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Top 19 Install Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo nvm

    Node Version Manager - POSIX-compliant bash script to manage multiple active node.js versions

    Project mention: NPM Tutorial Help | reddit.com/r/learnprogramming | 2021-05-06
  • GitHub repo pnpm

    Fast, disk space efficient package manager

    Project mention: Next.js TypeScript Template | dev.to | 2021-03-31

    pnpm is a cool alternative to yarn or npm as it is faster and can reuse downloaded packages to reduce the size of node_modules.

  • GitHub repo archfi

    Arch Linux Fast Installer : tutorial installer

    Project mention: Want to install arch but need to if it works on my laptop. | reddit.com/r/archlinux | 2021-05-07

    I have a predator helios 300(2019). And I practiced installing arch linux a few times using archfi script on VM. I just wanted to know if arch works and doesn't break later(camera, battery backup, WiFi are important to me). Does anybody happen to have the same laptop and a successful build? Open to suggestions too

  • GitHub repo docker-php-extension-installer

    Easily install PHP extension in Docker containers

    Project mention: What should do about this warning: symfony 5.2 please install the intl php extension for best performance? | reddit.com/r/symfony | 2021-05-03

    If you use Docker there's this great tool: https://github.com/mlocati/docker-php-extension-installer

  • GitHub repo install

    📥 Homebrew (un)installer

    Project mention: Is it possible to use a container as my terminal on Mac? | reddit.com/r/docker | 2021-02-11

    The quick way to remove brew is literally on the website to install & uninstall brew: https://github.com/homebrew/install#uninstall-homebrew - if you plan to install/un/reinstall, it’s probably better to grab the actual scripts in those commands, but whatever.

  • GitHub repo Getdown

    Download, Install, Update

  • GitHub repo pi-apps

    Raspberry Pi App Store for Open Source Projects

    Project mention: Install tor browser on your raspberry pi easily with pi-apps, it basically allows you to install various programs that aren't easily installed on your raspberry pi. | reddit.com/r/TOR | 2021-03-29
  • GitHub repo Installomator

    Installation script to deploy standard software on Macs

    Project mention: updating iTerm with Jamf? | reddit.com/r/macsysadmin | 2021-05-05
  • GitHub repo npackd

    Package manager for Microsoft Windows: Wiki, bug tracker, mirror of the default repositories

    Project mention: What is new in Npackd 1.26 | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-14
  • GitHub repo Fedora-KDE-Minimal-Install-Guide

    Guide to install KDE Plasma desktop environment on a minimal Fedora installation

    Project mention: Fedora 34 (beta) KDE package dependencies too aggressive? | reddit.com/r/Fedora | 2021-04-24
  • GitHub repo OrganizrInstaller

    Automated install script for Organizr (https://github.com/causefx/Organizr) for Ubuntu/Debian/Raspbian/CentOS and Windows

    Project mention: Can't access to setup page with a fresh install on ISPConfig 3.2.4 | reddit.com/r/organizr | 2021-04-20

    I've downloaded the https://github.com/elmerfdz/OrganizrInstaller to automate the installation process, selected the second option to download only the file that i need and change the document root from /var/www/dash.example.com/web to /var/www/dash.example.com/web/html (to get to the correct location without the need to cp all of the file that might break if copied).

  • GitHub repo npackd-cpp

    Package manager for Microsoft Windows (GUI and command line utility)

    Project mention: Npackd 1.26.9 is the next stable release: or from the default repositories | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-13
  • GitHub repo ModioX

    Browse, Download and Install Mods for PS3 & XBOX

    Project mention: Do PS3 ROM Hacks exist? | reddit.com/r/ps3homebrew | 2021-03-11

    ohhsodead/ModioX: Browse, Download and Install Mods for PS3 & (soon to be) Xbox 360 (github.com)

  • GitHub repo ci

    Run npm ci using the appropriate Node package manager (npm, yarn, pnpm)

    Project mention: Using multiple package managers? Use npx ci instead of npm ci | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-04-23

    The gist of this command is just these if-conditions.

  • GitHub repo PerlProjects

    Various Perl projects and smaller Perl scripts.

    Project mention: How can I run a script when launching a steam game | reddit.com/r/linux_gaming | 2021-01-18

    I honestly can't tell what the difference between -o and -O is though. It doesn't matter though since I found a nice perl script that adds some abstraction over this anyway

  • GitHub repo ansible-tower

    Ansible Tower Repo for Demos, Smart Starts, and Integrating with ELK

    Project mention: how am i supposed to provision ansible tower with ansible | reddit.com/r/ansible | 2021-03-30

    Here's my simple playbook that preps a base RHEL server, installs my pre-req packages, distributes SSH keys, and imports my inventory for Ansible to install Tower. Is this what you're talking about?

  • GitHub repo arch-btrfs

    My Linux PC Config

    Project mention: [Help] having issues with new clean install to btrfs @subvol for timeshift. | reddit.com/r/archlinux | 2021-03-11

    I have a Github repo of my usual config. See my installation guide to install Arch on a Timeshift compatible BTRFS drive: https://github.com/maydayv7/arch-btrfs/blob/main/INSTALL.md

  • GitHub repo elm-library-installer

    Installs Elm libraries in corporate networks.

    Project mention: In Search of the Best Functional Programming Back-End: 2021 Update | dev.to | 2021-01-24

    Third, I can’t install Haskell packages at my company. Like Elm, we rewrite our SSL certificates. When the language doesn’t allow you to bypass this, like Node does ( process.env["NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED"] = 0 ), then you simply can’t install packages. You’re then left with 2 choices. Use ANOTHER language to install packages for you, or just not use it. Both are disappointing.

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What are some of the best open-source Install projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 nvm 48,459
2 pnpm 11,026
3 archfi 1,708
4 docker-php-extension-installer 1,259
5 install 1,072
6 displaylink-debian 790
7 Getdown 418
8 pi-apps 363
9 Installomator 190
10 npackd 118
11 Fedora-KDE-Minimal-Install-Guide 99
12 OrganizrInstaller 96
13 npackd-cpp 94
14 ModioX 29
15 ci 13
16 PerlProjects 7
17 ansible-tower 4
18 arch-btrfs 1
19 elm-library-installer 0