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  • GitHub repo drone

    Drone is a Container-Native, Continuous Delivery Platform

    Project mention: Can you share some Go package that you think has high quality clean code? | reddit.com/r/golang | 2021-04-13
  • GitHub repo Openshift Origin

    Conformance test suite for OpenShift

  • GitHub repo Go

    Main repository for GoCD - Continuous Delivery server

    Project mention: Ask HN: How do you keep track of releases/deployments of dozens micro-services? | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-20
  • GitHub repo argo-cd

    Declarative continuous deployment for Kubernetes.

    Project mention: Configuring ArgoCD on Amazon EKS | dev.to | 2021-04-17

    stages: - init - deploy variables: KUBECTL_VERSION: 1.20.5 ARGOCD_VERSION: 1.7.4 ARGOCD_ADDR: argocd.example.com # Get ArgoCD credentials from Secret Manager before_script: - export AROGOCD_TOKEN="$(aws secretsmanager get-secret-value --secret-id argocd-token --version-stage AWSCURRENT --query SecretString --output text)" # install kubectl - curl -L "https://storage.googleapis.com/kubernetes-release/release/v${KUBECTL_VERSION}/bin/linux/amd64/kubectl" -o /usr/bin/kubectl # install argocd - curl -sSL -o /usr/local/bin/argocd "https://github.com/argoproj/argo-cd/releases/download/v${ARGOCD_VERSION}/argocd-linux-amd64" init demo project 🔬: stage: init when: manual image: name: amazon/aws-cli script: - argocd cluster add $BUSINESS_K8S_CONTEXT --name business-cluster-dev --kubeconfig $KUBE_CONFIG --auth-token=${AROGOCD_TOKEN} --server ${ARGOCD_ADDR} || echo 'cluster already added' tags: - k8s-dev-runner only: - master deploy demo project 🚀: stage: init when: manual image: name: amazon/aws-cli script: - sed -i "s,,$BUSINESS_K8S_CLUSTER_URL,g;s,,$CI_PROJECT_URL.git,g" application.yaml # Connect to aws eks devops cluster - aws eks update-kubeconfig --region $AWS_REGION --name $EKS_CLUSTER_NAME # Create ArgoCD project - argocd proj create demo-dev -d $KUBERNETES_CLUSTER_URL,app-dev -s $CI_PROJECT_URL.git --auth-token=${AROGOCD_TOKEN} --server ${ARGOCD_ADDR} || echo 'project already created' # Create ArgoCD application - kubectl apply -n argocd -f application.yaml tags: - k8s-dev-runner only: - master deploy demo app 🌐: stage: deploy image: name: amazon/aws-cli script: - cd envs/dev - argocd app sync demo-dev --auth-token=${AROGOCD_TOKEN} --server ${ARGOCD_ADDR} tags: - k8s-dev-runner only: - tags

  • GitHub repo Concourse

    Concourse is a container-based continuous thing-doer written in Go.

    Project mention: We chose Elm for Humio’s web UI | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-19
  • GitHub repo Gitkube

    Build and deploy docker images to Kubernetes using git push

  • GitHub repo werf

    GitOps delivery tool

    Project mention: Continuous Deployments with Kubernetes? | reddit.com/r/kubernetes | 2021-02-07

    Give werf a try! It is an Open Source CLI tool implementing the GitOps approach praised in other comments here; integrates with a CI system of your choise (if there's no preference yet, using its built-in integration with GitLab CI or GitHub Actions should be a good start). There is an introduction for beginners which can be followed by a quickstart or one of its step-by-step guides.

  • GitHub repo Habitus

    A build flow tool for Docker.

  • GitHub repo Qodana

    Source repository of Qodana Help

    Project mention: Using PhpStorm Php 8 attributes | reddit.com/r/PHP | 2021-02-27

    It is possible to run PhpStorm on CI with Qodana https://github.com/jetbrains/qodana

  • GitHub repo awesome-gha-snippets

    🤯 A list of useful snippets and tips for GitHub Actions (GHA).

    Project mention: A Collection of Useful Snippets and Tips for GitHub Actions | news.ycombinator.com | 2021-04-12
  • GitHub repo pypyr automation task runner

    pypyr task-runner cli & api for automation pipelines. Automate anything by combining commands, different scripts in different languages & applications into one pipeline process.

  • GitHub repo godot-ci

    Docker image to export Godot Engine games. Templates for Gitlab CI and GitHub Actions to deploy to GitLab Pages/GitHub Pages/Itch.io.

    Project mention: Has anyone managed to setup a CI pipeline to run C# [X/N]Unit tests with Godot (mono)? | reddit.com/r/godot | 2021-01-02

    I'll try creating a repository for reference where I'll add an action to export at each new tag (but you can already find examples for that on godot-ci). This post might become a tutorial somewhere.

