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Top 23 HTML Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo Bootstrap

    The most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

    Project mention: Bootstrap UI Components | | 2021-10-15

    Built-with Bootstrap 5 most popular front-end framework in developer community. So, you will have more flexibility and freedom while using these components or developing a site.

  • GitHub repo Electron

    :electron: Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

    Project mention: Ask HN: What does the future hold for Electron? | | 2021-10-15

    Microsoft owns Github. Github maintains Electron. Microsoft are moving Teams to use WebView2, sharing a single Chromium instance for all apps, reducing memory usage, which is the most common complaint for Electron.

    This architecture has been obvious to everyone for a long time. Every Electron app could essentially be a webpage but with enhanced native API access.

    Electron's future seems bleak. ESM support hasn't materialized ( WebView2 will not be available on macOS until late 2022 [it seems](

    Seems we are in one of these awkward transition periods, where you are forced to start a project on technology that you know will be deprecated in the near future sigh.

    Anyone have insight/predictions?

  • Syncfusion

    Build stunning web applications quickly using Syncfusion JavaScript UI controls.. The Syncfusion JavaScript suite offers more than 65 cross-platform, responsive, and lightweight JS/HTML5 UI controls for building modern web applications.

  • GitHub repo Front-End-Checklist

    🗂 The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites and meticulous developers

    Project mention: 12 Awesome GitHub Repos Developers will Love in 2021 | | 2021-08-24

    Have you ever asked yourself what you need to have or test in your web application before launching it? The Front-End Checklist repository has you covered. The Front-End Checklist is an exhaustive list of all elements you need to have/to test before launching your website/HTML page to production. The table of contents includes:

  • GitHub repo html5-boilerplate

    A professional front-end template for building fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites.

    Project mention: 10 GitHub Repository every Web Developer should Know | | 2021-09-29

    Link to the Repo

  • GitHub repo Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails

    Project mention: Rails 7 introduces ActiveModel::API | | 2021-10-15
  • GitHub repo Bulma

    Modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

    Project mention: Styling frameworks ? | | 2021-10-10

    There are a lot of CSS frameworks. Example:

  • GitHub repo prettier

    Prettier is an opinionated code formatter.

    Project mention: Refactoring and Git Rebase | | 2021-10-15

    To practice, I worked on refactoring my dodo-SSG project in a new branch that I called refactoring. I started by fixing the code format from previous contributions using prettier. I then changed the code to get rid of global variables. To do that, I had to split up some code into separate smaller functions. At each of these steps, I created a new commit to make sure I could easily go back to the previous version if anything broke (And things broke a lot while doing this!).

  • Nanos

    Run Linux Software Faster and Safer than Linux with Unikernels.

  • GitHub repo parcel

    The zero configuration build tool for the web. 📦🚀

    Project mention: Bundle a React library with Parcel | | 2021-10-17

    Checkout the Parcel website (Its pretty cool!) - Parcel

  • GitHub repo hyperterm

    A terminal built on web technologies

    Project mention: Frost glass terminal in linux? | | 2021-10-15

    It looks like hyper,

  • GitHub repo video.js

    Video.js - open source HTML5 & Flash video player

    Project mention: 18 amazing 🤩 GitHub repositories that will help you 🪄 make a beautiful project | | 2021-09-03

    A plugin that displays customizable markers upon progress bars of the video with Video.js. This could be used to show video breaks and show overlaid text on the video when playback reaches the specific break point.

  • GitHub repo front-end-interview-handbook

    ⚡️ Front End interview preparation materials for busy engineers

    Project mention: Is there a cracking the coding interview book but solely for front end stuff? | | 2021-10-05
  • GitHub repo SheetJS js-xlsx

    :green_book: SheetJS Community Edition -- Spreadsheet Data Toolkit

    Project mention: Is there way to create hierarchical CSV file in JavaScript | | 2021-10-13

    That said, if Excel is your goal, you can create Excel files directly from JavaScript using xlsx.js. There's a lot of information there, but I've used this a lot to create and/or read from Excel files in JavaScript.

  • GitHub repo cheerio

    Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.

    Project mention: I built a job board for the Space industry! link in comments | | 2021-10-09

    - Web scraper: Cheerio and Puppeteer

  • GitHub repo tabler

    Tabler is free and open-source HTML Dashboard UI Kit built on Bootstrap

    Project mention: Ask HN: Any Good Alternatives to Tabler | | 2021-10-09

    Tabler ( seems to have gone Semantic. Do you guys any goods alternatives for this otherwise amazing FE library?

  • GitHub repo Pure

    A set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.

    Project mention: 3 Sites that make CSS easy! | | 2021-10-08

  • GitHub repo mdb-ui-kit

    Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0 UI KIT

    Project mention: What is this layout called? | | 2021-08-03

    It seems "Chips" usually come with icons/images whereas "Tags" are simply made of text, according to Material Design Bootstrap | Github here

  • GitHub repo intro.js

    Lightweight, user-friendly onboarding tour library

    Project mention: How to make a tutorial for my website? | | 2021-06-30

    There are Javascript libraries for this, I searched "Javascript tour library" and found and for example

  • GitHub repo tools

    The Rome Toolchain. A linter, compiler, bundler, and more for JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, Markdown, and CSS.

    Project mention: Where would i start making a compiler in rust? | | 2021-10-03

    Read this project to know more Rome

  • GitHub repo jsdom

    A JavaScript implementation of various web standards, for use with Node.js

    Project mention: Developing and Testing Web Components | | 2021-10-13

    The next consideration I addressed was being able to easily write and run unit tests for vue-uhtml components. Having previously talked about a unit testing approach for Vue.js components, I was keen to apply the principle of “writing tests that assert your component’s public interface”. Before I could even think about writing component tests, I had to pick the most appropriate and well supported tooling. Vue’s documentation on testing and own vue-test-utils package makes this choice a foregone conclusion with Jest as a comprehensive test framework, and using vue-test-util’s wrapper based API to mount components in an isolated jsdom environment. While jsdom has provided a Custom Elements implementation since version 16, other Web Components APIs including Shadow DOM are not supported or reliable enough to be useful.

  • GitHub repo p5.js

    p5.js is a client-side JS platform that empowers artists, designers, students, and anyone to learn to code and express themselves creatively on the web. It is based on the core principles of Processing. —

    Project mention: Getting started with p5 | | 2021-10-17

    This is the site:

  • GitHub repo ratchet

    Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components.

    Project mention: CSS Deep | | 2021-02-26

    twbs/ratchet - Build mobile apps with simple HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components.

  • GitHub repo TOAST UI Editor

    🍞📝 Markdown WYSIWYG Editor. GFM Standard + Chart & UML Extensible.

    Project mention: My pain building a WYSIWYG editor with contenteditable | | 2021-09-17
NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-10-17.


What are some of the best open-source HTML projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 Bootstrap 153,418
2 Electron 98,331
3 Front-End-Checklist 56,574
4 html5-boilerplate 51,700
5 Ruby on Rails 49,223
6 Bulma 44,377
7 prettier 40,780
8 parcel 39,028
9 hyperterm 36,999
10 video.js 32,159
11 front-end-interview-handbook 31,839
12 HEAD 28,791
13 SheetJS js-xlsx 27,521
14 cheerio 24,346
15 tabler 24,243
16 Pure 21,933
17 mdb-ui-kit 21,646
18 intro.js 20,692
19 tools 16,483
20 jsdom 16,421
21 p5.js 16,215
22 ratchet 14,474
23 TOAST UI Editor 13,724
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