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    Encrypt and Decrypt files securely in your browser.

    Project mention: How secure is it to encrypt a file using 7zip? Can nobody really access the files without knowing the password? | | 2022-05-19

    Even if that were to happen, you can run the page locally. Also the entire source is available on github

  • tweetnacl-js

    Port of TweetNaCl cryptographic library to JavaScript

    Project mention: I am considering adding Skiff as an encrypted email provider and would like community feedback | | 2022-07-20

    On cryptography, our whitepaper shares information on the general cryptography choices - login, authentication, keypairs, etc. It's quite similar to password managers or encrypted communication apps. In the actual product (code here, we use the library TweetNaCl ( which is designed to be fast, trustworthy, and performant


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  • zbox

    Zero-details, privacy-focused in-app file system.

    Project mention: Rust Ephemeral Encrypted Containers/FS (maybe) | | 2021-10-17

    You can all find that URL here -

  • lockbox

    Modern encryption for Ruby and Rails

    Project mention: Searching/Querying with Active Record Encryption | | 2022-06-08

    Your app queries an encrypted ActiveStash index, which says what rows in your existing database should be retrieved. It works with all the popular application-level encryption plugins for ActiveRecord, including ActiveRecord Encryption, and Lockbox.

  • wire-webapp

    👽 Wire for web

    Project mention: Is Wire messenger still secure? | | 2022-08-21

    Is the Wire messenger ( a messenger that you would still recommend? Is it still secure and does it use E2E? How secure is it compared to other messengers like Signal or Matrix messengers?

  • Halite

    High-level cryptography interface powered by libsodium

    Project mention: Sodium encryption and digital signing made simple | | 2022-04-05

    Sounds like What does this do better?

  • RbNaCl

    Ruby FFI binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library (a.k.a. libsodium)

    Project mention: Ruby cryptographic gems | | 2022-06-04

    The other gem I want to explore is rbnacl. This gem provides general purpose cryptography for many different scenarios and algorithms. They do so in a simplified way so that mortals like us don't have to become cryptography experts. Check out these docs to see what I'm talking about!

  • Scout APM

    Truly a developer’s best friend. Scout APM is great for developers who want to find and fix performance issues in their applications. With Scout, we'll take care of the bugs so you can focus on building great things 🚀.

  • PyNacl

    Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library

    Project mention: monero-python 0.99 is released, testers welcome! | | 2021-12-20

    Finally I managed to replace the slow pure-Python reference implementation of Ed25519 cryptography with pynacl which is a binding to libsodium, the industry standard lightning-fast C library.

  • libsodium.js

    libsodium compiled to Webassembly and pure JavaScript, with convenient wrappers.

    Project mention: What is the best way to locally store passwords? | | 2022-07-25
  • sodium_compat

    Pure PHP polyfill for ext/sodium

    Project mention: Proof of Concept for paragonie/sodium_compat without PHP 5 support (GitHub Pull Request) | | 2022-09-25
  • Swift-Sodium

    Safe and easy to use crypto for iOS and macOS

  • node-sodium

    Port of the lib sodium encryption library to Node.js

  • pgsodium

    Modern cryptography for PostgreSQL using libsodium.

    Project mention: Supabase Vault | | 2022-08-20

    The article links directly to here, which may answer your question:

  • Kryptor

    A simple, modern, and secure encryption and signing tool that aims to be a better version of age and Minisign.

    Project mention: Adding a few layers of encryption to a normal file, example TXT could drastically improve security, or can harm in some way? | | 2022-07-04

    I tested a few encryption open-source software programs: Picocrypt, and Kryptor. I combine it all together, and my TXT file looks now that: hello.pcv.enc.pcv.kryptor.

  • serde-encrypt

    🔐 Encrypts all the Serialize.

