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Top 23 Vim Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo neovim

    Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

    Project mention: Attention! As of today, updating the VS Code Python extension automatically installs proprietary software on your computer! | reddit.com/r/linux | 2021-05-11

    Not a problem at all, here you go http://neovim.io/

  • GitHub repo fzf

    :cherry_blossom: A command-line fuzzy finder

    Project mention: 15 Command Line Tools which Spark Joy in Your Terminal | dev.to | 2021-05-06
  • GitHub repo Vim

    The official Vim repository

    Project mention: The Biggest Mistakes I Made When Learning Vim | dev.to | 2021-05-12

    Vim is a powerful editor available for Linux, OSX and Windows that allows you to edit your code quickly and efficiently. This post is based on my experience from using Vim as a primary editor.

  • GitHub repo vim-plug

    :hibiscus: Minimalist Vim Plugin Manager

    Project mention: How to activate a plugin only for certain filetypes? | reddit.com/r/neovim | 2021-04-26
  • GitHub repo YouCompleteMe

    A code-completion engine for Vim

    Project mention: CLIPBOARD NOT AVAILABLE ON VIM . Pls help | reddit.com/r/vim | 2021-04-23
  • GitHub repo spacemacs

    A community-driven Emacs distribution - The best editor is neither Emacs nor Vim, it's Emacs *and* Vim!

    Project mention: Using libgccjit to make Emacs 2.3x to 42x faster [pdf] | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-01

    Really hope to see Emacs get more attention after `native-comp` branch merged to master.

    Recently, I have switched to Emacs full-time (first spacemacs[0], now doom[1]). So far, it has been a great experience. Spacemacs is a bit slow but with doom and `native-comp`, I rarely encounter any performance issues.

    [0]: https://github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs

    [1]: https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs

  • GitHub repo awesome-cheatsheets

    👩‍💻👨‍💻 Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools. They include everything you should know in one single file.

    Project mention: Github repositories for Web Development via twitter Pratham. | reddit.com/r/webdev | 2021-03-15

    Awesome cheat-sheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools

  • GitHub repo SpaceVim

    A community-driven modular vim distribution - The ultimate vim configuration

    Project mention: AWESOME WINDOWS TOOLS | dev.to | 2021-04-26

    SpaceVim - A community-driven vim distribution

  • GitHub repo coc.nvim

    Nodejs extension host for vim & neovim, load extensions like VSCode and host language servers.

    Project mention: Help a newb migrate to NeoVim from VSCode | reddit.com/r/neovim | 2021-05-07

    If you want to have a similar environment working in short time, probably CoC is your best option https://github.com/neoclide/coc.nvim.

  • GitHub repo dracula-theme

    🧛🏻‍♂️ Dark theme for all the things!

    Project mention: Making money from open source | dev.to | 2021-03-03

    The Dracula UI theme was created by Zeno Rocha as an opensource project when he was sick in hospital in 2013. It became a popular theme over the years. In late 2019, he decided to try to find a way to monetize the project when he saw how high the traffic to the draculatheme website was.

  • GitHub repo nerdtree

    A tree explorer plugin for vim.

    Project mention: Trouble folding some levels of indentation. | reddit.com/r/vim | 2021-04-29
  • GitHub repo vim-airline

    lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air

    Project mention: New dark Neovim theme TokyoNight written in Lua, with support for lsp, treesitter and lots of plugins. | reddit.com/r/neovim | 2021-04-19

    The theme is great! any thoughts on adding support for the airline plugin?

  • GitHub repo vim-go

    Go development plugin for Vim

    Project mention: is there a way make cmdheight auto change ? | reddit.com/r/vim | 2021-04-12

    Looks like you need to change how go#util#ShowInfo displays it's info. See s:GodocView for how to show a popup-window.

  • GitHub repo powerline

    Powerline is a statusline plugin for vim, and provides statuslines and prompts for several other applications, including zsh, bash, tmux, IPython, Awesome and Qtile.

    Project mention: Hey Rage, Whatchadoin'? [3/29/2021] | reddit.com/r/PerfectALARM | 2021-03-29

    Use Oh-My-Bash and Oh-My-Zsh with Powerline.

  • GitHub repo vim-galore

    :mortar_board: All things Vim!

    Project mention: Use vim as a pythonIDE | reddit.com/r/Python | 2021-03-10
  • GitHub repo nnn

    n³ The unorthodox terminal file manager

    Project mention: Anyone have a beginner-friendly intital configuration for nnn? | reddit.com/r/commandline | 2021-05-08

    Install nnn and any dependencies you need. All files are opened with the desktop opener by default.

  • GitHub repo ale

    Check syntax in Vim asynchronously and fix files, with Language Server Protocol (LSP) support

    Project mention: For the normcore users (no plugin). What are the mandatory plugins that you still use? | reddit.com/r/vim | 2021-05-02

    The only plugin I had to sneak into our very restricted remote environment was ALE.

  • GitHub repo doom-emacs

    An Emacs framework for the stubborn martian hacker

    Project mention: Error while updating: E: Release file for http://emacs.ganneff.de/dists/buster/InRelease is expired (invalid since 13h 26min 58s). Updates for this repository will not be applied. | reddit.com/r/DoomEmacs | 2021-05-11

    That's the link to the relevant entry in the doom manual: https://github.com/hlissner/doom-emacs/blob/develop/docs/getting_started.org#ubuntu

  • GitHub repo ranger

    A VIM-inspired filemanager for the console

    Project mention: Why do so many tutorials use the command line for file navigation? | reddit.com/r/learnprogramming | 2021-05-10

    Ranger is a file browser/manager with Vim-like shortcuts. https://github.com/ranger/ranger

  • GitHub repo Vim

    :star: Vim for Visual Studio Code (by VSCodeVim)

    Project mention: Ask HN: Easiest way to get a modern IDE with Vim style key bindings | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-24

    Since you've mentioned using VSCode, this may be what you're looking for


  • GitHub repo vnote

    A pleasant note-taking platform.

    Project mention: It's time to accept the fact that Notion will never give us an offline mode. Let's start looking for alternatives. | reddit.com/r/Notion | 2021-03-04

    Take a look at Vnote

  • GitHub repo vim-gitgutter

    A Vim plugin which shows git diff markers in the sign column and stages/previews/undoes hunks and partial hunks.

    Project mention: Show HN: GitHub style split diffs with syntax highlighting in your terminal | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-01
  • GitHub repo kakoune

    mawww's experiment for a better code editor

    Project mention: Fetch-master-6000 , Dilbert themed fetch tool | reddit.com/r/commandline | 2021-04-30

    Dilbert is also in Kakoune

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-05-12.


What are some of the best open-source Vim projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 neovim 43,601
2 fzf 36,629
3 Vim 23,576
4 vim-plug 23,197
5 YouCompleteMe 22,843
6 spacemacs 21,401
7 awesome-cheatsheets 18,471
8 SpaceVim 16,615
9 coc.nvim 15,959
10 dracula-theme 15,538
11 nerdtree 15,242
12 vim-airline 15,119
13 vim-go 13,338
14 powerline 12,528
15 vim-galore 11,788
16 nnn 11,303
17 ale 10,807
18 doom-emacs 10,658
19 ranger 9,625
20 Vim 8,888
21 vnote 8,064
22 vim-gitgutter 6,992
23 kakoune 6,970