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Top 23 Automation Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo puppeteer

    Headless Chrome Node.js API

    Project mention: How can I make a bot that automatically buys something from BestBuy when it comes in stock? I’m tired of missing RTX 3060 TI FE drops to scalpers, so I want to make a script to pick one up for me as fast as possible. How can I do this? | | 2021-12-02
  • GitHub repo Home Assistant

    :house_with_garden: Open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first.

    Project mention: Electric Heat pump water heater with solar | | 2021-12-02
  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo fastlane

    🚀 The easiest way to automate building and releasing your iOS and Android apps

    Project mention: FastLane – App Automation of Deployment and Release | | 2021-11-29
  • GitHub repo Huginn

    Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by!

    Project mention: [TASK] Setup Huginn correctly, ready for me to transfer to my VPS - $20 | | 2021-12-02

    Basically, I wish to use Huginn ( to monitor certain events online. I've tried in the past to set it up, but failed and couldn't figure it out.

  • GitHub repo phantomjs

    Scriptable Headless Browser

    Project mention: Migrating Selenium system tests to Cuprite | | 2021-10-04

    In our project, we’ve been running system tests (then called rather "Feature tests") since around 2016. System tests use a real browser in the background and test all layers of a Rails application at once: from the database all the way up to the nuances of JavaScript loaded together with the web pages. Back then, we wrote our system tests using Capybara with Poltergeist, a driver that ran a headless Phantom JS browser. Since this browser stopped being actively developed, we migrated our test suite to the Selenium / Webdriver wrapper around Chrome browser around ~2018. Chrome was itself fine for tests automation but the Selenium API was quite limited and we had to rewrite several Poltergeist features using 3rd party gems and tools.

  • GitHub repo Vagrant

    Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing development environments.

    Project mention: Initial Thoughts on a Zulip's Issue | | 2021-12-01

    I was overwhelmed with Zulip's gigantic codebase and technologies. Luckily, their documentation is really clear, concise, and helpful. Although setting up a local development environment for the project took more time than usual, the process was straightforward. I had a chance to learn a bit about Docker and Vagrant. Apart from that, I had an unexpected reunion with Git's pre-commit hooks, my old friend from OSD's lab.

  • GitHub repo n8n

    Free and open fair-code licensed node based Workflow Automation Tool. Easily automate tasks across different services.

    Project mention: Building an Employee Survey Dashboard with Supabase and N8N | | 2021-12-03

    You should also go-ahead to set up N8N. You can signup for the cloud version or self-host it. Create a new workflow, and we’ll come back to it in a bit.

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo Tasmota

    Alternative firmware for ESP8266 with easy configuration using webUI, OTA updates, automation using timers or rules, expandability and entirely local control over MQTT, HTTP, Serial or KNX. Full documentation at

    Project mention: Where to start | | 2021-11-27

    Using a custom firmware like Tasmota or ESPHome will give you full control over the devices, you won't have to make an account and all the connection between those devices and Home Assistant will be over your local network.

  • GitHub repo appium

    :iphone: Automation for iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.

    Project mention: Top 10 Continuous Testing Tools | 2021 Updated | | 2021-07-27

    Website: License: Open-source

  • GitHub repo semantic-release

    :package::rocket: Fully automated version management and package publishing

    Project mention: Continuous integration with Docker and Jenkins | | 2021-10-22 This seemed like the most promising library as it is used by many and also has good documentation. But it seems to be to focussed primarily for using in the Node ecosystem. We wouldn't mind using Node in the CI pipeline, but the whole process in this library seems to be focussed on NPM and IMHO does too much in a single command (build, test, calculate version, tag, release), which is not to our liking as we want to see those steps explicitely as Jenkins steps. And in the Java ecosystem the version usually has to be known before the build as this information is included in the generated artefact. Also "release" in this library seems to be primarily implementing the NPM style of releasing open source projects, which is very different to closed source projects.

  • GitHub repo Node RED

    Low-code programming for event-driven applications

    Project mention: Are there any aeroponic-specific controllers on the market? | | 2021-11-25

    I use a combination of home assistant, node-red, and esphome. It runs on a pi and some nodemcu's and a large variety of sensors. These are open-source projects.

