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Top 23 Publishing Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo Ghost

    👻 The #1 headless Node.js CMS for professional publishing

    Project mention: I'm Switching From Wix To Siteground/Bluehost - tips for my first time? | reddit.com/r/smallbusiness | 2021-05-06

    My recommendation is to stay away from WordPress at all. Use Medium it's for free or you can use ghost.org. It's easier to deal with and use.

  • GitHub repo lerna

    :dragon: A tool for managing JavaScript projects with multiple packages.

    Project mention: A package for writing scripts on JavaScript instead of Bash | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-05-06

    monorepo is more like a "repo of repos". Like any tool or pattern, it has its is benefits and its drawbacks. Code sharing is one advantage. Another is centralized enforcement of patterns, practices and testing strategies. The downsides are pretty obvious. You end up with a lot of code in one place. There are a few of tools (eg Nx and Lerna) that make dealing with monorepos less painful.

  • GitHub repo pandoc

    Universal markup converter

    Project mention: Frustrating issue regarding copying and pasting formatted text from a web application into a text editor | reddit.com/r/AskProgramming | 2021-05-08

    Once started it continuously watches the clipboard for changes and if it detects new clipboard content with HTML format but without RTF format it converts the HTML to RTF and adds that format to the clipboard as well. The conversion is done by using pandoc in the background. Application runs in the background, no GUI just a little clipboard icon in your systray.

  • GitHub repo papermill

    📚 Parameterize, execute, and analyze notebooks

    Project mention: What is with the assumption that if you are using the jupyter you are a noob? | reddit.com/r/datascience | 2021-03-30
  • GitHub repo gradle-play-publisher

    GPP is Android's unofficial release automation Gradle Plugin. It can do anything from building, uploading, and then promoting your App Bundle or APK to publishing app listings and other metadata.

    Project mention: Improving CI/CD pipeline for Android via Fastlane and GitHub Actions | reddit.com/r/androiddev | 2021-02-15

    There you go: https://github.com/Triple-T/gradle-play-publisher

  • GitHub repo Canvas

    A Laravel publishing platform (by austintoddj)

  • GitHub repo wink

    A Laravel-based publishing platform

    Project mention: Most Useful GitHub repositories for Laravel | dev.to | 2021-01-21

    Wink adds a nice UI where you can manage a publication of any size with posts, pages, tags, and authors.

  • GitHub repo Casper

    The default theme for Ghost

    Project mention: CSS Deep | dev.to | 2021-02-26

    TryGhost/Casper - The default personal blogging theme for Ghost

  • GitHub repo WriteFreely

    Simple blogging platform made just for writers. Write together, and build a community.

    Project mention: Closest thing to Medium.com — besides Ghost! | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 2021-04-21

    https://writefreely.org/ ?

  • GitHub repo feather

    Feather is a modern Swift-based content management system powered by Vapor 4. (by FeatherCMS)

    Project mention: Anyone here create a website using Swift? | reddit.com/r/swift | 2021-04-04

    and then there's Feather if you want a whole CMS

  • GitHub repo Ghost-Android

    🤖 Ghost for Android

    Project mention: Is the ghost android app available? | reddit.com/r/Ghost | 2021-05-07
  • GitHub repo ghost-on-heroku

    One-button Heroku deploy for the Ghost 3.2.0 blogging platform. (by SNathJr)

    Project mention: Why I ended up with dev.to | dev.to | 2021-04-03

    Currently, my blog is hosted using Heroku (and there is a nasty, dirty hack I'm using/co-developing: https://github.com/SNathJr/ghost-on-heroku). But it was only ever a temporary stopgap, as updating and testing it is a real pain in the ass (I have to update the code, and the only way to test it is to spin it up for real, and everyone wants you to do tech support for them while no one wants to contribute).

  • GitHub repo Starter

    A development starter theme for Ghost (by TryGhost)

    Project mention: How to Setup TailwindCSS for a Custom Ghost Theme | dev.to | 2020-08-30

    I use the official Ghost Starter Theme as a jumping off point, though you should be able to do this with any existing theme.

  • GitHub repo org-mode

    This is a MIRROR only, do not send PR.

    Project mention: Replace `org-speed-commands-user' by `org-speed-commands' | reddit.com/r/planetemacs | 2021-05-08
  • GitHub repo Typemill

    TYPEMILL is a simple and lightweight Flat-File-CMS for authors and publishers.

  • GitHub repo publish-plugin

    Gradle plugin for publishing to Nexus repositories

    Project mention: Publishing Android libraries to MavenCentral in 2021 | dev.to | 2021-04-21

    To easily automate publishing later, you'll use the gradle-nexus/publish-plugin tool. This has to be added in your project level (root) build.gradle file as a dependency.

  • GitHub repo amusewiki

    Text::Amuse-based publishing platform

  • GitHub repo pyrustic

    Lightweight framework to develop, package, and publish Python desktop applications

    Project mention: Show HN: I am building an open ecosystem for desktop application dev and distrib | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-17
  • GitHub repo Thunder

    A Drupal-based platform for professional publishers

  • GitHub repo Unix-Text-Processing

    Recreated sources for the book "UNIX Text Processing," published in 1987.

    Project mention: Can some body help me with tables? | reddit.com/r/groff | 2021-03-16

    I tend to refer myself mainly to Unix Text Processing which is freely available here and has been revived by the groff community on github.

  • GitHub repo OPoster

    Scheduling Platform for Social Media Networks. Powered by Orienteer

    Project mention: OPoster - open source web app for scheduled posting to social media: Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Vkontakte, Telegram. More networks to come! Please comment on what to support next | reddit.com/r/coolgithubprojects | 2021-01-18
  • GitHub repo ox-leanpub

    Org-mode exporter for Leanpub books - mirrored from GitLab

    Project mention: Equivalent to Bookdown with org-mode ? | reddit.com/r/emacs | 2021-01-23

    I use Org mode to write books which I publish at Leanpub using my own ox-leanpub package. Leanpub produces nicely formatted books in different formats but it's a commercial service, so YMMV. In the past I have also used ox-rst to export reStructuredText, and then process it with Sphinx, which produces nicely formatted output.

  • GitHub repo M5E-SRD

    The Modern5E Systems Reference Document (SRD).

    Project mention: New Modern5E SRD Now Under Development | reddit.com/r/DMAcademy | 2021-04-23

    Learn more at the Modern5E Github Page.

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What are some of the best open-source Publishing projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Ghost 37,342
2 lerna 27,946
3 pandoc 22,439
4 papermill 4,085
5 gradle-play-publisher 3,488
6 Canvas 2,658
7 wink 2,454
8 Casper 2,184
9 WriteFreely 2,120
10 feather 407
11 Ghost-Android 217
12 ghost-on-heroku 209
13 Starter 205
14 org-mode 175
15 Typemill 162
16 publish-plugin 108
17 amusewiki 97
18 pyrustic 82
19 Thunder 24
20 Unix-Text-Processing 21
21 OPoster 17
22 ox-leanpub 10
23 M5E-SRD 2