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  • GitHub repo json

    JSON for Modern C++

    Project mention: Send string/vector over sockets | reddit.com/r/cpp_questions | 2021-06-11

    You can use JSON as the intermediate datastructure for serializing and de-serializing (https://github.com/nlohmann/json).

  • GitHub repo fastjson

    A fast JSON parser/generator for Java.

    Project mention: Ask HN: Differences in Programming Style by Nationalities | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-19

    I first noticed a difference in national styles when I contributed a patch to fastjson, a JSON parser in Java from Alibaba.

    Take a look around the repo; it'll look odd to a western programmer. There is a lot of duplication. And the tests don't have names, they are numbered.


    This was several years ago. I did end up choosing it since it really was the fastest.

  • GitHub repo SwiftyJSON

    The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift.

    Project mention: Need help with json data formatting | reddit.com/r/swift | 2021-01-09

    I second /u/daisnb that if possible, make sure the data is a consistent format and types, but if you’re unable to do that, I think SwiftyJSON can help, as it loosens the strict type requirement of Swift when handling JSON data

  • GitHub repo FlatBuffers

    FlatBuffers: Memory Efficient Serialization Library

    Project mention: I made an NBT-based data format, but a little more general purpose | reddit.com/r/gamedev | 2021-06-16

    FlatBuffers -- encoding is not as compact as protocol buffers, but encoding / decoding is faster

  • GitHub repo simdjson

    Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second

    Project mention: How many x86 instructions are there? | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-21

    PMOVMSKB is a great instruction, and 3c understates how cheap it is - if you have a throughput problem (rather than a latency problem) it's even more efficient relative to the ARM equivalent.

    I have a blog post about coping strategies for working around the absence of PMOVMSKB on NEON:


    We used these techniques in simdjson (which I presume still uses them; the code has changed considerably since I built this): https://github.com/simdjson/simdjson

    The best techniques for mitigating the absence of PMOVMSKB require that you use LD4, which results in interleaved inputs. This can sometimes make things easier, sometimes harder for your underlying lexing algorithm - sadly, it's not a 1:1 transformation of the original x86 code.

  • GitHub repo jsoniter

    A high-performance 100% compatible drop-in replacement of "encoding/json" (by json-iterator)

    Project mention: OjG now has a tokenizer that is almost 10 times faster than json.Decode | reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-04-18

    Need to compare with https://github.com/json-iterator/go too!

  • GitHub repo GJSON

    Get JSON values quickly - JSON parser for Go

    Project mention: After years of eagerness, I finally started Go and I already feel as if I start to hate it.... | reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-05-20

    I would check out https://github.com/tidwall/gjson

  • GitHub repo jsonparser

    One of the fastest alternative JSON parser for Go that does not require schema

    Project mention: JSON object of objects / Python dictionary of dictionaries (with unknown structure) | reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-04-07
  • GitHub repo easyjson

    Fast JSON serializer for golang.

    Project mention: Is there a JSON parsing library that generates specialized code for types? | reddit.com/r/learnrust | 2021-06-16

    I'm looking for something similar to https://github.com/mailru/easyjson where one can generate a concrete JSON parser for some types.

  • GitHub repo Oj

    Optimized JSON

    Project mention: How to use oj with jb in Rails 6? | reddit.com/r/rails | 2021-04-22

    Hello there, I am using Rails 6.1, I am accustomed to JBuilder, but in an attempt to increase the performance, I decided to use [jb](https://github.com/amatsuda/jb). How can I use [oj](https://github.com/ohler55/oj/) with jb?

  • GitHub repo poison

    An incredibly fast, pure Elixir JSON library

    Project mention: Connecting Ember.js with Phoenix | dev.to | 2021-06-02

    Poison (https://github.com/devinus/poison)

  • GitHub repo simplejson

    simplejson is a simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python

    Project mention: JSON parser | reddit.com/r/Python | 2021-01-14

    You should probably now go and compare how your solution compares to existing solutions. The one in the standard library might not actually be the best one to compare with here, though. You may want to compare with simplejson (https://github.com/simplejson/simplejson/blob/master/simplejson/decoder.py), which is a little, well, simpler, if a little less optimised.

  • GitHub repo jsoniter

    jsoniter (json-iterator) is fast and flexible JSON parser available in Java and Go (by json-iterator)

  • GitHub repo fastjson

    Fast JSON parser and validator for Go. No custom structs, no code generation, no reflection (by valyala)

    Project mention: JSON object of objects / Python dictionary of dictionaries (with unknown structure) | reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-04-07

    For such cases where I need to deal with complex, variable large JSON structures I use fastjson since that gives me access to the JSON structure as a node tree.

  • GitHub repo parson

    Lightweight JSON library written in C.

  • GitHub repo spray-json

    A lightweight, clean and simple JSON implementation in Scala

    Project mention: Performance of 12 JSON parsers for Scala | reddit.com/r/scala | 2021-03-29

    I've updated results of benchmarks of 12 JSON parsers for Scala: - AVSystem's scala-commons - Borer - Circe - DSL-JSON - Jackson - jsoniter-scala - Play-JSON, - play-json-jsoniter - Spray-JSON - uPickle - weePickle - zio-json

  • GitHub repo xml-js

    Converter utility between XML text and Javascript object / JSON text.

    Project mention: Weekly [Discussion] Thread | reddit.com/r/tasker | 2021-03-12

    That seems a good idea. After some search I came across a tool called xml-js. It can convert xml to json and vice versa.

  • GitHub repo argonaut

    Purely functional JSON parser and library in scala.

  • GitHub repo JSON Machine

    Efficient, easy-to-use, and fast PHP JSON stream parser

    Project mention: Lazy JSON | reddit.com/r/laravel | 2021-06-15

    Under the hood, it uses JSON Machine as a lexer and parser.

  • GitHub repo python-rapidjson

    Python wrapper around rapidjson

  • GitHub repo jsoncons

    A C++, header-only library for constructing JSON and JSON-like data formats, with JSON Pointer, JSON Patch, JSON Schema, JSONPath, JMESPath, CSV, MessagePack, CBOR, BSON, UBJSON

    Project mention: jsoncons v0.160.0 supports JSON Schema | reddit.com/r/cpp | 2021-01-18
  • GitHub repo json

    A really simple C# JSON Parser in 350 lines (by zanders3)

    Project mention: C# and JSON | reddit.com/r/godot | 2021-03-16

    I wrestled with this very topic for many moons, I ended up using this guys library: Github: zanders3/json by just including the 2 .cs files in my godot project, its very minimalist and works with the built in c# collections.

  • GitHub repo jsons

    🐍 A Python lib for (de)serializing Python objects to/from JSON

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Project Stars
1 json 24,838
2 fastjson 23,469
3 SwiftyJSON 20,629
4 FlatBuffers 16,367
5 simdjson 13,421
6 jsoniter 9,409
7 GJSON 8,465
8 jsonparser 4,018
9 easyjson 3,162
10 Oj 2,749
11 poison 1,868
12 simplejson 1,404
13 jsoniter 1,333
14 fastjson 1,248
15 parson 994
16 spray-json 928
17 xml-js 918
18 argonaut 503
19 JSON Machine 453
20 python-rapidjson 423
21 jsoncons 418
22 json 215
23 jsons 193