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Top 23 GUI Open-Source Projects

  • GitHub repo imgui

    Dear ImGui: Bloat-free Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies

    Project mention: What would you say is a good GUI library for a beginner (someone who's never dabbled in GUI programming before, but has several years of experience with C++)? | | 2021-10-22
  • GitHub repo dbeaver

    Free universal database tool and SQL client

    Project mention: How to Change Another User's Password? | | 2021-10-06

    Optimize your datasets for ML. Goodbye, boilerplate code - the fastest dataset optimization and management tool for computer vision.

  • GitHub repo tqdm

    A Fast, Extensible Progress Bar for Python and CLI

    Project mention: How apt renders its fancy progress bar? | | 2021-10-13
  • GitHub repo yew

    Rust / Wasm framework for building client web apps

    Project mention: tutorial: How to build a simple Rust frontend web app | | 2021-10-22

    The biggest difference between and Yew is that while Yew is purely for building web apps, Iced’s focus is actually on cross-platform applications; the web is only one of several platforms you can build an application for.

  • GitHub repo flameshot

    Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software :desktop_computer: :camera_flash:

    Project mention: Programs that are holding me back from completely switching to Linux (Manjaro) | | 2021-10-19


  • GitHub repo fyne

    Cross platform GUI in Go inspired by Material Design

    Project mention: Best framework to create GUI in linux? | | 2021-10-14

    I would just add, fyne a promising newcomer, for Go.

  • GitHub repo kivy

    Open source UI framework written in Python, running on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS

    Project mention: Pygame Vs Kivy for Mobile Development: Any Insights? | | 2021-10-13

    #1: Kivy 2.0 released! | 10 comments #2: High School Library Management System written in Kivy and python #3: Hamster messaging app UI Development in kivy, kivymd | 3 comments

  • Scout APM

    Scout APM: A developer's best friend. Try free for 14-days. Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

  • GitHub repo filemanager

    📂 Web File Browser

    Project mention: Looking for Managed File Transfer Server | | 2021-10-17
  • GitHub repo Avalonia

    A cross platform XAML framework for .NET

    Project mention: Developing a Cross-Platform Desktop Application | | 2021-10-24

    You could use .NET 5.0 and Avalonia as GUI framework. If you search on you will also find several packages for cross platform USB access.

  • GitHub repo iced

    A cross-platform GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm

    Project mention: tutorial: How to build a simple Rust frontend web app | | 2021-10-22

    Another thing to note is that is very much in early and active development. While it’s absolutely possible to build basic apps with it, the ecosystem isn’t particularly mature yet. Besides the docs and examples, at this early stage, it’s a bit rocky to get started, especially if you’re trying to build something complex.

  • GitHub repo MaterialDesignInXamlToolkit

    Google's Material Design in XAML & WPF, for C# & VB.Net.

    Project mention: Making sense of and getting started with .NET+WinUI | | 2021-10-24

    WPF can be made a lot more modern looking with free open source libraries. For example Most libraries and projects work well with it, which may put it ahead of WinUI if they aren't updated yet.

  • GitHub repo Windows10Debloater

    Script to remove Windows 10 bloatware.

    Project mention: Programeri reddita, ovo mi se dogadja na laptopu kupljenom prije 3 godine .Upalim laptop i u ‘mirovanju’ zauzima ~70% RAM-a. Po mome istrazivanju u pitanju je memory leak, ali ne znam kako da ga rijesim. Pls help | | 2021-10-23

    Malo je više poweruser stvar, no skine ti skoro 1/3 rama koje win10 po defaultu zauzme sa telemetrijama i glupostima. Ima upute i sve pa nemreš zajebat:

  • GitHub repo libui

    Simple and portable (but not inflexible) GUI library in C that uses the native GUI technologies of each platform it supports.

    Project mention: Glimmer DSL for LibUI – Simplest Native GUI Cross-Platform Syntax | | 2021-10-22

    I find the concepts (i.e. "SWT without Java") behind libui ( exciting, and I could picture myself using it someday (through its Python bindings).

    I'm a bit worried, though, that the project is described as "mid-alpha" and hasn't received a single commit since January this year.

    Could anyone familiar with the project comment on its current state ?

