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  • GitHub repo crater

    Free & Open Source Invoice App for Freelancers & Small Businesses

  • GitHub repo react-credit-cards

    Beautiful credit cards for your payment forms

  • GitHub repo raiden

    Raiden Network

    Project mention: [GIT] Weekly Update 166 | reddit.com/r/raidennetwork | 2021-04-19

    We have some great news related to the Bespin release. The Matrix transport layer refactoring which is the biggest blocking issue for the Bespin release was successfully completed last week. Now, the Raiden development team can work on testing and prepare for the official release.

  • GitHub repo Payum

    PHP 7+ Payment processing library. It offers everything you need to work with payments: Credit card & offsite purchasing, subscriptions, payouts etc. - provided by Forma-Pro (by Payum)

  • GitHub repo react-native-credit-card-input

    Easy, cross-platform credit-card input for your React Native Project! Start accepting payment 💰 in your app today!

    Project mention: React Native Credit Card Input – Easy, cross-platform credit-card input for your React Native Project 💳 💳 | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2021-02-23

    It helps if you share a link to the repo. I think it is this one https://github.com/sbycrosz/react-native-credit-card-input

  • GitHub repo paypal-checkout-components

    Javascript Integration for PayPal Button and PayPal Checkout

    Project mention: PayPal launches crypto checkout service | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-30

    PayPal has some weird priorities, their existing checkout doesn't support CSP and the bug issue remains open for over a year without proper official updates on whether it will ever be fixed.

    [1] https://github.com/paypal/paypal-checkout-components/issues/...

  • GitHub repo Caishen

    A Payment Card UI & Validator for iOS

  • GitHub repo vue-stripe

    Stripe Checkout & Elements for Vue.js

    Project mention: Try the new VS Code extension + tiered and metered billing in Checkout | dev.to | 2021-01-29

    Vue Stripe + Checkout and Elements: Walk through how to get started with Vue Stripe using Checkout or Elements.

  • GitHub repo PayumBundle

    Payum offers everything you need to work with payments. From simplest use cases to very advanced ones.

    Project mention: Fabpot about the Symfony 6 and PHP: "I think we need to set the minimum version to 8.0. Supporting 7.4 does not make sense [as it] will reach OEM right after our release." | reddit.com/r/PHP | 2021-03-07

    I think the "problem" here is not that much with hosting than PHP dependencies. It seems to me easier to change hosting than third party librairies in some cases. (Ex. PayumBundle)

  • GitHub repo gringotts

    A complete payment library for Elixir and Phoenix Framework

    Project mention: Learning Ruby: Things I Like, Things I Miss from Python | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-02-15


    > Stripe, including webhooks support, actively developed

    I've looked into Stripity Stripe. For some time it was unmaintained and ended up getting taken over by another maintainer. It's also not as comprehensive as the official Stripe libraries. There's also a very big difference in using an official Stripe library and hoping for the best with a random one someone developed. Just skimming the code base it looks like the Checkout module is missing features that exist in the official Stripe library in every other supported language.

    According to the README file for Stripity Stripe it's also using Stripe's API version from 2019. There have been multiple major API updates since then, and there's been an open issue since November 2020 to add support for newer API versions with no replies. Personally I would be using one of those major features too.

    And this really is the point I'm trying to drive home. With Ruby, Python, Go, PHP, Node, Java and .NET these are problems you don't even need to think about. You just pick the payment provider's official SDK and start coding immediately, often times there's also an abundance of resources to implement the billing code itself into your app too through blog posts, official docs, YouTube videos, and even paid products like https://spark.laravel.com/. Stuff that makes integrating billing into your app (through Stripe, BrainTree and Paddle) being something you get done in 1 day instead of 3 months.

    With Elixir it becomes weeks of comprehensive research, evaluating questionable libraries, opening PRs, and becoming a full time library developer just to get to the point where you could even maybe begin to start accepting payments with just Stripe.

    > the best I've found is https://github.com/aviabird/gringotts

    I asked the Gringotts developers if they would be supporting PayPal about 5 hours after they announced the project ~3 years ago. He said it was coming and to stay tuned. It's now ~3 years later and PayPal support isn't there. Neither is BrainTree or Paddle. Here's the open issue for PayPal support from 2018 (not by me, I asked on another site) https://github.com/aviabird/gringotts/issues/114. The Stripe integration is also missing a ton and hasn't been touched since 2018.

    By the way, the Pay gem is really good. It's a smart abstraction and supports a ton of different subscription / 1 off payment use cases. Even complex ones like the type of app I was building.

    > It's definitely a few weeks work to roll your own from scratch so to be honest I'd probably just integrate with Twilio and just pay for someone else to handle this for me.

    Twilio ends up being 1 potential delivery method, it's not really someone you pay to solve the problem for you.

    There's wanting to show notification in the app over websockets, saving them into a database, emailing them out only if they are unread, maybe sending an SNS through Twilio, Slack and other providers.

