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  • GitHub repo algo

    Set up a personal VPN in the cloud

    Project mention: Massive issue with ProtonVPN on Linux | reddit.com/r/ProtonVPN | 2021-05-16

    Well it really depends on what you're looking for. Setting up your own VPN would mean that you're more or less in control of how your traffic behaves, but at the cost of anonymity since the only one using that IP address is you. Trust wise it's definitely better since you had control over who the cloud provider is, which dns it used, whether or not it logged data, etc. I used AlgoVPN to set up a wireguard server in the cloud. It takes like 15 minutes

  • GitHub repo setup-ipsec-vpn

    Scripts to build your own IPsec VPN server, with IPsec/L2TP, Cisco IPsec and IKEv2

    Project mention: VPN Setup Help/Speed | reddit.com/r/HomeNetworking | 2021-04-29
  • GitHub repo docker-ipsec-vpn-server

    Docker image to run an IPsec VPN server, with IPsec/L2TP, Cisco IPsec and IKEv2

    Project mention: VPN on Unifi 6.0.45 | reddit.com/r/UNIFI | 2021-02-04

    I gave up recently on this and just setup a docker image using this https://github.com/hwdsl2/docker-ipsec-vpn-server.

  • GitHub repo vpncn.github.io


    Project mention: Which VPN works the best!! | reddit.com/r/shanghai | 2020-12-20

    I'm quoting from this GitHub review: https://github.com/vpncn/vpncn.github.io#readme

  • GitHub repo node

    Mysterium Network Node - official implementation of distributed VPN network (dVPN) protocol (by mysteriumnetwork)

    Project mention: Wallet not updating | reddit.com/r/MysteriumNetwork | 2021-05-12

    If possible - update to the latest RC release which is version 0.46.2-rc2 and follow Tomas comment here which explains what's new and what's changed: https://github.com/mysteriumnetwork/node/issues/3344#issuecomment-832509098

  • GitHub repo openconnect

    OpenConnect client extended to support Palo Alto Networks' GlobalProtect VPN

    Project mention: I believe this is very a rare use case with GlobalProtect VPN. | reddit.com/r/paloaltonetworks | 2021-03-10


  • GitHub repo openvpn3

    OpenVPN 3 is a C++ class library that implements the functionality of an OpenVPN client, and is protocol-compatible with the OpenVPN 2.x branch.

    Project mention: What is the difference between OpenVPN2.9 and OpenVPN3 Core | reddit.com/r/OpenVPN | 2020-12-21

    OpenVPN 3 (Core) is a complete rewrite and reimplements the OpenVPN protocol as a C++ library. The OpenVPN Connect (macOS, Windows) apps and OpenVPN 3 Linux project are all based on the OpenVPN 3 Core project. In addition, the OpenVPN 3 Core can be activated instead of OpenVPN 2.x on OpenVPN for Android. Currently all of these products and projects only implements the client side.

  • GitHub repo gluetun

    VPN client in a thin Docker container for multiple VPN providers, written in Go, and using OpenVPN, DNS over TLS, with a few proxy servers built-in.

    Project mention: JDownloader Docker Container + OpenVPN (NordVPN) Docker container help! | reddit.com/r/synology | 2021-04-04

    Use this for VPN https://hub.docker.com/r/qmcgaw/gluetun . You will want to create this VPN container first and run its testing script to see if it gets an IP from the provider. Then when setting up your other containers whether it is JDownload or whatever, change or add the networking “— network container:vpncontainername”. One last note is when setting up the VPN container, to include the ports required for your JDownload containers as it will actually being served through the VPN container’s interface.

  • GitHub repo Pi-Hole-on-Google-Compute-Engine-Free-Tier-with-Full-Tunnel-and-Split-Tunnel-Wireguard-VPN-Configs

    Run your own privacy-first ad blocking service at home, or in the cloud for free with Google Cloud Services.

    Project mention: Question Regarding Oracle's Free Tier | reddit.com/r/pihole | 2021-04-30


  • GitHub repo nordvpn

    NordVpn Docker Client

    Project mention: Route Specific Containers Through VPN Tunnel | reddit.com/r/homelab | 2021-05-08
  • GitHub repo openvpn3-linux

    OpenVPN 3 Linux client

    Project mention: Running a .ovpn without having access to it ? | reddit.com/r/OpenVPN | 2021-03-22

    You're on the wrong OS. The OpenVPN 3 Linux client actually gives you the ability to pre-install VPN config profiles and allow non-privileged users to start VPN sessions without having access to the content of the profile, though the config-acl feature.

  • GitHub repo tailscale-android

    Tailscale Android Client

    Project mention: End-to-end mobile development with Go, is it possible? | reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-03-22

    You can take a look at https://github.com/tailscale/tailscale-android as an example that uses gioui.org.

  • GitHub repo vpn-ios

    Private Internet Access - PIA VPN for iOS

    Project mention: Why Librem Tunnel is Leaving iOS – Purism | reddit.com/r/Purism | 2021-03-18

    Note that the underlying application for Librem Tunnel on iOS ( https://github.com/pia-foss/vpn-ios ) is still on the Apple store and can still be used with the Librem One services ... one simply needs to perform the setup yourself (much like one needs to do for Librem One Mail on Apple).

  • GitHub repo ios-app

    Official IVPN iOS app (by ivpn)

    Project mention: Custom DNS over HTTPS Server causes Siri not to work | reddit.com/r/IVPN | 2021-04-29

    We have no ETA for a fix, though we will let you know when an update is available. Please feel free to follow along on GitHub: https://github.com/ivpn/ios-app/issues/131

  • GitHub repo wg-install

    Wireguard road warrior installer for Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora

    Project mention: I did it! Wireguard with GCP server! | reddit.com/r/WireGuard | 2021-04-27

    I'm surprised that u took someone's time to tell u how to bypass the firewall instead of just googling it 🤔 Ive done in since the moment wireguard went out Here is my autoscript: wg-install

  • GitHub repo mozilla-vpn-client

    A fast, secure and easy to use VPN. Built by the makers of Firefox.

    Project mention: Please don't let Firefox fall | reddit.com/r/firefox | 2021-04-13
  • GitHub repo android-app

    Official IVPN Android app (by ivpn)

    Project mention: Remove Play Service Dependecies | reddit.com/r/IVPN | 2021-05-03

    Added task to fix: https://github.com/ivpn/android-app/issues/56

  • GitHub repo desktop-app-cli

    Official IVPN command-line interface (CLI)

    Project mention: Linux app v3.3.7 is now available for all supported distributions | reddit.com/r/IVPN | 2021-04-12
  • GitHub repo desktop-app-ui2

    IVPN Desktop app

    Project mention: Linux app v3.3.7 is now available for all supported distributions | reddit.com/r/IVPN | 2021-04-12
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Project Stars
1 algo 20,723
2 setup-ipsec-vpn 15,675
3 docker-ipsec-vpn-server 3,997
4 vpncn.github.io 2,016
5 node 704
6 openconnect 653
7 openvpn3 524
8 gluetun 413
9 Pi-Hole-on-Google-Compute-Engine-Free-Tier-with-Full-Tunnel-and-Split-Tunnel-Wireguard-VPN-Configs 373
10 nordvpn 301
11 openvpn3-linux 193
12 tailscale-android 163
13 vpn-ios 136
14 ios-app 103
15 wg-install 99
16 mozilla-vpn-client 81
17 android-app 52
18 desktop-app-cli 19
19 desktop-app-ui2 16