  • GitHub repo InstaPy

    📷 Instagram Bot - Tool for automated Instagram interactions

    Project mention: InstaPy is getting sued by Facebook. | | 2021-11-10
  • GitHub repo robotjs

    Node.js Desktop Automation.

    Project mention: I built some custom macro buttons using an Arduino Micro | | 2021-10-31

    I use the Johnny-Five JS library to connect to the board and use RobotJS to map the buttons on the board to keyboard buttons. Currently I just have it set up to map to audio buttons so I can prev/next/pause/play Spotify/Youtube or turn the OS volume up.

  • GitHub repo awx

    AWX Project

    Project mention: Provisioning tool for Proxmox | | 2021-11-18

    As a gui for ansible you can try AWX ( or, if you want something lighter, Ansible Semaphore (

  • GitHub repo watchtower

    A process for automating Docker container base image updates.

    Project mention: Achieve Maintenance Free Setup | | 2021-12-01

    If you want to make your container maintenance easier though, check out Watchtower. It's a container that will update all your container images whenever there's new ones, and rebuild your containers with their existing configuration, so it's pretty seamless.

  • GitHub repo PHP Code Sniffer

    PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.

    Project mention: Refactoring and improving a poorly written e-commerce software in PHP | | 2021-11-27

    Can be fixed with PHP CodeSniffer (different tool than what was linked by someone else - either is fine. I use phpcs as it reports errors as I type, I couldn't make php-code-fixer do that when I tried it). Pick a standard like PSR-12 (or build your own) and run it.

  • GitHub repo WebUI-aria2

    The aim for this project is to create the worlds best and hottest interface to interact with aria2. Very simple to use, just download and open index.html in any web browser.

    Project mention: Any selfhosted aria2/similar download managers that can controlled remotely? | | 2021-11-09
  • GitHub repo hammerspoon

    Staggeringly powerful macOS desktop automation with Lua

    Project mention: Desperate IFTTT help for an ADHD brain. | | 2021-11-17

    The alternative would be Hammerspoon - a free open source tool that uses the scripting language Lua to open windows, define keyboard shortcuts and automate clicks.

  • GitHub repo Leon

    🧠 Leon is your open-source personal assistant.

    Project mention: Why your own Assistant when there are sooo many? | | 2021-08-31
  • GitHub repo Zenbot 3

    Zenbot is a command-line cryptocurrency trading bot using Node.js and MongoDB.

    Project mention: where to find code pointed to by lib/bollinger.js | | 2021-11-14

    I was reading /lib/bollinger.js to know how zenbot calculate bollinger bands to create something derivated from it and... it just calls bollinger-bands

  • GitHub repo Prefect

    The easiest way to automate your data

    Project mention: Prefect CLI Action | | 2021-11-21

    GitHub Action for running Prefect commands using the Prefect CLI.

  • GitHub repo WebdriverIO

    Next-gen browser and mobile automation test framework for Node.js

    Project mention: Advanced Roadmap for React.js developers | | 2021-11-25

    -Selenium -Webdriver -Cypress -Puppeteer -Cucumber.js -Nightwatch.js

  • GitHub repo webhook

    webhook is a lightweight incoming webhook server to run shell commands

    Project mention: How can i sync my locally hosted web server with github? | | 2021-11-26

    You might be interested in webhooks, you can set them up in GitHub so that every time you push it triggers a script on your host webhook

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-12-03.

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What are some of the best open-source Automation projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 puppeteer 74,873
2 Home Assistant 47,691
3 fastlane 33,318
4 Huginn 32,715
5 phantomjs 28,627
6 Vagrant 23,025
7 n8n 19,040
8 Tasmota 16,496
9 appium 14,403
10 semantic-release 14,203
11 Node RED 13,501
12 InstaPy 13,489
13 robotjs 10,663
14 awx 10,394
15 watchtower 9,407
16 PHP Code Sniffer 8,973
17 WebUI-aria2 8,520
18 hammerspoon 8,391
19 Leon 8,076
20 Zenbot 3 8,046
21 Prefect 7,821
22 WebdriverIO 7,165
23 webhook 7,150
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