    Project mention: I had no idea for a useful Rust project - so here is a useless one | | 2022-08-04
  • dryoc

    dryoc: Don't Roll Your Own Crypto, a pure-Rust, general-purpose cryptography library

    Project mention: dryoc – a pure-Rust libsodium implementation | | 2022-07-19
  • sodium-universal

    Universal wrapper for sodium-javascript and sodium-native working in Node.js and the Browser

    Project mention: Keet by Holepunch. Peer-to-Peer Chat, video & yext. Private & Encrypted. Unparalleled Quality. Open source. | | 2022-08-01


  • rawr-x3dh

    TypeScript Implementation of X3DH

    Project mention: Furries raise money for libraries after mayor threatens to withhold funds due to LGBTQ+ books | | 2022-02-06

    Just doing a little research on Soatok, he wrote and end-to-end encryption library and a certificate system in PhP which is pretty darn impressive.


    Crystal wrapper for the libsodium crypto API

  • kotlin-multiplatform-libsodium

    A kotlin multiplatform wrapper for libsodium, using directly built libsodium for jvm and native, and libsodium.js for js targets.

  • libsodium-signcryption

    Signcryption using libsodium.

    Project mention: Show HN: Pgsodium – A Crytographic PostgreSQL Extension | | 2022-01-10

    * Support for [SignCryption]( Sign & Encrypt identity verification. Signcryption goes beyond public key verification to provide identity verification, and negotiating a shared-secret key between two parties to use fast streaming encryption of the payload.

  • cpace

    A CPace PAKE implementation using libsodium.

  • crypto

    Cryptographic functions in WASM, C and Typescript for Nodejs and the browser. (by deliberative)

    Project mention: The Risks of WebAssembly | | 2022-09-08

    From my recent experience with WebAssembly developing a cryptographic library for Nodejs and the browser [1], I have to say that once someone needs to use memory allocation, typed arrays from JS to WASM (I did not manage to make the opposite work) etc. it quickly becomes obvious that there is lack of documentation and build system fragmentation that only hurts community growth IMO. If I was less motivated to finish the undertaking, I would just give up and go with libsodium-wrappers or tweetnacljs.

    I started with clang targeting wasm32-unknown-unknown-wasm as my build system but this just did not work with malloc/free, unless I was targeting WASI, but if I targeted WASI I would not be able to run the module in the browser except with a polyfill that was hard to set up with C/TS stack. I ended up with emscripten because it was importing the module with all the right helper functions but there I was getting memory errors on debug mode but not in production. I needed to pass the Uint8Arrays from JS to WASM in a very specific way (with HEAP8), otherwise the pointers were not working properly, but I was not able to find this in the documentation. I only found out from a stackoverflow comment somewhere after two weeks of brain melting (why would Uint8Array(memory.buffer, offset, len).byteOffset not work?).

    After I compiled the project successfully and the JS was giving the correct results, I decided to compile with -s SINGLE_FILE command in order to make the package as portable as possible, but this increased the size significantly because it translates the bytes into base64 that are then converted into WASM module from JS. A package manager of a compiled language that outputs cross-env JS that solves these problems automagically would be, IMO again, a game changer for the ecosystem. I believe this is what AssemblyScript tries to achieve but I honestly could not make it work for my project after experimenting with it for one or two days.

    I get that a lot of the problems come from the incompatibility of browser and Nodejs APIs and different agendas from the various stakeholders, but I would very much like to see these differences be reconciled so that we can have a good developer experience for cross-platform WASM modules, which will lead to more high-performance components for JS, which is a programming language that affects so many people.


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NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2022-09-25.

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What are some of the best open-source Libsodium projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 1,532
2 tweetnacl-js 1,528
3 zbox 1,333
4 lockbox 1,211
5 wire-webapp 1,065
6 Halite 1,057
7 RbNaCl 958
8 PyNacl 924
9 libsodium.js 820
10 sodium_compat 813
11 Swift-Sodium 474
12 node-sodium 355
13 pgsodium 342
14 Kryptor 259
15 serde-encrypt 160
16 dryoc 137
17 sodium-universal 63
18 rawr-x3dh 51
19 42
20 kotlin-multiplatform-libsodium 39
21 libsodium-signcryption 36
22 cpace 29
23 crypto 14
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