  • GitHub repo aws-workflows-on-github

    Workflows for automation of AWS services setup from Github CI/CD

    Project mention: AWS open source news and updates No. 38 | dev.to | 2020-10-04

    AWS SDK workflows on Github CI/CD this collection of GitHub Actions and Workflows from Didier Durand provide common re-usable components that you can use in the automation of the setup of various AWS Services. These scripts are based on CLI commands of the AWS SDK to allow complete automation, basis of best DevOps practices.

  • GitHub repo unity-azure-pipelines-tasks

    Azure DevOps extension adding tools to build and deploy Unity 3D projects using Azure Pipelines

    Project mention: CI/CD for unity web projects? | reddit.com/r/Unity2D | 2021-01-13

    I had real trouble building a pipeline agent in Azure DevOps. I used Dinomite (https://github.com/Dinomite-Studios/unity-azure-pipelines-tasks) but couldn't get the pipeline to succeed. However, I'm relatively new to CI/CD - you may have more luck than I. The alternative is to build a self hosted agent, and have the build automation preformed by a shell script, passing various parameters to Unity on execution. For this, you'd need to close down Unity before your pipeline executes, or have your build agent hosted elsewhere (on a server or something) where you can install the editor.

  • GitHub repo react-enterprise-starter-kit

    Highly Scalable Awesome React Starter Kit for an enterprise application with a very easy maintainable codebase. :fire:

  • GitHub repo bdd-for-all

    Flexible and easy to use library to enable your behavorial driven development (BDD) teams to easily collaborate while promoting automation, transparency and reporting.

    Project mention: Your cool open source libraries | reddit.com/r/java | 2021-04-12

    BDD For All - A simpler way to test APIs - https://github.com/Accenture/bdd-for-all

  • GitHub repo test-reporter

    Displays test results from popular testing frameworks directly in GitHub

    Project mention: GitHub Action to visualize test results in GitHub UI | reddit.com/r/dotnet | 2021-04-20
  • GitHub repo koa-boilerplate

    A Fully Customized and Production Grade Koa REST API Implementing GoThinksters' RealWorld

    Project mention: I made a Node.js implementation of the Gothinkster Realworld project (Koa/Typescript/TypeORM) | reddit.com/r/node | 2021-03-10

    Just thought I'd post my implementation of a RealWorld example app since it finally got put on their list. https://github.com/eflem00/koa-boilerplate It is a boilerplate configuration of Koa, TypeScript and TypeORM among other things to build a rest api that conforms to the RealWorld specs. It has many cool features, from being dockerized, implementing jwt auth and user credential encryption, to having a real integration test and CI/CD configuration.

  • GitHub repo gistyc

    A Python based GitHub GIST management tool

    Project mention: gistyc - A Python based GitHub GIST management toolkit | reddit.com/r/Python | 2021-03-18

    gistyc repository

  • GitHub repo release-dash

    A dashboard for visualising commits in pipelines.

    Project mention: Release Dash - Dashboard for Visualising Commits in Pipelines | reddit.com/r/cicd | 2021-01-28

    I've added a bit more detail to the README based on your comments, if you have the time I'd really appreciate your thoughts, hopefully I have made the intended purpose of the app a bit clearer - https://github.com/lobsterdore/release-dash/commit/358baea140857f6b4a28328a534eda0a65b997d8.

  • GitHub repo SafeAccountsAPI

    The Open Source password manager API in the cloud. (RESTful implementation).

    Project mention: Looking For Front End Buddies :) | reddit.com/r/ProgrammingBuddies | 2021-04-17
  • GitHub repo deweb

    Learn how to automate GitHub releases. Complete CI/CD 🤖

    Project mention: Releasing Software Is Hard! Is it? | dev.to | 2021-01-08

    If you want to see it all happen or maybe got stuck a long the way, just go over to the deweb repo on GitHub and check out the code.

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What are some of the best open-source ci-cd projects? This list will help you:

Project Stars
1 drone 22,846
2 Openshift Origin 7,865
3 Go 6,053
4 argo-cd 5,724
5 Concourse 5,584
6 Gitkube 3,500
7 werf 2,316
8 Habitus 1,180
9 Qodana 309
10 awesome-gha-snippets 190
11 pypyr automation task runner 177
12 godot-ci 176
13 aws-workflows-on-github 95
14 unity-azure-pipelines-tasks 88
15 react-enterprise-starter-kit 43
16 bdd-for-all 29
17 test-reporter 22
18 koa-boilerplate 12
19 gistyc 2
20 release-dash 2
21 SafeAccountsAPI 2
22 deweb 0