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Top 23 Machine Learning Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo tensorflow

    An Open Source Machine Learning Framework for Everyone

    Project mention: Le télétravail, porte ouverte aux délocalisations des métiers qualifiés | | 2021-10-19
  • GitHub repo Keras

    Deep Learning for humans

    Project mention: Steps_per_epoch=1 | | 2021-10-18

    I think I found my answer here Thank you for your help


    Optimize your datasets for ML. Goodbye, boilerplate code - the fastest dataset optimization and management tool for computer vision.

  • GitHub repo Pytorch

    Tensors and Dynamic neural networks in Python with strong GPU acceleration

    Project mention: Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max processors take its in-house Arm-based chips to new heights | | 2021-10-19

    Adding more info, pending PR to add Pytorch support:

  • GitHub repo scikit-learn

    scikit-learn: machine learning in Python

    Project mention: Scikit-Learn Version 1.0 | | 2021-09-14

    Just to clarify, scikit-learn 1.0 has not been released yet. The latest tag in the github repo is 1.0.rc2

  • GitHub repo tesseract-ocr

    Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine (main repository)

    Project mention: Crafting and Refining Leveling Guides - Update # 1 | | 2021-10-18

    Hello u/CreativeMischief, I'm planning to add the crafting skill / reagent bonusses to the calculations soon. About the recipe data, I've got them from NWDB with the permission of the owner. The price data is from my server. I took screenshots and ran them through a tool I wrote (essentially a wrapper around Tesseract. Thank you for your feedback.

  • GitHub repo Face Recognition

    The world's simplest facial recognition api for Python and the command line

    Project mention: Facial recognition | | 2021-10-18
  • GitHub repo TensorFlow-Examples

    TensorFlow Tutorial and Examples for Beginners (support TF v1 & v2)

    Project mention: Keras vs. TensorFlow | | 2021-06-06

    A linear regression model

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo faceswap

    Deepfakes Software For All

    Project mention: Is it just me, or is faceswap installation trolling me? | | 2021-08-18

    It keeps getting stuck at either"fatal: unable to access '':" or "Please run this script with Python version 3.7 or 3.8 64bit and try again."

  • GitHub repo julia

    The Julia Programming Language

    Project mention: What kind of solutions do you prefer and what area of maths do you study? | | 2021-10-19
  • GitHub repo awesome-scalability

    The Patterns of Scalable, Reliable, and Performant Large-Scale Systems

    Project mention: The Patterns of Scalable, Reliable, and Performant Large-Scale Systems | | 2021-05-10
  • GitHub repo Caffe

    Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning.

    Project mention: Una corta intro a las Redes Neuronales Artificiales | | 2021-09-22

    Caffe de BAIR

  • GitHub repo MadeWithML

    Learn how to responsibly deliver value with ML.

    Project mention: mlops with mlflow | | 2021-10-11

    My recommendation for newbies is first to do this course:

  • GitHub repo gym

    A toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning algorithms.

    Project mention: Ideas for physics based modelling of solids using machine learning | | 2021-10-15
  • GitHub repo machine-learning-for-software-engineers

    A complete daily plan for studying to become a machine learning engineer.

    Project mention: Plano de estudos em machine learning com conteúdos em português. | | 2021-08-18
  • GitHub repo cs-video-courses

    List of Computer Science courses with video lectures.

    Project mention: Learning path for Data Structures and Algorithms? | | 2021-08-21

    Here's a list of CS Video Courses you could look at. Here's the section on Data Structures/Algorithms

  • GitHub repo Tesseract.js

    Pure Javascript OCR for more than 100 Languages 📖🎉🖥

    Project mention: D2 Trading App: Image Import | | 2021-08-30

    Have you tried this version?

  • GitHub repo ML-For-Beginners

    12 weeks, 25 lessons, 50 quizzes, classic Machine Learning for all

    Project mention: Free Data Science for Beginners curriculum on GitHub | | 2021-09-29

    Machine Learning for Beginners

  • GitHub repo openpose

    OpenPose: Real-time multi-person keypoint detection library for body, face, hands, and foot estimation

    Project mention: Help finding an appropriate model for human pose estimation | | 2021-09-29

    Openpose: This is supposedly realtime (I assume on a gpu, 24fps?) and they provide training code

  • GitHub repo data-science-ipython-notebooks

    Data science Python notebooks: Deep learning (TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, Keras), scikit-learn, Kaggle, big data (Spark, Hadoop MapReduce, HDFS), matplotlib, pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Python essentials, AWS, and various command lines.

    Project mention: Beginner in Python for Data Science | | 2020-12-27

    data science ipython notebooks

  • GitHub repo xgboost

    Scalable, Portable and Distributed Gradient Boosting (GBDT, GBRT or GBM) Library, for Python, R, Java, Scala, C++ and more. Runs on single machine, Hadoop, Spark, Dask, Flink and DataFlow

  • GitHub repo fastai

    The fastai deep learning library

    Project mention: D I Refuse To Use Pytorch Because Its A Facebook | | 2020-12-29

    Also, not a single docstring to document any code in the library -

  • GitHub repo spaCy

    💫 Industrial-strength Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python

    Project mention: Parsing Addresses With Machine Learning | | 2021-10-18

    A key feature of our address verification product is speed. Therefore, the library we chose to help build our address parser had to be up for the task. After comparing a few options, we chose spaCy. Given its state-of-the-art speed, named entity recognition feature, and documentation, spaCy is very suitable for this task.

  • GitHub repo google-research

    Google Research

    Project mention: Siri turns 10 | | 2021-10-04

    Conversely, Google publishes an order of magnitude more research on a wide variety of topics, and they actually implement that research.

NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-10-19.


What are some of the best open-source Machine Learning projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 tensorflow 159,996
2 Keras 52,841
3 Pytorch 51,479
4 scikit-learn 47,570
5 tesseract-ocr 42,228
6 Face Recognition 41,810
7 TensorFlow-Examples 41,264
8 faceswap 38,660
9 julia 36,688
10 awesome-scalability 36,171
11 Caffe 32,004
12 MadeWithML 28,932
13 gym 25,483
14 machine-learning-for-software-engineers 25,441
15 cs-video-courses 25,094
16 Tesseract.js 24,900
17 ML-For-Beginners 22,848
18 openpose 22,292
19 data-science-ipython-notebooks 21,726
20 xgboost 21,694
21 fastai 21,515
22 spaCy 21,511
23 google-research 19,938
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