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Top 13 Restore Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo gmvault

    gmail backup software

    Project mention: Gmvault | reddit.com/r/docker | 2021-05-31

    Link to original workaround: https://github.com/gaubert/gmvault/issues/335#issuecomment-475437988

  • GitHub repo Checkpoint

    Fast and simple homebrew save manager for 3DS and Switch.

    Project mention: HELP, sd card is recognized but the games aren't loaded | reddit.com/r/3dspiracy | 2021-06-22

    It's a problem with your SD card. It's been corrupted. Happened to me as well. I took a backup of the old SD, formatted the old SD, put a new SD in. And before you try to use the 3ds with the new SD, you must download the latest version of Luma3DS (the zip file), and paste the files boot.3dsx and boot.firm to the root of the SD card. Then you have to follow the steps in this guide: https://3ds.hacks.guide/finalizing-setup . And I'm extremely sorry to say, your 1.2k hours in monster hunter are gone. I recently lost 150+ hours myself. Next time, create a backup with Checkpoint and move the backup to somewhere safe, like a PC or phone. Don't just leave it on the 3ds. That's the mistake I made and I ended up going from G-rank to the start of High rank in monster hunter 4u ;-;

  • GitHub repo criu

    Checkpoint/Restore tool

    Project mention: Io_uring is not an event system | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-06-17

    Yes exactly what I had in mind. I'm also thinking of a particular chain of syscalls [0][1][2][3] (send netlink message, setsockopt, ioctls, getsockopts, reads, then setsockopt, then send netlink message) grouped so as to be done in one sequence without ever surfacing up to userland (just fill those here buffers, who's a good boy!). So now I'm missing ioctls and getsockopts but all in good time!

    [0] https://github.com/checkpoint-restore/criu/blob/7686b939d155...

  • GitHub repo pgbackrest

    Reliable PostgreSQL Backup & Restore

    Project mention: Backup Postgresql Docker | reddit.com/r/PostgreSQL | 2021-04-16

    pgBackrest and barman can backup to S3

  • GitHub repo EdiZon

    💡 A homebrew save management, editing tool and memory trainer for Horizon (Nintendo Switch)

    Project mention: Switch Hacking Q&A General | Nintendo Direct Edition | reddit.com/r/SwitchHacks | 2021-02-21

    If you're looking for simple cheats / locking RAM values, there's some options. Something like EdiZon would probably do the trick.

  • GitHub repo Bareos

    Main repository with the code for the libraries and daemons

  • GitHub repo idevicerestore

    Restore/upgrade firmware of iOS devices

    Project mention: To upgrade the SSD in a Mac Pro, you need a second Mac computer | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-05
  • GitHub repo Reset-Windows-Update-Tool

    Troubleshooting Tool with Windows Updates (Developed in Dev-C++).

    Project mention: No matter what I do this keeps happening to my parents computer. Already ran Windows Update Troubleshooter and it "fixed" something, yet it still does this when I try to update. | reddit.com/r/Windows10 | 2021-06-12
  • GitHub repo vscode-terminals

    An extension for setting-up multiple terminals at once, or just running some commands.

    Project mention: Automated way to launch 3 different terminals and run commands on each of them? | reddit.com/r/vscode | 2021-03-23

    You can use this extension to run multiple commands in different terminals https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=fabiospampinato.vscode-terminals, but it looks like the split feature is not possible yet. https://github.com/fabiospampinato/vscode-terminals/issues/9

  • GitHub repo n3dr

    Nexus3 Backup and Recovery tool

    Project mention: How to export and import Nexus repositories? (without a Pro account) | reddit.com/r/sysadmin | 2021-06-14
  • GitHub repo Butterfly-Backup

    Butterfly Backup is a simple command line wrapper of rsync for complex task, written in python.

    Project mention: Great Backup Tool for Enterprise | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-05-19
  • GitHub repo BedcoreProtect

    BedcoreProtect is a fast, efficient, data logging and anti-griefing tool for PocketMine servers. Rollback and restore any amount of damage.

    Project mention: Setting up server for Primary school children | reddit.com/r/admincraft | 2021-05-26

    This is possible with the plugin CoreProtect. It can also restore damaged blocks. However, This is on the Java Edition. Don't know about Bedrock though. Maybe this one will work.You can also see the messages of the players on the console.

  • GitHub repo virt-backup

    Fully backup your KVM Virtual Machines

    Project mention: KVM backup tool | reddit.com/r/kvm | 2021-06-01
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What are some of the best open-source Restore projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 gmvault 3,372
2 Checkpoint 1,740
3 criu 1,470
4 pgbackrest 840
5 EdiZon 743
6 Bareos 673
7 idevicerestore 588
8 Reset-Windows-Update-Tool 226
9 vscode-terminals 65
10 n3dr 61
11 Butterfly-Backup 61
12 BedcoreProtect 24
13 virt-backup 22