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  • GitHub repo IQKeyboardManager

    Codeless drop-in universal library allows to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover UITextField/UITextView. Neither need to write any code nor any setup required and much more.

  • GitHub repo Karabiner-Elements

    Karabiner-Elements is a powerful utility for keyboard customization on macOS Sierra (10.12) or later.

    Project mention: Sensible macOS Defaults | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-19

    Cap locks should be control the way god intended it! :)

    You can use the hidutil if you want to script changes yourself:


    Or Karabiner Elements:


    I have an Filco Japanese keyboard and the default settings on macOS even when the keyboard is set to Japanese (QWERTY JIS) gets the 英数 (alphanumeric) key, and かな (kana) key wrong (and they are supported on the built in laptop keyboard).

  • GitHub repo barrier

    Open-source KVM software

    Project mention: Introducing Linux GUI apps running on Windows using the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) | reddit.com/r/Windows10 | 2021-04-21

    https://github.com/debauchee/barrier is open-source and I've used it on Ubuntu+Windows successfully.

  • GitHub repo mousetrap

    Simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript

    Project mention: [AskJS] How do you compress js files? | reddit.com/r/javascript | 2021-02-23


  • GitHub repo MonitorControl

    🖥 Control your external monitor brightness & volume on your Mac

    Project mention: My cozy homework setup :) | reddit.com/r/macsetups | 2021-03-26

    You can if you install MonitorControl

  • GitHub repo TPKeyboardAvoiding

    A drop-in universal solution for moving text fields out of the way of the keyboard in iOS

  • GitHub repo sharpkeys

    SharpKeys is a utility that manages a Registry key that allows Windows to remap one key to any other key.

    Project mention: Would it be possible to remap the dedicated shortkey buttons? | reddit.com/r/ayaneo | 2021-04-06

    Windows PowerToys has a good remapping function, or you can use something like SharpKeys to make permanent changes if you don't want to rely on a background process always running.

  • GitHub repo Unshaky

    A software attempt to address the "double key press" issue on Apple's butterfly keyboard [not actively maintained]

    Project mention: Make Keys Like a Controller | reddit.com/r/macgaming | 2021-04-06

    I think i found something for it... maybe it's : https://github.com/aahung/Unshaky/releases

  • GitHub repo KeyboardJS

    A JavaScript library for binding keyboard combos without the pain of key codes and key combo conflicts.

  • GitHub repo react-native-keyboard-spacer

    Plug and play react-native keyboard spacer view.

    Project mention: How to create a modal like this. Where the keyboard doesn't disrupts the view. | reddit.com/r/reactnative | 2021-03-11

    I’ve personally never had luck getting KeyboardAvoidingView to work. I’ve used this library for iOS for years https://github.com/Andr3wHur5t/react-native-keyboard-spacer

  • GitHub repo IHKeyboardAvoiding

    IHKeyboardAvoiding is an elegant solution for keeping any UIView visible when the keyboard is being shown - no UIScrollView required!

  • GitHub repo awesome-mechanical-keyboard

    ⌨️ A curated list of Open Source Mechanical Keyboard resources.

    Project mention: My challenge board. FlabaTech Atreus42 with blank DSA caps and spring swapped gat black inks (150g). | reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards | 2021-04-08

    https://github.com/BenRoe/awesome-mechanical-keyboard/blob/master/docs/README.md A lot of different, unique and also really cool keyboards

  • GitHub repo RxKeyboard

    Reactive Keyboard in iOS

  • GitHub repo florisboard

    An open-source keyboard for Android which respects your privacy. Currently in early-beta.

    Project mention: Is there a keyboard app that has a clipboard functionality? | reddit.com/r/fossdroid | 2021-04-12
  • GitHub repo Typist

    Swift UIKit keyboard manager for iOS apps.

  • GitHub repo mechanical-keyboard

    DIY mechanical keyboard and where to find them

    Project mention: 4 x 14, 15, or 16 board search. | reddit.com/r/olkb | 2021-04-16

    there is one in here https://github.com/help-14/mechanical-keyboard#ortholinear-keyboards

  • GitHub repo MMNumberKeyboard

    A simple keyboard to use with numbers and, optionally, a decimal point.

  • GitHub repo SlowQuitApps

    Add a global delay to Command-Q to stop accidental app quits.

    Project mention: TOP 30 Mac Useful Tools | dev.to | 2020-12-14

    Slow Quit Apps

  • GitHub repo redox-keyboard

    Ergonomic split mechanical keyboard

    Project mention: Looking for advice on a first build | reddit.com/r/keyboards | 2021-04-10

    I'm planning to build the Redox keyboard, since I like the style and I like to build my own stuff. The problem that I'm facing is mainly with the keycaps. I have a specific idea in mind for the colors and layout, but I'm having a hard time finding somewhere to order from. [Bill of materials here](https://github.com/mattdibi/redox-keyboard/tree/master/redox#bill-of-materials).

  • GitHub repo NgKeyboardTracker

    Objective-C library for tracking keyboard in iOS apps.

  • GitHub repo Repeat

    Cross-platform mouse/keyboard record/replay and automation hotkeys/macros creation, and more advanced automation features.

    Project mention: AutoKeys software Alternative | reddit.com/r/software | 2021-01-29

    If it is about Macro, AutoHotkey is indeed one of the popular ones. But then again, it is based on command line. If you are seeking for something with a GUI, there is Pulovers Macro Creator, its core based on AutoHotkey. Then there is Repeat, written in Java, thus crossplatform compatible.

  • GitHub repo input-overlay

    Show keyboard, gamepad and mouse input on stream

    Project mention: This is bug or something on my side? | reddit.com/r/pathofexile | 2021-02-04

    https://github.com/univrsal/input-overlay Just for this video, because without that hard understand what is wrong.

  • GitHub repo uncap

    Map Caps Lock to Escape or any key to any key

    Project mention: What's next? The Control key? | reddit.com/r/vim | 2021-01-14
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What are some of the best open-source Keyboard projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 IQKeyboardManager 15,006
2 Karabiner-Elements 12,776
3 barrier 11,048
4 mousetrap 10,679
5 MonitorControl 7,499
6 TPKeyboardAvoiding 5,790
7 sharpkeys 3,809
8 Unshaky 2,538
9 KeyboardJS 1,778
10 react-native-keyboard-spacer 1,439
11 IHKeyboardAvoiding 1,404
12 awesome-mechanical-keyboard 1,364
13 RxKeyboard 1,252
14 florisboard 1,155
15 Typist 1,011
16 mechanical-keyboard 1,005
17 MMNumberKeyboard 951
18 SlowQuitApps 927
19 redox-keyboard 817
20 NgKeyboardTracker 813
21 Repeat 772
22 input-overlay 721
23 uncap 711