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  • GitHub repo terminal

    The new Windows Terminal and the original Windows console host, all in the same place!

    Project mention: What are some smooth computer tricks/software that can totally impress someone? | reddit.com/r/AskReddit | 2021-04-19

    Doesn't work well with FAR manager.

  • GitHub repo PM2

    Node.js Production Process Manager with a built-in Load Balancer.

    Project mention: What is the best way to deploy an Express app on Ubuntu? | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-04-10

    PM2 handles all of this beautifully. https://pm2.io/

  • GitHub repo tldr

    📚 Collaborative cheatsheets for console commands

    Project mention: Ask HN: Show me the sexy, sexy home page of your favorite free CLI project | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-20
  • GitHub repo bat

    A cat(1) clone with wings.

    Project mention: Ask HN: Show me the sexy, sexy home page of your favorite free CLI project | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-20

    Some others that look really clean:

    bat: https://github.com/sharkdp/bat

  • GitHub repo PowerShell

    PowerShell for every system!

    Project mention: Ask HN: What under-the-radar technology are you super excited about? | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-12

    Thanks for the thoughtful response! Many of these are totally legitimate: in particular, we're making steady progress to centralize module design, release, documentation, and modernization, or at least to bring many teams closer together. In many cases, we're at a transition point between moving from traditional PS remoting modules and filling out PS coverage for newer OAuth / REST API flows.

    I don't know how recently you've tried PS7, but the back-compat (particularly on Windows) is much, much better[1]. And for those places where compatibility isn't there yet, if you're running on Windows, you can just `Import-Module -UseWindowsPowerShell FooModule` and it'll secretly load out-of-proc in Windows PS.

    Unfortunately, the .NET problems are outside my area. I'm definitely not the expert, but I believe many of the decisions around the default assembly load context are integral to the refactoring of .NET Core/5+. We are looking into building a generalized assembly load context that allows for "module isolation", and I'd love to get a sense in the issue tracking that[2] whether or not fixing that would help solve some of the difficulties you're having in building modules.

    For Azure, you should check out the PSArm[3] module that we just started shipping experimentally. It's basically a PS DSL around ARM templates, as someone who uses PS and writes the Azure JSON, you sound like the ideal target for it.

    As for the help content, that's a very funny story for another time :D

    [1]: https://aka.ms/psmodulecompat

    [2]: https://github.com/PowerShell/PowerShell/issues/2083

    [3]: https://github.com/powershell/psarm

  • GitHub repo ripgrep

    ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern while respecting your gitignore

    Project mention: Search in files recommendations | reddit.com/r/vim | 2021-04-21

    Use rip grep

  • GitHub repo cheat.sh

    the only cheat sheet you need

    Project mention: Sed command regex implementation problem | reddit.com/r/regex | 2021-04-15

    I'm not familiar with that site, but from reading a bit from the github repo https://github.com/chubin/cheat.sh, seems like curl cheat.sh/sed\?T will help you avoid syntax highlighting

  • GitHub repo cobra

    A Commander for modern Go CLI interactions

    Project mention: Backstage Software Templates | dev.to | 2021-04-13

    apiVersion: backstage.io/v1alpha1 kind: Template metadata: name: golang-starter title: Golang Microservice description: Create a Golang repo with this template built by members of the Go community tags: - experimental - go spec: owner: [email protected] templater: cookiecutter type: service path: "." schema: required: - component_id - project_short_description - docker_image - docker_build_image - docker_build_image_version - use_logrus_logging - use_viper_config - use_ci - use_cobra_cmd properties: component_id: title: Name type: string description: Unique name of the component project_short_description: title: Description type: string description: Description of the component docker_image: title: Docker Image type: string description: The docker base image to use when running the service default: alpine-base-image:latest docker_build_image: title: Docker Build Image type: string description: The docker base image to use when building the service default: golang docker_build_image_version: title: Docker Build Image Version description: The image version to use when building the service type: string enum: - alpine default: alpine use_logrus_logging: title: Enable Logrus Logging (https://github.com/sirupsen/logrus) type: string enum: - "y" - "n" default: "y" use_viper_config: title: Enable Viper Config (https://github.com/spf13/viper) type: string enum: - "y" - "n" default: "y" use_cobra_cmd: title: Enable Cobra CLI Tools (https://github.com/spf13/cobra) type: string enum: - "y" - "n" default: "y" use_ci: title: Add CI description: Add a CI config to the repo, Gitub Actions, Circle or Travis are the only supported right now type: string enum: - github - travis - circle - none default: github

  • GitHub repo fd

    A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to 'find'

    Project mention: "Best" programming setup? | reddit.com/r/archlinux | 2021-04-15

    In addition to fzf and ripgrep, you can have a look at fd. This is often a faster alternative to find and can be combined with fzf, for example.