    The noticed gem handles all of this for you (and supports Twilio too).

    Notifications in general is another example where other frameworks have this solved in very good ways, but it becomes another example where you have to stop developing your app and start developing a notification library with Elixir.

    At this point we've only talked about payments and notifications too. There's lots of other examples.

  • GitHub repo MFCard

    Easily integrate Credit Card payments module in iOS App. Swift 4.0

  • GitHub repo yaldash

    👻 It's never been easier to build and customize admin panels. Yah! yaldash is a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel.

    Project mention: 👻 It's never been easier to build and customize admin panels. Yah! yaldash is a beautifully designed administration panel for Laravel. | reddit.com/r/github | 2021-02-11
  • GitHub repo TPInAppReceipt

    Reading and Validating In App Purchase Receipt Locally.

    Project mention: Lightweight library for reading and validating Apple In App Purchase Receipt locally | reddit.com/r/swift | 2021-04-14
  • GitHub repo YRPayment

    Better payment user experience library with cool animation in Swift

  • GitHub repo mollie-api-node

    Official Mollie API client for Node

    Project mention: Ecommerce in Germany: Which payments methods to use? | reddit.com/r/ecommerce | 2021-04-05
  • GitHub repo monero-python

    A comprehensive Python module for handling Monero cryptocurrency

    Project mention: [Developers] Suggestions on some good cryptocurrency wallet APIs | reddit.com/r/Monero | 2021-04-10

    No, not at this time Upvote: https://github.com/monero-ecosystem/monero-python/issues/73

  • GitHub repo LibreSelery

    Continuous distribution of funding to your project contributors and dependencies. Integrated into GitHub Actions

    Project mention: A Free and Open Alternative to GitHub Sponsors | news.ycombinator.com | 2020-12-26

    Include specific details for this request and/or documents to help partner marketing evaluate the request

    Our open source community protontypes created a new concept for the funding of software development. We developed a command-line tool for CI that continuously distributes funding between project contributors and open source dependencies. After our first prototyping phase and evaluation, we have distributed around 3000€ between contributors of our own project and collected further requirements from multiple partners like the Debian project or GNU. By successfully applying the concept to our own development we have shown that a free and open alternative to GitHub Sponsors is possible.

    As many of our partners need a Gitlab integration we are looking for a partnership to lift the prototype to an open, free and independent alternative to GitHub Sponsors that allows projects to switch to any git platform without losing the funding. We are willing to shift the major development repository to Gitlab as we think this will give the project more opportunities and flexibility in the long term. More information can be found here:

    A Podcast about LiberSelery: https://podcast.sustainoss.org/63

    Source code of LibreSelery: https://github.com/protontypes/LibreSelery

    CI template for LibreSelery Integration on GitHub: https://github.com/protontypes/seleryaction

    The initial Blog Post: https://protontypes.eu/blog/2020/09/02/launch-of-protontypes...

    Potential due date:

  • GitHub repo awesome-audioqr

    A curated list of Audio QR / NSDT libraries

  • GitHub repo tezos-reward-distributor

    TRD: A reward distribution software for tezos bakers

    Project mention: Tezos Chef is closing | reddit.com/r/tezos | 2021-01-24
  • GitHub repo billplz

    PHP framework agnostic library for working with BillPlz API v3 and beyond...

    Project mention: BillPlz Payment Gateway | reddit.com/r/laravel | 2021-02-15

    It's just a thin wrapper over https://github.com/jomweb/billplz. Look there.

  • GitHub repo Payment Card View

    Custom Credit/Debit card view

  • GitHub repo pyTeliumManager

    Python library to manipulate Ingenico mobile payment device like iCT220 or iWL220 equipped with Telium Manager. RS232/USB.

  • GitHub repo jetstream-cashier-billing-portal

    Jetstream Cashier Billing Portal is a simple scaffolding billing portal to manage subscriptions, invoices and payment methods, built on top of Jetstream & Cashier Register.

    Project mention: For anyone like me who was stuck waiting on Spark updates, I recommend Cashier Register + Billing Portal from Renoki Co as a drop-in solution | reddit.com/r/laravel | 2021-01-19
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Project Stars
1 crater 3,800
2 react-credit-cards 2,079
3 raiden 1,791
4 Payum 1,618
5 react-native-credit-card-input 1,256
6 paypal-checkout-components 949
7 Caishen 751
8 vue-stripe 687
9 PayumBundle 511
10 gringotts 399
11 MFCard 357
12 yaldash 340
13 TPInAppReceipt 313
14 YRPayment 176
15 mollie-api-node 161
16 monero-python 121
17 LibreSelery 95
18 awesome-audioqr 89
19 tezos-reward-distributor 62
20 billplz 61
21 Payment Card View 55
22 pyTeliumManager 55
23 jetstream-cashier-billing-portal 52