  • GitHub repo cutter

    Free and Open Source Reverse Engineering Platform powered by rizin

    Project mention: Rizin 0.3.0 is !now available and also Cutter 2.0.3 is out! | | 2021-09-25
  • GitHub repo webview

    Tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++/Golang. Uses WebKit (Gtk/Cocoa) and Edge (Windows)

    Project mention: Java Headless-Browser from scratch. | | 2021-09-05

    you can also have a look at webview wraper like . This comes with Java binding as well, but it meant to be running in headful environmemt

  • GitHub repo qt

    Qt binding for Go (Golang) with support for Windows / macOS / Linux / FreeBSD / Android / iOS / Sailfish OS / Raspberry Pi / AsteroidOS / Ubuntu Touch / JavaScript / WebAssembly

    Project mention: Want to create a non-bloated linux app | | 2021-07-08

    I know of, but I've no experience using it, so not sure how well it works. But normally if you feel handy with Go, I guess it should be easier than switching your development stack to C++.

  • GitHub repo PySimpleGUI

    Launched in 2018 Actively developed & supported. Supports tkinter, Qt, WxPython, Remi (in browser). Create custom GUI Windows simply, trivially with a full set of widgets. Multi-Window applications are also simple. Python 2.7 & 3 Support. 300+ Demo programs & Cookbook for rapid start. Extensive documentation. Examples using Machine Learning(GUI, OpenCV Integration, Chatterbot), Desktop Widgets (Rainmeter-like), Matplotlib + Pyplot integration, add GUI to command line scripts, PDF & Image Viewe

    Project mention: Windows 11 see my pyinstaller exports as virus | | 2021-10-09

    Also not to sidetrack you too much, if you need to build a simple to medium complexity UI in python, PySimpleGUI is immensely simpler and faster than tkinter!

  • GitHub repo gdbgui

    Browser-based frontend to gdb (gnu debugger). Add breakpoints, view the stack, visualize data structures, and more in C, C++, Go, Rust, and Fortran. Run gdbgui from the terminal and a new tab will open in your browser.

  • GitHub repo AriaNg

    AriaNg, a modern web frontend making aria2 easier to use.

    Project mention: Alternative App for torrents instead of Download Station? ("Client transmission/2.93 is not acceptable!") | | 2021-10-04

    DownloadStation uses Transmission ( ) on its backend but 2.93 it's outdated. Try to run on your pc the version 3.0, if it works you can install a web version through Docker. If it still doesn't work with it, try Aria it's like an "open source download station" ( ).

  • GitHub repo ui

    Platform-native GUI library for Go.

    Project mention: Is there is good GUI for Golang ? | | 2021-08-12

    I would recommend for a beautiful cross-platform (desktop), native UI, and for a really simple, intuitive, easy-to-use UI library with a great community that works on all platforms including mobile

  • GitHub repo MahApps.Metro

    A framework that allows developers to cobble together a better UI for their own WPF applications with minimal effort.

    Project mention: Making sense of and getting started with .NET+WinUI | | 2021-10-24 is another good one.

  • GitHub repo lvgl

    Powerful and easy-to-use embedded GUI library with many widgets, advanced visual effects (opacity, antialiasing, animations) and low memory requirements (16K RAM, 64K Flash).

    Project mention: LVGL - Light and Versatile Embedded Graphics Library (micropython) | | 2021-10-16
  • GitHub repo youtube-dl-gui

    A cross platform front-end GUI of the popular youtube-dl written in wxPython.

    Project mention: Worüber lädt man heutzutage YouTube-Videos herunter? | | 2021-10-23
NOTE: The open source projects on this list are ordered by number of github stars. The number of mentions indicates repo mentiontions in the last 12 Months or since we started tracking (Dec 2020). The latest post mention was on 2021-10-24.


What are some of the best open-source GUI projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 imgui 32,417
2 dbeaver 22,693
3 tqdm 19,801
4 yew 17,411
5 flameshot 14,602
6 fyne 14,413
7 kivy 13,567
8 filemanager 13,317
9 Avalonia 12,205
10 iced 11,688
11 MaterialDesignInXamlToolkit 11,374
12 Windows10Debloater 11,054
13 libui 10,046
14 cutter 9,819
15 webview 8,979
16 qt 8,834
17 PySimpleGUI 8,628
18 gdbgui 8,237
19 AriaNg 8,105
20 ui 7,993
21 MahApps.Metro 7,951
22 lvgl 7,602
23 youtube-dl-gui 7,485
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