  • GitHub repo micro-editor

    A modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor

    Project mention: Which terminal text editor should I use? | reddit.com/r/linuxquestions | 2021-04-20
  • GitHub repo Ink

    🌈 React for interactive command-line apps

    Project mention: Can I have V8 with built-in JSX? | reddit.com/r/react | 2021-04-10

    You may want to replace what it means to call jsx, without redefining the syntax, AKA you may want a renderer that doesn't render dom-nodes. Ink for example lets you build terminal applications using JS. Would'nt be possible, if V8 predefined the renderer to use

  • GitHub repo urfave/cli

    A simple, fast, and fun package for building command line apps in Go (by urfave)

    Project mention: Crow: A simple command-line utility (written in Go) that lets you repeat any command when you change certain files. | reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-01-01

    go: downloading github.com/urfave/cli/v2 v2.2.0

  • GitHub repo Inquirer.js

    A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.

    Project mention: How to write a simple CLI in Node.js | dev.to | 2021-03-24

    Here is an actual example of a complete implementation adapted from here

  • GitHub repo GoAccess

    GoAccess is a real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems or through your browser.

    Project mention: What are you using to analyze/visualize CloudFront logs? | reddit.com/r/aws | 2021-04-19
  • GitHub repo exa

    A modern replacement for ‘ls’.

    Project mention: What are some of the "prettiest" terminal user interface applications you've used? | reddit.com/r/linuxquestions | 2021-04-21
  • GitHub repo ctop

    Top-like interface for container metrics

    Project mention: Found this nice top-like CLI tool for container metrics | reddit.com/r/selfhosted | 2021-04-14
  • GitHub repo neofetch

    🖼️ A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+

    Project mention: Netdata: Open-source real-time monitoring platform | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-21

    I have played around with netdata just yesterday on my home server. Great tool, but the defaults are overkill for my needs. After spending an hour trying to simplify (=disable most of the "collectors") using the documentation, I finally gave up.

    Settled on neofetch [1] instead: pure bash, wrote my own custom inputs including color coding for incident reporting in less time than it took me to strip down netdata. Highly recommended if you want to spend your time on other things than (setting up) server monitoring.

    [1] https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetch

  • GitHub repo winget-cli

    Windows Package Manager CLI (aka winget)

    Project mention: Does Windows Package Manager support "apt-get upgrade" linux feature? | reddit.com/r/Windows10 | 2021-04-21

    You can find all information here, and about update here.

  • GitHub repo cz-cli

    The commitizen command line utility. #BlackLivesMatter

    Project mention: On Git Commit Messages | reddit.com/r/programming | 2021-04-03

    Convinced my team to use this : http://commitizen.github.io/cz-cli/

  • GitHub repo terminalizer

    🦄 Record your terminal and generate animated gif images or share a web player

    Project mention: Are there any tools that auto type code for the purpose of recording video? | reddit.com/r/learnprogramming | 2021-03-31

    Check out terminalizer - I think you can record your terminal, edit out all of the backspaces, adjust the speed, etc and turn it into a GIF.

  • GitHub repo nnn

    n³ The unorthodox terminal file manager

    Project mention: How to navigate directories faster with Bash (2015) | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-22

    No mentions of https://github.com/jarun/nnn yet?

    Using an actual file manager that has a ton of features without any bloat is in my opinion superior to any bolted on aliases or smart bash scripts.

  • GitHub repo termui

    Golang terminal dashboard

    Project mention: Blessed: Curses-like library with high level terminal interface API for Node.js | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-03-31
  • GitHub repo http-server

    a simple zero-configuration command-line http server

    Project mention: Making api calls and developing locally. | reddit.com/r/Frontend | 2021-03-31
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What are some of the best open-source Command-line projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 terminal 73,355
2 PM2 34,635
3 tldr 31,348
4 bat 26,521
5 PowerShell 25,710
6 ripgrep 24,694
7 cheat.sh 24,011
8 cobra 21,233
9 fd 17,033
10 micro-editor 16,609
11 Ink 16,024
12 urfave/cli 15,674
13 Inquirer.js 14,180
14 GoAccess 13,108
15 exa 12,941
16 ctop 11,430
17 neofetch 11,400
18 winget-cli 11,351
19 cz-cli 11,230
20 terminalizer 11,215
21 nnn 10,915
22 termui 10,832
23 http-server 10,509