Vulkan-based implementation of D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 for Linux / Wine (by doitsujin)

Dxvk Alternatives

Similar projects and alternatives to dxvk
  • Proton

    Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components

  • proton-ge-custom

    Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components

  • winetricks

    Winetricks is an easy way to work around problems in Wine

  • protontricks

    A simple wrapper that does winetricks things for Proton enabled games, requires Winetricks.

  • linux

    Linux kernel source tree

  • nvidia-patch

    This patch removes restriction on maximum number of simultaneous NVENC video encoding sessions imposed by Nvidia to consumer-grade GPUs.

  • docs

  • legendary

    Legendary - A free and open-source replacement for the Epic Games Launcher

  • BepInEx

    Unity / XNA game patcher and plugin framework

  • vkd3d-proton

    Fork of VKD3D. Development branches for Proton's Direct3D 12 implementation.

  • DirectX-Headers

    Official DirectX headers available under an open source license

  • nvidia-all

    Nvidia driver 460 to 396 series AIO installer

  • SpaceEngineersLinuxPatches

    A place to find some fixes to get Space Engineers running in Linux

  • dxvk-ags

    Experimental implementation of AGS D3D11 extensions for DXVK

  • dcs_on_linux

    Instructions for running DCS World on linux. Mostly extracted from https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton/issues/1722

  • weywot

  • dxvk-ags

    Experimental implementation of AGS D3D11 extensions for DXVK

  • nv-pwr-ctrl

    Simple utility to cap Nvidia GPU power limits on Linux based on fan speed and/or GPU temperature

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Posts where dxvk has been mentioned. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects.
  • Dx12 To Vulkan Wrapper Vkd3d Used To Play Death
    reddit.com/r/pcgaming | 2021-01-18
    Interestingly enough nvidia cards are forced to appear as amd...
  • Proton-6.0-GE-1 (GloriousEggroll) released
    doitsujin/dxvk#1582 doitsujin/dxvk#1673 doitsujin/dxvk#1759 doitsujin/dxvk#1805
    This is because of this dxvk commit: https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk/commit/f869881f558d4abac12018fbf59c896643e21de3
  • Linux users get mad when someone wants to switch back to windows but it’s their choice. Stop telling people to BuY a GaMiNg CoNsOlE for playing games! That’s not why I spent $3000 on a computer...
    reddit.com/r/Ubuntu | 2021-01-17
  • Help installing manjaro Linux via USB
    https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NVIDIA * https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/c/gpu-unix-graphics/linux/148 * https://download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/460.27.04/README/index.html * http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86_64/370.23/README/index.html * https://forums.developer.nvidia.com/t/linux-solaris-and-freebsd-driver-460-27-04-beta/163730 * https://www.khronos.org/vulkan/ * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VDPAU * https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/VDPAU/ * https://vdpau.pages.freedesktop.org/libvdpau/ * https://docs.mesa3d.org/index.html * https://www.khronos.org/opengl/wiki/GLSL_:_nVidia_specific_features * https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Proton * https://github.com/GloriousEggroll/proton-ge-custom * https://github.com/lutris * https://github.com/Winetricks/winetricks * https://github.com/Matoking/protontricks * https://www.winehq.org/ * https://www.codeweavers.com/ * https://github.com/doitsujin/dxvk * https://fwupd.org/ * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ * https://wiki.debian.org/ * https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/docs/ * https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php/Main_Page * https://wiki.kde.org/ * https://wiki.gnome.org/ * https://www.alsa-project.org/wiki/Main_Page * https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/PulseAudio/Documentation/ * https://pipewire.org/#documentation * https://www.openal.org/documentation/ * https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=home * * nVidia nSights Graphics Utility * https://developer.nvidia.com/gameworksdownload#?dn=nvidia-nsight-graphics-2020-6 ? * https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-graphics-requirements * DEPs:libgstreamer0.10-0 / libgstreamer0.10-dev / libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 * * nVidia Driver Patch? * https://github.com/keylase/nvidia-patch ? * * nVidia nSight Systems Utiliy * https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-systems * NOTE: * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CUDA
  • Assassin's creed odyssey performance problem
    Download the latest DXVK from here and from /x64 in the zip copy d3d11.dll and dxvk.dll to the game's folder where the exe is. Performance will be much better. (In the first few minutes it will be stuttery as its building up cache)
  • Big fps drops with physx enabled on strong rig on BL2
  • Can I run overwatch safely?
  • RTX 3000 Series on Linux. I have queries :)
  • Playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 Epic Games edition
    By default it doesn't exist. An example dxvk.conf with the various knobs can be found in the git repo here, or possibly somewhere on your system depending on how you've installed dxvk.
    Yes, since DXVK fakes nvidia by default for starwarsbattlefrontii.exe, so WINEDLLOVERRIDES="nvapi64=d" is necessary.
  • Red Faction Guerrilla
  • Custom Proton
  • Considering making Linux the VM rather than the other way around
  • Warzone
    reddit.com/r/windows8 | 2021-01-13


Basic dxvk repo stats
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doitsujin/dxvk is an open source project licensed under zlib License which is an OSI approved license.