’s the link -

  • nextjs-subscription-payments

    Clone, deploy, and fully customize a SaaS subscription application with Next.js.

    Project mention: Add Metadata to Billing Portal webhooks? | | 2022-07-05

    Interestingly enough, I came across this Vercel example repo which might be what I'm looking for.

  • platforms

    A template for site builders and low-code tools.

    Project mention: Communication between two apps | | 2022-09-07

    Hey there! Great question – we actually released the Platforms Starter Kit earlier this year that addresses this very issue – it allows you to manage all your applications (main domain, subdomain, etc.) under the same app.

  • examples

    Enjoy our curated collection of examples and solutions. Use these patterns to build your own robust and scalable applications. (by vercel)

    Project mention: Question about ISR on API paths | | 2022-08-07

    So I took a look at the Build Output API on Vercel and noticed this example. As you can see here the json API response on the /data path is cached for a specified time, seemingly like ISR. My question: is it possible to do this directly in Nextjs, using ISR on an API route? Thanks!

  • HULL

    💀 Headless Shopify Starter – powered by Next.js +

    Project mention: How to start freelancing? | | 2022-05-23

    Usually freelancing need portfolios. I'd suggest building a sample project that uses this since it's really easy to extend if customers ask for more

  • nextjs-monorepo-example

    Collection of monorepo tips & tricks

    Project mention: Best way to deal with long background jobs when deploying Next.js to Vercel? | | 2022-05-03

    There is one moderately complex example monorepo that includes a Next.js project and shared lib projects here:

  • php

    🐘 PHP Runtime for ▲ Vercel Serverless Functions (by vercel-community)

    Project mention: Has anyone deployed SvelteKit to DigitalOcean? | | 2022-08-28
  • server-components-notes-demo

    Experimental demo of React Server Components with Next.js. Deployed serverlessly on Vercel.

    Project mention: Do you know a good tutorial on how to implement React Server Components? (For Side Project) | | 2022-03-28
  • dub

    An open-source link shortener with built-in analytics + free custom domains.

    Project mention: An Open Source alternative | | 2022-09-26

    [email protected]:~# curl Redirecting to (307) [email protected]:~#

  • vercel-builder

    Vercel Builder for Nuxt

    Project mention: Need help with SSR | | 2022-03-01

    for example: if you host your nuxt app on and you need SSR you can use

  • readme-jokes

    😄 Jokes for your GitHub READMEs

  • vercel-action

    This action make a deployment with github actions instead of Vercel builder.

    Project mention: Vercel preview deployments strange behavior using Next | | 2022-03-23

    We have also been trying to use Github actions and have been using THIS for the Vercel deployment and this is causing even more strange behaviors:

  • kmenu

    :rainbow: An animated and accessible command menu

    Project mention: 🌈 Building an Animated and Accessible Command Menu in React | | 2022-09-09

    With that, there are a few different approaches for adding a command menu to your website: you can use an open source library (like kmenu, cmdk, or kbar), use a proprietary tool such as CommandBar, or build your own. This tutorial focuses on building your own implementation, however you may not need to depending on whether or not you're satisfied with the other options available.

  • SonarQube

    Static code analysis for 29 languages.. Your projects are multi-language. So is SonarQube analysis. Find Bugs, Vulnerabilities, Security Hotspots, and Code Smells so you can release quality code every time. Get started analyzing your projects today for free.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-09-26.

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What are some of the best open-source Vercel projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Next.js 92,920
2 SWR 23,998
3 Micro 10,189
4 vercel 9,307
5 4,132
6 Grant 3,703
7 og-image 3,482
8 release 3,469
9 LiveTerm 3,453
10 qawolf 3,137
11 notion-blog 2,728
12 nextjs-subscription-payments 2,145
13 platforms 1,976
14 examples 1,401
15 HULL 998
16 nextjs-monorepo-example 779
17 php 726
18 server-components-notes-demo 665
19 dub 646
20 vercel-builder 603
21 readme-jokes 427
22 vercel-action 424
23 kmenu 407
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