Stacks Wallet—Send and receive STX tokens on the Stacks Blockchain. (by blockstack)


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  • HOW TO: Access STX from the airdrop
    I have STX airdropped to me last year, January 2020. In Blockchain website, I can confirm that 100 STX was successfully sent to my Stacks wallet but this STX is nowhere to be found in Blockchain website. There is no way to track which wallet address it landed, I also cannot remember if I ever created a personal Stacks wallet. Another issue is that, a couple of days ago I downloaded the official Stacks wallet, it prompted me to enter a 24 phrase seed and I spent hours trying to dig my email and my private repo to search where I possibly stored this seed, I tried all the seeds I have but most was either more or less than 24 phrase, so I had no luck. I also tried to setup the Backup phrase in Blockchain but still the app didn't accept the 12 phrase seed. So I gave up, until I saw this post.
  • BTC withdraw issues with Stacks Wallet 3.1.1
    It appears you've encountered the following bug, which affects some Ledger Nano S users:
  • Stacks Wallet Issue With Ledger S


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